The Killer Bride: Agnes' identity

The Killer Bride: Agnes’ identity and why Camila’s ghost haunts her to death

The Killer Bride: Agnes’ identity and why Camila’s ghost haunts her to death 

Agnes Sagrado is a character portrayed by Mara Lopez. She is the best friend of Camila Dela Torre and right from the unset viewers have deemed her character as an ally to the feisty heroine.

Besides, her timid and dainty aura, as well as her innocent looking face and sweet, indeed sparks  belief that she’s a good soul.

In the beginning of the movie, Camila saves her from Javier Dela Cuesta who was $e×ually harrassing her.

However, Agnes’ character sees a twist when  a flashback reveals that she’s actually an accomplice of Camila’s treacherous Uncle, Luciano.

After keeping many guessing and theorising about the real identity of the infamous “killer bride,” the horrified  truth is later unveiled to be Agnes behind the bloody wedding gown.

Apart from this grand exposé, another thing is the confessions she made during her scorching confrontation with Camila, in which she reveals that she never considered Camila as a friend, but a rival instead.

She blames the Dela Torre heiress, Camila as the reason her own mother looked down at her and why all of her plans in the past got ruined.

Camila being the titular character once faked possessions and haunting out of vengeance, and whose actual ghost now roams Las Espadas with deeper rage claims its first victim: Agnes, a character who betrayed her and sided with her nemesis, Alice.

The last episode answers everyone’s query about what happened to Agnes’ body after she was shot to death by Camila. It turns out that Agnes is held in captive in a secret house by Alice.

In a scene, a still injured Agnes bravely attempts to escape as soon as Alice leaves the hideout. She gives off a scornful laugh as she discovers that Alice accidentally left her room open.

Agnes goes downstairs, not paying heed to the terrifying darkness and faint murmurs around her. Smoke coats the place in an eerie sulphurous glow. The bridal march is hummed in the background.

Agnes almost bumps herself unto the main door, eager to finally get out. She tries to bang the door open but it is locked outside.

The lights start to flicker. Agnes groans in frustration. Assuming that Alice is behind all these.

Agnes declares that she won’t fall victim to the “killer groom” and that she doesn’t want to play games anymore.

Agnes walks blindly in the shadows while trying to find her way out. The doors slam open and close until she hears a whispering sound of a female voice calling her name.

Struggling to walk, Agnes trips off and becomes drenched in the gush of human blood running off the floor.

She tries to slither away but only to get trapped and catch a mysterious white image behind her. She slowly looks at her back and finds Camila’s ghost smiling down at her. Agnes screams and insists that Camila’s spirit isn’t real.

Camila’s vengeful soul is dressed in a bloodied wedding gown. Her face is dull and pale while her glaring eyes speak volume of wrath.

In a raspy tone, Camila says she has come back to take Agnes with her. Camila swiftly moves towards Agnes to haunt her.

Agnes still attempts to run away but Camila keeps on showing up in front of her. Agnes thinks that there is no other way to save herself than to jump out of an open window. This leads to her death and her story in the horror scene in the series.


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