The Stepdaughters Episode 51

The Stepdaughters Episode 51 Isabelle orders for the death of Luisa and Mayumi, Francis saves Mayumi’s life from Jigs

Luisa having a nightmare about Isabelle stabbing her. Mayumi woke her up and Luisa told her that they should check to see if the doors were locked. Mayumi told Luisa not to worry since Isabelle wouldn’t be able to get to them.

The following day, Mayumi brought Luisa to the company and introduced her to her workers. She wanted to show Luisa the progress she had made with the company and let Luisa try out their products.
Sasha met a friend of hers who worked at a wellness center.

Mayumi wanted to take Luisa there so that she could fully recover and the friend said she would help Luisa get a reservation. Sasha ran into Isabelle’s friends, Nikki and Aryana. She told them that Luisa was already recovering and they would soon go to jail as Isabelle’s accomplices in her crimes.

Nikki and Aryana went to see Isabelle at home to ask her about Luisa. Isabelle had been drinking since she was frustrated with her situation. She got mad at them for pestering her and told them that they were both useless. Nikki and Aryana got upset and left.

Isabelle was hurt that she was not able to keep the promises she made to her mother before she died. Hernan had married Luisa and given all their money to her. She said that she would resolve the situation by killing Mayumi and Luisa. She called Jigs and gave him the order to do it. Jigs said he didn’t know where to find Mayumi and Isabelle told him to do his research.

Mayumi booked flights for them to leave the next day because she didn’t want to give Isabelle a chance to attack them. Luisa however wanted to see Hernan but Mayumi told her that her health was their priority. She promised that they would visit Hernan once Luisa was fully recovered.

Sasha’s friend made a reservation for Luisa until a later date but Mayumi said it was fine since they would just stay at a hotel.
Jigs went to Mayumi’s company but he couldn’t go in because security was tight. He overheard the staff saying that Mayumi would be on leave so he called Isabelle. Isabelle told him not to be incompetent and find a way to go to Mayumi’s house.

A delivery man was taking a fruit basket to Mayumi’s house so Jigs followed him. When they arrived, he told the guy that he worked there and the delivery guy gave him the basket. Jigs knocked on the door and the housekeeper opened it. He held the person st a gun point, demanding that she tell him where Mayumi was. The housekeeper said she didn’t know any Mayumi.

Jigs realised that he went into the wrong house when he saw a family photo. Sasha called Bryce to tell him that she was driving Mayumi and Luisa to the airport so she would not be at work. Bryce told Francis that Mayumi was leaving so they left to say goodbye to her.

As Sasha was driving out of their house, Jigs saw them and hurriedly got on his motorbike to go after them. He however bumped into Francis’s car and fell off his bike. When he removed his helmet, Francis recognised him and demanded to know why he was following Mayumi. They started to fight but Jigs managed to run off. He tried to follow Mayumi but he had already lost their car.

On the way to the airport, Luisa asked why Francis wasn’t driving them to the airport. Mayumi said they already broke up and asked Luisa not to talk about him. Bryce called Mayumi to ask if someone was following their car and she said there wasn’t anyone. Francis told Bryce not to tell Mayumi anything since it might alarm her.

Jigs called Isabelle to tell her that he lost Mayumi and Isabelle was furious at him. She was already celebrating the death of Mayumi with Aryana and Nikki after the three of them made up. Marigold, the former secretary of Isabelle called to tell her that she had seen Mayumi and Luisa at the airport. Isabelle promised to pay her if she found out where Mayumi and Luisa were heading.


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