The Stepdaughters Episode 16

The Stepdaughters Episode 16 Mayumi joins Luisa in Salvadors mansion, Isabelle and Daphne engage in a new plot against Luisa

When Luisa and Hernan went to sleep, Hernan confessed how glad he was for standing on their grounds with Isabelle to insist on leaving. Luisa was also happy that Isabelle apologised and hoped that they would finally get along.

The next day, Luisa and Hernan visited Mayumi to inform her about their issue with Isabelle and said they had sorted things out with her and she has even apologised for what she did. She stopped them from leaving the house.

Mayumi indicated that Isabelle only apologised since she did not want them to leave the house. Luisa said even if that was the case, Isabelle was sincere. Mayumi agreed to let things be on the condition that she would be allowed to stay in the house with them to protect Luisa.

Isabelle met her friend and told her about her family issue. She said she knelt to beg her stepmother for forgiveness and only pretended to be sorry in order not to allow the two l0ve birds to leave and become happy. She asked her friend for ideas to help kick Luisa out of the house and she suggested breaking Luisa and Hernan’s trust in each other.

That way, the friend said Luisa would leave voluntarily. When Isabelle went home, she was told that Hernan left with Luisa but said they would return soon. They came back home carrying suitcases and Hernan told Isabelle that Mayumi would be living with them.

He said if Isabelle was sincere with her apology, she would be fine having Mayumi live with them. Isabelle said it was fine with her and believed they would be happy living together as family.

Isabelle then called Daphne to inform her that Mayumi would be staying at the house and she had to pretend to be happy having her there. Daphne advised Isabelle not to cause any trouble as they looked for a way to get Mayumi and Luisa out of the mansion.

During dinner, Isabelle acted nicely. She also had a pleasant chat with Luisa who thanked her for agreeing to let Mayumi stay with them. They hugged each other and Mayumi was shocked to see it.

At night, Mayumi had a hard time sleeping since the bed was too soft and the room felt so cold compelling her to sleep on the floor. Luisa went to check on her and was surprised to see her on the floor. She told Mayumi that she would soon get used to it and feel at home. She decided to sleep with Mayumi so that she could feel more comfortable.

In the morning, Mayumi woke up to make breakfast but didn’t know where the eggs were. She was looking for them when Isabelle came in. She handed Mayumi the eggs and Mayumi was surprised to see her being helpful. Isabelle however dropped the eggs and told Mayumi that she would have to buy her own eggs.

She finally told Mayumi that she was only pretending and Mayumi was glad not to have let her guard down. She opted not to fight with Isabelle and walked out.

During breakfast, Isabelle was back to her sweet self and was very nice to Luisa. She said she craved for a cake and Luisa promised to bake one for her. Mayumi was quiet during breakfast so Hernan asked if she needed something. Mayumi said she didn’t want anything. Luisa and Hernan left to buy some ingredients leaving Mayumi alone with Isabelle.

Mayumi tried to leave but Isabelle pushed her on the ground. Mayumi refused to fight with her since she didn’t want to create trouble. Daphne arrived and asked Isabelle to go with her to a yoga class.

Francis went to see Mayumi at her house to give her a lipstick she left at his grandmother’s house. Sasha told him that Mayumi moved to Hernan’s house. She offered to give the lipstick to Mayumi but Francis said he would drive Sasha there.

Sasha called and asked Mayumi to meet her at the park. Mayumi was surprised to see Francis with Sasha but was glad that both came to visit. They were having a chat when Sasha saw Isabelle’s car approaching so she told them to hide. Francis took Mayumi’s hand and they hid behind a pile of leaves.

Isabelle went to ask Sasha what she was doing there and Sasha said she met with Mayumi. Isabelle asked about Francis but Sasha said he wasn’t there. Isabelle now stated that she just imagined seeing him. Isabelle told Sasha to leave and went back to the car.

Sasha went to get Mayumi and Francis, she found them huddled up together and teased the two. She asked Mayumi how she felt having Francis around. Mayumi refused to respond and Sasha took it to mean that she had feelings for him. Later, Mayumi, Francis and Sasha had fish balls together.

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