The Stepdaughters Episode 45

The Stepdaughters Episode 45 Luisa attempts to disfigure her daughter’s face, Mayumi finally discovers Froilan’s dirty secret

Luisa attacked Mayumi and accused her of trying to hurt her. She shoved her daughter’s face on a grill. Others tried to stop her but Luisa wouldn’t listen.

As Froilan was leaving Isabelle’s place, he saw Mayumi’s car and heard a commotion. When he went to look, he saw Luisa trying to burn Mayumi’s face. He got Mayumi away from Luisa and Luisa was surprised to see him there.

She recognised Froilan and accused Mayumi of working with him. Froilan walked Mayumi to her car and she asked him the reason behind Luisa’s accusations. Froilan said Luisa might have mistaken him for someone else but he apologised to Mayumi. Mayumi asked why he was saying sorry and Froilan said he empathised with her due to her situation with Luisa.

Mayumi asked what he was doing there and Froilan said he was out on a delivery.
When Mayumi went to see Francis, she told him what happened with Luisa. She was hurt that her mother no longer seemed to remember the bond they shared.

She also said Froilan was there and Francis was surprised. He went out to call Froilan and asked him to stay away from Mayumi. Mayumi was puzzled by Francis’ reaction so she asked Bryce if he knew what he and Froilan were fighting about.

Bryce said he didn’t know since he hadn’t spoken to Francis since he left their house. Mayumi asked him about his fight with Francis and Bryce told her that he suspected Froilan was the one who ran over Luisa. He explained that it was because Froilan owned a jacket the same as the delivery guy who ran over Mayumi.

He however said he wasn’t sure and Mayumi said she would ask Francis. Mayumi went to ask Francis if Froilan was involved in Luisa’s accident and kidnapping. He was ready to tell her about it but his grandmother showed up at work. She said that she wanted to bring them some food but she wanted to stop Francis from telling Mayumi the truth.

Francis brought his grandmother home but he told her that he would tell Mayumi the truth. His grandmother begged him not to, adding that there were ways for Froilan to pay for what he did without going to jail. Froilan found them arguing and told his grandmother to let Francis do as he pleased.

Francis insisted on telling Mayumi and his grandmother slapped him then said she didn’t mean anything to him if he didn’t do as she asked. Francis got mad and went to his room. He called Bryce to tell him that everything he suspected about Froilan was true.

Mayumi decided to go to Francis’ house to ask him if what Bryce said was true. Sasha drove her there and when they arrived, they saw Froilan talking to someone outside. Mayumi got out of the car to ask Froilan where he could find Francis but was surprised to recognise the other guy as the person who kept her captive when Daphne kidnapped her.

The guy ran away after seeing Mayumi but Mayumi was able to confirm that Froilan was among the kidnappers. Francis and his grandmother went outside after hearing the commotion. Mayumi was attacking Froilan and she told them that he was the one who kidnapped her.

She said she would send him to jail but his grandmother asked her not to do it. Mayumi realised that his family knew about it already and was hurt that Francis hadn’t told him. Their grandmother told Mayumi that she was the one who asked Francis not to say anything.

Mayumi however told Francis never to talk to her again and left after promising to send Froilan to jail.


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