The Stepdaughters Episode 9

The Stepdaughters Episode 9 Isabelle mixes acid with Mayumi’s new product, Hernan proposes to Luisa

Hernan frowned upon the action of Isabelle and Mayumi and talked them against fighting at work. He advised them to be professional and told Mayumi to go back to work as she was not fired. Isabelle was upset and stayed behind to speak to Hernan.

Hernan reminded Isabelle that she was the COO and heir of the company so she had to behave accordingly. He asked her to stop clinging on to Francis and respect herself as the boss.

Bothered by the issue, Hernan spoke with Francis to ask if there was a chance for him to date Isabelle again but the guy was not ready. Hernan then spoke highly of him as he liked Francis due to his hardworking nature. Francis maintained that Isabelle and him would only remain friends. He explained that it would spark rumours around the company if he dates her and did not want that to ruin their reputation, even though he was not entirely over Isabelle.

Mayumi saw Francis at the office and handed him some documents. She asked him to keep his distance in order to avoid problems at work for associating with him. Francis agreed to her terms but said he would still supervise her work.

Isabelle was upset that Mayumi did not get fired and expressed her disappointment to Daphne. However, Daphne saw it as good, she believed Mayumi could sue them over the issue. Isabelle still wanted Mayumi gone so Daphne suggested that they sabotage her work instead.

As Mayumi prepared to present her new product to the bosses, Isabelle was also busy offering to pay her secretary, Marigold to add acid to the sample that Mayumi had prepared.
Before Mayumi went to present the product, Francis passed by the lab and took a look at the sample.

Later, when Mayumi applied it to on the face of person who was to test it, her face began to itch. She got burned and was rushed to the hospital. Mayumi was shocked after what happened and Isabelle fired her on the spot.
Hernan went to visit Mario’s grave and apologised to him for pursuing Luisa.

He later went to see her to confess his feelings to her. Luisa had been waiting for Hernan to call her and apologise for attempting to k!$$ while drunk the other time and was upset that Hernan failed to do so. She went to sell her supplies with Mum Baby and Hernan followed her there to tell her that he had feelings for her.

He also apologised for how the k!ss happened but he was not sorry that he did it. Luisa was not ready to listen to him, Hernan expressed that he was sincere with his proposal. He asked her to meet him the next day and if she didn’t, he would stop pursuing her.

Isabelle packed Mayumi’s things and told her to leave. Mayumi demanded to have an investigation to find out what happened to her samples but Isabelle wouldn’t let her. She called security to drag her out. Mayumi remembered seeing Francis with the sample, she accused him of sabotage. Francis denied sabotaging her work and decided to investigate.

Francis’ colleague at work found out that Isabelle paid someone to ruin Mayumi’s sample. He told Francis and Francis confronted Isabelle. He assured her that nothing was going on between her and Mayumi and asked Isabelle to hire her back.

Isabelle was upset to see him defending Mayumi. Francis warned her, saying it wouldn’t look good to the board if they found out what she did. Isabelle said they wouldn’t know and Francis agreed not to reveal what she did for the sake of their friendship but wanted her to hire Mayumi back. He said Mayumi was talented and the company would lose more if she left the company.

He convinced Isabelle that the company would stand to gain more with Mayumi around. Mayumi went back to the building to check the security footage but Daphne kicked her out. She was on the way out when Francis’ friend stopped her at the lobby. Francis went down to tell her that she could get back to work but Mayumi could not believe it. Isabelle joined them and agreed to let Mayumi return to her post. Mayumi was glad that she had her job back.

That evening, Luisa was in deep thought due to Hernan’s proposal. Mayumi asked what was going on and she revealed to Mayumi that Hernan confessed having feelings for her. Mayumi was delighted while Luisa was skeptical about accepting his advances.
Hernan told his friend about his proposal to Luisa, he was not sure whether Luisa also liked him and was waiting for her reply the next day.


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