The Stepdaughters Episode 44

The Stepdaughters Episode 44 Froilan confesses his deeds, Isabelle attacks Mayumi

When Isabelle sent Luisa to the ladies room, she told Luisa not to worry about what Joel said and left her for a while to ease herself. While waiting, Luisa saw a woman with her daughter and it reminded her of Mayumi. Luisa grabbed the girl, mistaking her for Mayumi. The mother of the girl took her away.

Mayumi went to the bathroom to see Luisa hoping that she would remember her. Isabelle however came back and took Luisa away. Mayumi, Sasha and Aunt Baby had to leave since they gate crushed at the party.

As Francis was taking Mayumi home, they ran into Froilan’s friend, the one who had helped Daphne kidnap Mayumi and Luisa. Mayumi recognised him and Francis went after him but the scoundrel ran away. Francis and Mayumi went to report the incident at the police station and Mayumi identified the guy from a cartographic sketch.

Francis remembered meeting him as one of Froilan’s friends and went home to confront him. He told Mayumi that he had to take care of something and went ahead. Froilan arrived and Francis asked him whether he was involved in what his friend did. He accused Froilan of living a life of crime but Froilan couldn’t confirm it so he walked out.

Their grandmother went after him and asked him not to leave them again. Froilan told her that he felt guilty for what he had done and he didn’t know Mayumi was connected to Francis. Francis heard him, confirming that he was the one who kidnapped Mayumi and Luisa. He punched Froilan and asked him to reveal the truth.

Froilan admitted to kidnapping Mayumi and Luisa but he was ordered to do so. He added that he was the one who saved Mayumi from getting k!lled and he did it due to Francis.
Mayumi went to their house to give Francis back his phone since he had left it behind. She saw them fighting and followed Francis inside the house.

He asked Francis what he and Froilan were fighting about and he couldn’t tell her. He said they would sort things out between them so Mayumi left. Froilan wanted to leave believing that Francis would not forgive him. His grandmother asked him to stay since he could be forgiven if he was sorry.

Francis wanted to know who ordered Froilan to kidnap Mayumi and he said it was Daphne. He also admitted that he was the one who ran over Luisa, making her lose her baby and Francis was furious at him.

Isabelle was worried that Luisa’s hypnosis would fail since her character seemed to change whenever she saw Mayumi. She asked the doctor for help and he gave her a lighter that would bring Luisa back to her hypnotised state whenever she broke free. They tested it on Luisa and it worked.

Luisa asked to go out to the park for some fresh air with Hernan so Isabelle let them go along with the staff. When they were gone, Froilan visited her to tell her that Francis might be on to her since he already knew his involvement in Luisa’s accident.

Mayumi decided that she would keep seeing Luisa in order to figure out what was wrong. She visited her when she went to the park and tried to talk to her. Luisa however attacked her, once again saying that Mayumi was the one who ruined her life.


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