The Legal Wife Episode 43

The Legal Wife Episode 43 Adrian gets reunited with his estranged family, Monica files for divorce

Nicole visited Rowena. Due to Rowena’s pregnancy, she was craving for different things which made Nicole act in hesitant. Rowena reminded her that she was practically Nicole’s slave when the latter was pregnant.

Nicole presented a juice to Rowena and asked her of possible places that she could travel with Adrian and Jacob to relax. Rowena saw how Nicole was imagining a perfect l0ve story that she wanted to have with Adrian in that so called trip to Japan or somewhere else.

She warned Nicole not to think that she was the legal wife. Though she admitted Adrian was a good person who had been supportive and has not left Nicole’s side.

Nicole was consumed with the idea that some day she would be Mrs De Villa since Monica and Adrian were separated but Rowena advised her not to dream about it. Elsewhere, Adrian waited for the return of Monica to meet his children. After meeting Bunjoy and Martina, Monica said she would come for the kids at 6:00pm.

Adrian realised Bunjoy had grown cold towards him. He even had a phone which he said was given to him by Javier and texted Max to come for him to play a game together. Adrian wanted Bunjoy to exchange contact with him but the boy failed to do it.

Max who was texting Bunjoy was told by Nick to drop his act since Monica was still not annulled and Max had posed off like a substitute father. As Adrian was trying hard to bond with Bunjoy, Max got there and the boy abandoned his father and ran to Max.

Bunjoy asked Adrian if he could go and play with Max but Adrian declined it. Max said sorry to Adrian since he thought Bunjoy was with Monica, reason when he texted him, he came right away. Max left and Adrian sent the boy to see Sandra. Sandra was impressed how Monica had solely raised Bunjoy and Martina.

Bunjoy told Sandra how he has been playing with Uncle Max. Sandra wondered who Max was and the boy said he was the best friend of his mother and him. Sandra asked Adrian if he knew Max and he said he knew him.

It was 6:00pm and Monica called Sandra to ask about Adrian and the kids. Sandra said Adrian sent them out but Monica was upset since they agreed she would pick them up at 6:00pm. She called Bunjoy and the boy told her that his father sent them out and he has told him he would sent them to see something.

Monica wanted him to pass the phone to Adrian but Adrian told Bunjoy that he would talk to Monica later. When Bunjoy got inside the car, his mother told him to put it on a louder speaker for her to talk to Adrian. Adrian made Bunjoy to end the call and he sent the boy to a room he stored for him with toys and his pictures.

He asked Bunjoy if he liked the room and the boy nodded. He then apologised to him for not being part of his life and he blamed it all on himself. He also said he searched everywhere for him but couldn’t find them.

Monica took the new location of Adrian from Sandra and went there for her kids. She was upset with Adrian for not sticking to their agreement and said it was not fair. That provoked Adrian since Monica intentionally took his children away from him and raised them away from him but enabled Max to be part of his children’s life.

He told Monica that she could replace him as a husband but she could not replace him as a father in the life of his kids. Monica was upset that he was accusing her of replacing her with Max. Elsewhere, Javier wanted to report Adrian to the police for kidnapping his grandchildren but Eloisa stopped him since Monica was the one who denied Adrian access to their kids and raised them away from Adrian.

Monica later met with a lawyer to file an annulment case against Adrian. Her lawyer said they could not file a case against Adrian simply because he cheated on her and had a child with a different woman. That he said did not merit divorce but they had to prove it in court that he was psychologically incapacitated of being a husband.

Monica found that as really harsh since Adrian was none of that but since she wanted the divorce, she accepted in order for Adrian to have a psychological session with the psychiatrist. Unknown to Monica, Nicole who was at the location saw her and she went to tell Rowena about it.

Nicole was tensed that Adrian might get back to his wife and rowena reminded her that Adrian would never leave his wife so Nicole should understand and move on. Nicole tried contacting Adrian but he did not receive the call. Nicole told Rowena that it was so unlikely of Adrian to ignore her calls so she believed something was going on.

She did not want to think the worse so she told Rowena that she doubted Adrian had met Monica. She was certain that Adrian tells her everything concerning his life and would have told her if he had seen Monica. Adrian received summons on the case of annulment filed against him by Monica and he refused to attend the psychiatrist appointment.

He told Bradley about it and his friend knew he still l0ved Monica, reason he had been upset with her for the annulment case. Adrian refused to grant it. Elsewhere, Nicole stumbled on Monica in a toy shop. She held a toy which Monica was also holding but Monica left it for her and Nicole talked with Monica.

She asked Monica when she returned and her former best friend politely answered that last week. She said Monica was looking beautiful and she was happy. She followed Monica and started to tell her about how Adrian had been a hands on dad to her son, Jacob. Monica admitted Adrian was a great father.

Still she was following Monica and called her. Monica asked her if she was not done. She said when Monica left she and Adrian were close and she hoped Monica has also moved on. Monica said she sleeps soundly and left.

Monica was made a country director for the company she was working for which its brand was America. Monica realised she would be working with Adrian and she told her boss that she did not want to work with Adrian in the same place in Philippines.

Later, Max asked her what she intended doing since she did not want to work with Adrian. Adrian learnt about Monica rejecting her position in the company due to him. He was in a foul mood at the office when Nicole came there with food but he less paid attention to her.

Monica met her lawyer and she told him that Adrian had refused to co-oporate. The lawyer deemed it as good since if he had agreed to it so easily, the court would have declared that they connived to have their marriage annulled.

Monica asked if there was other ways to get their marriage annuled but the lawyer said there was no way since divorce was not legal so they had to prove to court that Adrian was psychologically incapacitated and also a pathological liar.

The lawyer explained that was the reason women who had been cheated on several times and women who had been abused still stick to their husbands. Monica went to see Adrian to ask him why he failed to attend the meeting with psychologist but Adrian said he would not grant her the divorce.

He did not understand why Monica wanted them to throw away everything they shared like it never happened. As Monica was leaving, she stumbled on Nicole who was staring at her in her car.

Nicole got to the house of Adrian to present his food. She then asked Adrian what Monica was doing there and when he started seeing Monica. She told Adrian she wanted the truth to prepare for the worse. Adrian reminded her that he made it clear to her that they would only parent Jacob and there would be nothing between them.

Nicole saw the annulment papers and Adrian told her that Monica filed for it but he would not grant it. He told Nicole to stop coming to his house since he wanted to work things out with his wife. He believed Monica would misinterpret everything if she sees her there.

Nicole told Rowena about it and Rowena reminded her of her advice. Nicole said she would not give up because Adrian was just stressed, Monica was stepping on his ego, the reason he vented his anger on her. Jasper and Vince were making the arrangements for the 48th anniversary of Eloisa and Javier.

Vince proposed they seek Monica’s help in organising something for the Santiago couple. Jasper believed it was not the right time to seek Monica’s help since she was preparing her annulment case and that would make her sad. Monica got there and realised they were talking about her.

She learnt about the anniversary of her parents and she offered to help in organising a party for them. Meanwhile, Sandra has advised Adrian to use a different approach to get close to his wife. He should not get upset with her since Adrian claimed to l0ve her. Nicole met Monica and demanded to talk with her.


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