The Blood Sisters Episode 65 Agatha arrested for her involvement in the syndicate

The Blood Sisters Episode 65

The Blood Sisters Episode 65 Agatha arrested for her involvement in the syndicate

Rocco and Juancho went into the safe house to search inside and heard a commotion outside. The men they had left were ambushed by the NBI and the two of them escaped from the back door.

Rocco was furious when he realised that they had been set up while Juancho was upset that they had lost two more of their men.

Rosemarie lodged in to a hotel and began to plan her trip abroad. She booked plane tickets and called Debbie to ask her to meet so that they could leave together.

Debbie asked her where she was staying and agreed to meet her so that the two of them could escape together. Debbie however brought the police with her and Rosemarie was arrested for human trafficking.

Adele, Erika and Norman moved Carrie and Jolo to a private hospital that Samuel recommended. They were able to secure the entire floor and have only authorised persons going inside to check on Carrie.

Marciano went to inform them that Rocco and his men raided the address they had given Agatha. With that, they were able to confirm that Agatha was working with him.

Adele and Norman went to confront Agatha and they found her sick with worry since she thought that Rocco had attacked them. Adele asked if she told Rocco their address and Agatha denied it saying someone stole her phone.

Unfortunately for Agatha she forgot to cover her tattoo with make up so Adele noticed the tattoo on her ankle and slapped Agatha for denying her involvement in Rocco’s syndicate.

She was mad and disappointed in Agatha for having kidnapped her own nephew and making their family suffer. The police came with an arrest warrant for Agatha and she refused to go saying that she was innocent. The police had to drag her away to the station.

Rocco and Juancho found out that Agatha had been arrested. They were worried that she would reveal everything to the police so Rocco said they had to break Agatha out of jail.

Adele and Norman went to see Agatha in prison and she admitted to having made some bad decisions. She said that she wanted to become rich and that is why she agreed to join the syndicate.

Agatha blamed her family, saying she wanted to change but her family never gave her a chance to do so. Adele said she always gave her a chance to do the right thing and however promised the family commitments to always be there to support her through everything.

Agatha met Rosemarie at the police station and the two sat together during meals. They both denied to being criminals but Rosemarie told Agatha that she had done many things including pushing her off the stairs.

Agatha told Rosemarie that the person who pushed her was Andrea but Rosemarie would not believe her. Agatha told her it did not matter because she did not care whether Rosemarie believed it or not.

Erika visited Agatha at the station and Agatha asked if she was happy. Erika said that none of them had won and instead asked Agatha how she could let the syndicate kidnap her own nephew. Agatha told Erika that she was involved with the syndicate but they did not tell her everything so she never knew anything about Jolo.

Erika would not believe her but Agatha said she had already admitted to her crimes and it would not do her any good to deny the rest. She told Erika that she would never hurt her family.

Andrea lied to Debbie that Rosemarie had not left a salary for their staff so Debbie gave her access to her account to withdraw the money. Andrea went to the bank to withdraw from the joint account that Debbie shared with Rosemarie. She asked for 1 million pesos but the bank attendant told her that Rosemarie had already withdrawn all of it.

The bank attendant called Debbie to tell her that Andrea wanted to withdraw 1 million from her account but Rosemarie had already taken the money.

Debbie was shocked to hear that Andrea was going to withdraw that much money and said she would deal with it.

Samuel and Vida met the employees from Paraiso hoping to find out what happened to Manuel. They were able to find out details from a nurse who worked with Manuel that he was not a partner at Paraiso.

She remembered listening in on an argument between Manuel, Fabian and Rosemarie after he found out that they were doing human trafficking. He decided to leave the partnership and the nurse heard of his death two days later.

The NBI were going to do an official interrogation on Agatha and Erika asked to stay and listen to what Agatha had to say.

They were about to conduct the interrogation when Ginny, Greg’s daughter walked in. She was wearing explosives and Rocco called Marciano to say that he would activate the bomb if he did not release Agatha.

Agatha did not want to be returned to Rocco but Marciano had to take her to keep Rocco from blowing them up.

The Blood Sisters Episode 65: Rocco uses Ginny to get Agatha

Rocco left with Ginny and Agatha. When they got to the hideout, he wanted to know what Agatha told the police but she refused to tell him. She said that she already knew that he did not love her and was only using her to steal her money.

Agatha tells Rocco where his money is

Rocco was furious and was going to shoot her since he no longer had any use for her. Agatha however told him that he would never find his money as she was the one who took it.


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