The Legal Wife Episode 42

The Legal Wife Episode 42 Monica rejects Max’s l0ve proposal, Adrian confronts Monica after she returns to Philippines 

As Adrian won the Philippines Advertising Awards, Nicole suddenly went to k!$$ him and congratulated him. Sir Bob also congratulated him and he went to the podium to receive his awards. Elsewhere, Max sent Monica out to give her a treat for being promoted as the Executive Creative Director.

Adrian thanked all those who had supported him and patronise his ideas and dedicated his awards to them. At the restaurant, Max assured Monica of his support to help and be there for her through it all. Nicole paid Rowena a visit. Rowena was pregnant and Nicole gave her a gift she bought for her.

Touching on the awards night with Adrian, Nicole told Rowena that it went well and Adrian and her were good. She no longer cared for what others would say against her, her concentration now would solely be on Adrian since he was separated from Monica.

Rowena knew her friend seemed to have forgotten that Adrian was still married to Monica. She tried to make her see that Adrian could return to his wife if Monica appeared in his life. Nicole said Monica was a woman of her word, once she had made her decision to leave Adrian, nothing would make her return to him.

In America, the boss of Monica made plans to establish another branch of the agency in Philippines since he heard it was one of the fastest growing industry at the place. He told Monica that she would be the country director of the place. He also wanted her to partner other industrious advertising agency at Philippines.

Adrian sent Jacob to see Sandra in her house. Sandra had no interest in that illegitimate child and began to talk about Bunjoy being her favourite. Elsewhere, Monica told her family about being transferred to Manila to head their new branch in the Philippines during dinner with them and Max.

She knew her return would make her bump into Adrian and that she said would be good for her to process her annulment with him. Max interjected that he had seen on Nicole’s Facebook wall how she and Adrian were closer to eachother in her recent pictures she posted.

Javier asked Monica if she was ready to return. Monica said yes and she did not want her feud with Adrian to have an effect on their children. Adrian saw a news on how Monica had made it big in a New York based Advertising Agency. Knowing how busy Monica could be, Adrian hoped she was not neglecting the children she had with him.

Monica, on the other hand, was curious so she checked Nicole’s Facebook wall and decided to annul her marriage, believing that Adrian had moved on. Adrian told Bradley about the success of Monica and revealed intentions to partner the ad agency Monica was working for as part of the expansion project in order to be closer to his children.

At GL-Amore Events, Rowena tried to irritate Nicole by comparing her with Monica. She told her to work assiduously since she was about to give birth, reminding her that Monica had made it alone. Nicole embraced the challenge.

Soon, Dante got in touch with his legal team to discuss the lawsuit he filed against Javi. Nicole was eavesdropping and after the call, she advised her father to stop pestering the Santiagos but Dante resisted. This compelled Nicole to threaten that Dante would wake up one day and he would not see her and Jacob again.

Max could no longer hide his feelings for Monica and he came clean by proposing to her. Monica rejected his proposal, making Max to query if she was still in l0ve with Adrian. At the office, Adrian executed his plans of partnering the new advertising agency which Monica was the head and his boss accepted.

He worked on the proposal at home but received distraction when Nicole arrived to massage and flirt with him. Adrian did not respond to her advancement and told her about his new project. Later, the boss of Monica approved and chose the proposal made by Adrian’s company and planned to meet them.

Adrian jubilated when his boss told him that his proposal was approved, thinking Monica was the one who approved it, stressing that he knew what Monica want. Monica, her children and Max finally arrived in Philippines and Jasper was there to meet them.

He asked of Monica’s plans: If she would introduce Martina to Adrian. As Max was playing snooker with Nick, the latter wondered if Max abandoned his job just to follow Monica back home. Max said he would be working with Monica in the new office established there.

The next day, Monica then asked Jasper if he knew of a good lawyer who would lead her to file for annulment of her marriage. The executives of the two ad agencies met in a meeting to discuss about their partnership. The American boss introduced Monica to Adrian, much to his surprise, he learnt that both knew eachother and Adrian said Monica was his wife.

However, Monica corrected him saying, she was his ex wife. The American ad executive boss saw the tension and realised Monica was not comfortable. Elsewhere, Nice stumbled on some couple who were marrying at a resort and she imagined being the one marrying Adrian but was distracted by a worker at the resort.

After the meeting, Adrian confronted monica for fleeing with his children. He admitted being at fault but that did not give Monica right to send his children away without his approval. Monica apologised but assured she did that to protect and secure Bunjoy from all the fight.

Javi had a conference video call with Jasper and Monica. Monica told her siblings that she prepared herself on how to handle Adrian before returning to Manila. She said she would make the children meet their father.

Elsewhere, the De Villas were happy that Monica had returned and even given birth to a baby girl. They planned to pay her a surprise visit. Adria also assured them that he would work things out to get them close to his children with Monica.

Adrian later went to meet Nicole and the latter revealed to him plans of Jacob’s party. Adrian saw everything as cool. Nicole proposed to him a trip to a different country with their son for them to relax. Adrian declined and said next time, he then walked out, making Nicole to sulk.

Monica on the other hand, told Bunjoy about his father ready to meet him and asked Bunjoy if he was prepared to get reunited with his father again. The boy said yes, Monica apologised for taking him away from his father and hugged him.


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