The Blood Sisters Episode 60 Jolo reveals to the police information about his abductors

The Blood Sisters Episode 60

The Blood Sisters Episode 60 Jolo reveals to the police information about his abductors

Adele visited Carrie at the hospital and found Debbie there. She wanted to leave and return later but Debbie asked her to go inside.

Debbie then told Adele stories of how Carrie was when she was growing up and all the things they went through together.

Adele talked to Carrie

She indicated that Carrie was a lot like Adele but Adele said that she resembled both of them. She also thanked Debbie for raising Carrie into the person she was.

After Debbie left, Adele talked to Carrie and said she was envious that Debbie could share stories about her since she got to raise her.

She however hoped that they would be able to make up for the time they were not able to be together once Carrie woke up.

Erika went to the NBI to find out the status of their investigation. Mariano told her that they interrogated Agatha but she denied knowing Sahara.

Erika said she was lying and they needed to do everything to find them. Marciano asked Erika to let Jolo testify again since they needed to get his testimony before he forgot what happened.

Erika reminded him that Jolo almost got shot the last time that he went to testify. Marciano promised he would tighten security and have a psychiatrist with Jolo to make sure he was not pressured.

Tessa was worried about Samuel but Vida said he agreed with him to seek out the person who had Manuel killed.

She said they needed to expose the people who had him killed. The two of them therefore went to see Rosemarie to ask her about her involvement in Manuel’s death but Rosemarie did not tell them anything.

Vida and Tessa also visited Fabian in prison and asked him if he was behind Manuel’s death. They asked if Rosemarie had recruited him into Paraiso but Fabian denied knowing Manuel or what happened to him.

He however was the one who sent his men to kill Manuel and made it look like he shot himself.

Rocco and his men were planning on meeting a powerful foreign client to get their hold on the international black market. Sahara wanted to go but Rocco said she had to stay behind because the NBI was looking for her.

Agatha took her place instead and Sahara complained about it since Agatha might be intimidated by the clients. Rocco stood his ground and said that Agatha was going with them.

When they met with the clients, he only gave them half of the amount they had agreed on. Rocco refused to hand over five children like they had agreed so the men took Agatha hostage.

Rocco asked they cancel the transaction so that none of them would have to die. He gave back the money and they were allowed to go back with the children.

Juancho wanted to go after them for double crossing them but Rocco told him to let them go. Agatha was delighted to see that Rocco decided to cancel the deal for her sake and was now sure about his feelings for her.

Juancho was not happy that the transaction was cancelled and instead wanted his share of the money that they stole from Paraiso.

Rocco told him that they needed the money to expand their business.
Rosemarie overheard them talking and confirmed that it was Rocco who stole the money from Paraiso.

She told Rocco to give it back since she and Fabian had worked hard for it but Rocco said he would not and there was nothing she could do about it.

Juancho complained to Sahara about Rocco not giving them their cut of the money but she asked him to trust Rocco’s word because he had never betrayed them.

Juancho threatened to steal all of it if something went wrong.
Rosemarie therefore decided to help Fabian escape prison so that they could take Rocco down.

When Conrad went to see her, she gave him the money he needed to pay the prison guards to help Greg and Fabian escape.

Adele found out about Agatha’s new car from Pam and they were worried about where she got the money.

She went to see Agatha at her house and saw Rocco leaving. Adele told her taxi driver to follow him and she was able to follow him to his hideout.

Adele followed Rocco to his hideout

Erika finally brought Jolo for questioning and Agatha went there too to hear what he had to say.

Jolo told the police about Sahara, her brother, a female doctor and the other children who were kidnapped.

He also mentioned a woman with a butterfly tattoo on her ankle and said that she used to bring them food.

Agatha realised that she was the woman Jolo was talking about and left there in a hurry.



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