The Good Son Episode 86 Emma, Hazel held a wake to mourn Dado while Calvin reveals the truth about the real killer of Victor

The Good Son Episode 86

The Good Son Episode 86 Emma holds a wake to mourn Dado while Calvin reveals the truth about the real killer of Victor

Enzo went to the station to make enquiries from the police if there had been development about the search for Calvin.

SPO3 George told him that they found blood stains around the area so they have beefed up their search for Calvin and whoever might have hurt him.

Enzo said it must have been Dado but SPO3 George told him that Dado was dead and his family had already identified the body.

Olivia was happy after getting back the money from Villamanka, she said what was left for her now was to find Calvin so that they could leave the country.

Enzo went home to inform Olivia about the news the police disclosed to him, he said the police told him that they had already found Dado.

She interjected by asking whether Dado was in prison but Enzo told her that Dado died after Arthur shot him.

Olivia then wondered who had been sending the anonymous notes. She became worried and frightened than ever.

Joseph went home late that evening and Obet demanded to know where he was. Joseph said he was tired and went to bed.

Hazel and Emma had Dado buried and Joseph went to share his condolences. Hazel asked him why he empathised with them and he said that it was because he knew the feeling of losing someone.

While at the church, Calvin listened to an audio recording on Dado’s phone which he had kept with him the entire time.

In the recording, Dado was talking to Olivia while they were at the island and he told her that she wouldn’t poison him like she had done to Victor.

Enzo concluded that it was Joseph who had been sending the anonymous letters so he followed him the following day when he went to see Calvin.

Obet followed Joseph as well.
At the church, Obet found out that Joseph was the one hiding Calvin.

Joseph visit Calvin

Calvin tried to run away and told Joseph that Obet wanted to kill him since he had a gun. Joseph asked Obet if he was the one who fired the gun but Obet denied it.

Joseph and Obet started arguing and Calvin ran away.
Calvin went to the rooftop and Obet got to him first. He took out his gun and threatened to kill Calvin since he wanted to take revenge for Raquel’s death. Joseph was trying to stop him when Enzo appeared.

Enzo attacked Obet and they both ended up going over the rooftop. They each asked Joseph for help so Joseph helped Obet first.

Enzo was left begging for help and asked Joseph to help him. Joseph took a moment but he eventually pulled Enzo over as well.

Calvin took the time to run away so that no one would find out what he knew.
Enzo thanked Joseph for saving him even when he refused to help him save Raquel.

He apologised to Joseph and Obet for the loss of their mother and said that he would forever feel guilty about it.

Obet asked Joseph why he had saved him after all the things he had done to him. Joseph said that they were brothers and they now only had each other to depend on.

Calvin walked past them trying to run away and Enzo went after him. Joseph and Obet joined them and asked Calvin what it is that he knew.

Calvin dropped Dado’s phone and they were able to hear the recording that Dado made as Olivia confessed to killing Victor.

Calvin did not want to go home so Enzo let him stay at the church with the nuns. He also asked Joseph to let him handle the issue with Olivia.

A few days later, Enzo went to the police and confessed to killing Victor. He wanted the police to arrest him but they couldn’t do it because no one had filed charges against him and they still had to fact check his story.

Enzo went to report himself

Olivia was distraught and asked Enzo to take everything back but Enzo said that he had to pay for his crime.

After Enzo was released, he met Joseph and asked him to file charges against him. Joseph did not want to do it because Enzo might go to prison.

Enzo told Joseph that revealing the evidence to the police would not help because Olivia would simply deny it and create a web of lies like she had always done.

He was sure that Olivia would not let him go to prison for her crime so she would end up confessing to killing Victor. He was sure the plan would work so he urged Joseph to press charges against him to get Olivia behind bars.


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