The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 49

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 49 Veruska turns into a monster, Barang incites Gilbert against Jacintha

In the lair, Supremo teased Veruska for turning into a monster. Barang looked on and seemed so happy. Veruska tried attacking Supremo but Supremo indicated that she might be powerful now but she wouldn’t be able to defeat him.

Seeing how sad Jake was Malia was willing to lay her life for the greater good in saving her kind from the evil hands of Supremo. She began training with vampires to sharpen her skills to fight Supremo even when her powers were not fully manifested.

Meanwhile, Barang was desperately searching for Boris and his companions but could not find him. Supremo went to the prison to check on his captive.

“Veruska!” Sandrino mentioned.

“Tell me, how does it feel to be back to your old prison cell?”

“Just because you poisoned me does not mean I will turn into a savage monster,” the she wolf now an hybrid in fury uttered.

“On the outside you don’t really look like a terrifying monster Veruska because a real monster lies inside of you.”

Sandrino indicated that Veruska was an evil person who betrayed Mateo and Lia but had failed to voice the truth out to her clan. He proceeded to say that he turned her into an hybrid to make her wreak havoc on her kind till they k!lled her with their own bare hands.

After her training, Jethro gave Malia water and handkerchief, asking if that was all she could do to bring out her powers. Malia said that was what she was thinking but if Jethro has other ideas he could help her. Jethro asked her the instances that brought out some of the powers that she was exhibiting and she said the first which was hearing ability came when their camp was destroyed by Supremo.

The second, her most Unforgettable experience which she was fighting to live again. That tragic experience orchestrated by Paglinauan helped her gain the healing ability. Jethro then concluded that her powers manifest during intense emotions.

This made him narrated how Lia and Lyka found their powers when they exhibited emotions of l0ve. He then asked him about how she felt for Tristan since he was always seen with her. Elsewhere, Supremo gave his minions assignment to find the identities and family of the Moonchasers as well as the identities of the La Liga Unida members.

Speaking of Tristan, Jethro opened up to Malia the prophecies he had been keeping from her. He said the prophecy has changed and the vampire with the cursed ink would not d!e. At the full moon, he would wake up. Malia believed Supremo did not die since it was not his time but they could k!ll him before that full moon.

Jethro further said that he saw her holding Tristan’s hands in the prophecy but since she claimed when they held hands they got thrown apart which meant that they were not meant for eachother.

“Are you saying Tristan and I are enemies and we don’t have to be together?”

Gilbert kept on with his pretence of being the victim and had an interaction with the media at the hospital. After the interview, he was given his blood drink and Samantha appeared there out of the blue.

She queried her brother for how long he would keep on with the pretence. Supremo threatened her and she said she was only there to find out his next movement. Supremo gladly said he would go after the group of mortals who she has established to come in between his plans and would ensure the family of the Moonchasers suffer his wrath.

Jacintha who was being stopped at the door went in to find the two chatting. Thinking Jacintha might think of the worse, Gilbert introduced Samantha to her as his half sister. Jacintha was there to send Gilbert away and told Samantha that the lies of Gilbert was part of the job to win the public heart.

Plagued by their inability to bring Supremo down, some Moonchasers preferred to be a vampire to fight him off but Tristan and Toni brushed off the idea. Later, the group celebrated Adee’s birthday. Adee had a plan to meet his sister who would give him a special birthday treat.

Samantha had a doubt about Jacintha’s identity and threatened to work with her after so many years she parted ways with Lia. Supremo warned her over hurting Jacintha, Samantha realised Jacintha was the reason Supremo’s heart was beaten again. Samantha went to Jacintha’s house while the latter was talking to Bill about a press conference for Gilbert.

“What you said was right, I confirmed that you’re my brother’s weakness.”

Jacintha said she worked so hard and saw making his heart beat again as the only way to defeat him.

“But right now, he is doing everything he can to k!ll his heart again.”

“He is willing himself to go back in being a monster.”

“And I need to stop that from happening,” Jacintha stated.

“I am with you Samantha in this fight untill the day Malia fulfills her prophecy as the new chosen one and k!lls Sandrino once and for all.”

At Youtopia Ningning brought the video that she intercepted from the Moonchasers system to Gilbert Imperial. He then held a press conference to expose the evil deeds of the deceased Senator against him, much to the surprise of the Moonchasers. Tristan became upset with how Supremo has used the video to his advantage.

Toni tried cooling Tristan down to find a new approach to deal with the pressing issue.
Jacintha told Samantha that their next plan was to know Sandrino’s next movement. The two toasted, later as Samantha was leaving Jacintha’s house, Barang spotted it and she confirmed her suspicions. Samantha went to the lair to find out from Sandrino his next movement and he told her that his next plan was on her mortal group which she has set to fight him.

He said he would organise an event which he would convert all the Moonchasers and k!ll all their l0ved ones. The next day, as the Moonchasers were making plans, Adee called Tristan to inform him that his sister was k!lled by a vampire. Prof T believed Supremo would vent his anger on his team and on all their l0ved ones and charged them to get prepared.

He said he needed to develop a plan right that instance and Samantha urged him to better do it early as Sandrino was furious and would never stop till he brought the group down. She told the group about Sandrino’s plan of converting them into a vampire. Tristan who earlier discredited Samantha now saw Supremo’s strategy that, he simply wanted to discourage them on their fight against the vampires and charged the group to face Supremo head on. All the Moonchasers stood to fight.

At Youtopia, Jacintha asked Sandrino how he was feeling. She wanted to touch him but he pulled away and he told her that she should go and look at the students who were pivotal in his campaign. Jacintha bumped into Barang at the gate.

Barang told Supremo that she witnessed Samantha coming from Jacintha’s house. Supremo said he introduced the two but Barang insisted they might be telling him lies as they were working together. Barang then cited that Sandrino wanted to fake his shooting but ended up getting hurt. During the campaign, Samantha was not there but Jacintha was.

Sandrino said Jacintha was with him all the time and did not leave his sight. Barang asked whether he was sure and he recalled when Jacintha left his sight. Sandrino said Jacintha was willing to sacrifice her life for him.

“Is that so?”

“Or she did that to turn you towards the bullet to make sure Paglinauan will hit you right from the heart,” Barang added.

Barang insisted that Jacintha was not who she claimed to be and has k!lled all his loyal followers who she sent to get rid of her but Jacintha was still alive going in and out of Youtopia and Gilbert’s life.

At the Moonchasers Headquarters, the group planned to get their relatives in a well populated places since vampire did not want to get witnesses when committing their crimes. Toni said she would seek help from the LLU to know how they would help the people Supremo was targeting.

“This is our new course Moonchasers,” Prof T addressed his team.

“This is our fight for our l0ved ones, a fight for the sake of your families, we are going to fight!”

“Yes Prof T ”


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