The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 14

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 14 Moonchasers save Ningning but Nognog is bitten, Supremo punishes Chino over failure mission

In the hotel, as Malia was in his arms, Tristan after holding on for sometime pulled away and said he had no time for fl!rting. Malia watched his face and Tristan recognised her as the injured lady he helped in his jeepney. Malia quickly ran before Tristan could talk. She is now aware that Supremo knew Ningning and Nognog were her friends and did not want to drag them into her mess.

At the venue for the Armageddon the ultimate Datu Asia Championship, Team Philippines and Team China logged horns in the video game, Luningning Ramos, the game wizard won with 15 points for the Philippines while China lost with a total score 14points.

Meanwhile, Prof T called Adee to send to his phone the CCTV footage and the boy also sent him the feed. After watching it, he head to where they operated the footage.

As the celebration was ongoing, the minions of Supremo were also desperately looking at faces whether it matches Malia’s face on the phone. The light suddenly went off and Tristan remained focus, he saw Sir Marvin getting close to Ningning and he went to push him aside. Some of the hotel securities drove him out but he did not leave without informing Ningning that her life was in danger.

Prof T was seen by the workers, they asked him to leave since he was not a worker and the place was a restricted area. Prof T did not leave so the workers fought with him and he beat them all with his arm chair fighting skills.
Tristan was dragged out from the event room and managed to escape from the hands of the hotel security.

He ran into a certain room, which Chino, Supremo’s leading vampire came from only to discover that the workers who were in the room were bitten. He got scared that the vampires would attack Ningning in her hotel room. Ningning and Nognog got to the hotel room. Ningning was surprised to see the congratulations set which Nognog has made to celebrate her victory.

Ningning asked what if she did not win which meant that the surprise would have been an ethic failure but Nognog said even if she had lost she would forever remain champion in his heart. She told Nognog to change for them to interact with the media and Nognog said he already ordered food so after eating they would freshen up to grant the media the interview.

Adee went to tell Prof T that Ningning had left, Tristan called Adee to inform him that they were tricked and was having a hunch that the the game wizard would be bitten in her hotel room. Since none of them knew her room number, Tristan went to the reception to ask the receptionist for the room number of Luningning Ramos and said he was a delivery boy. He was given the hotel room number as 1705.

Ningning and Nognog heard a bang and they knew it was the delivery guy who has brought the food. She opened the door and indeed it was the food that Nognog ordered, least did she know that the man who has presented the food was a vampire. As she opened the food, Chino gnashed his teeth ready to bite her and she hit him with the lid. Nognog realising what was happening intervened.

Chino hit him and he fell, fortunately, Tristan arrived and fought Chino. He asked the couple to save themselves. While running, the couple got ambushed by the vampires. Leo and Rambo also saved the rest of their group members when they were being chased out by the security.

Tristan came to the rescue of the couple, he and Rambo stood firm to fight most of the evil vampires. The group engaged in war with Supremo’s minions and defeated them, however Chino came from behind to bite Nognog and fled. Ningning cried out for help, meanwhile, the hotel authorities came to nab the Moonchasers for causing disturbance but Ningning said they did nothing and the authorities left them.

Ningning asked them to send Nognog to hospital but Tristan revealed the hard truth to her that no medicine could save Nognog. Elsewhere, Prof T tempered with the hotel footage and with his potion he reset the minds of the CCTV operators in the facility to make them forget about the incidence of the vampire and the loss footage was due to a hot coffee that they accidentally spilt on the computer. He rushed out and blew the scientific potion for them to sleep.

Later, the workers rushed out feeling some body pains and could not remember anything while the Moonchasers helped Ningning with Nognog. Malia went to Lia’s grave to ask her mother to understand her even if she was posing off as a boy. She cried that she was alone without a helper but had a new glimpse of hope when she accidentally saw the letter Jake left for her, assuring her of his help.

He told her that Baristo, Catleya and Gael were alive while he was searching for her and his mother. He mentioned a place that they should meet but Malia changed the location to Erin’s place as she deemed that as safer and left her reply in the flower pot. The vampires rushed to the lair to broke their failure mission news to Supremo. Chino informed Supremo that there were group of young people who had weapons that k!lled vampires, they fought to save Ningning.

Supremo asked whether there was a girl part of the group and Chino said yes, which made Supremo concluded that the girl was Malia. He queried Chino if he would be able to identify the group if he sees them. Chino said there was a boy who fought like he had been fighting vampires all his life and had a wolf fang. Supremo now had a clue that he could be a Luna. Chino said they could be new recruits that the Luna’s were training. Supremo was tired of the bad news and he used his power to strike Chino and strangled him later.

Elsewhere, Erin scolded Malia for putting herself in trouble by revealing herself at the Armageddon event while she had been posing off as a boy. He told her to be careful as he was now on a mission to recruit people to kick-start the Luna camp to support her when the time present itself.

The Moonchasers brought Ningning and Nognog to their headquarters and Leo opened up to her that their mission was to secure them but said sorry for their inability to make the mission 100per cent successful. As the poison was spreading throughout the vanes of Nognog, Adee went for an axe to end the life of Nognog before he becomes a threat but he was stopped.

Prof T was called over, looking at Nognog’s state he told them to do what was needful and left. Adee also left since they would not allow him to k!ll the boy. Tristan wanted to take care of Nognog but he sustained a wound at his back as he got scratched while fighting the creatures so Leo told him to go home since the blood wouldn’t help Nognog. Piolo was made to take care of him.

Tristan got home late, while sneaking inside Betty called him from behind and advised him against coming home late. She said they lost Tonio and were not ready to lose him too. Tristan promised to take good care of himself.
Miyo also got home and Gleda told him that Dory and Berto slept while thinking about him so he should not stay out late again.

In the woods, Baristo dreamt about Malia and told Catleya that he has missed Malia and wanted to be with her. Gael arrived with some clothes for Catleya and Baristo. Gael was leaving to search for creatures of his kind to help them in their fight against Supremo. Baristo asked him to take him and Catleya alongso that they could help in the recruit of new members to help Malia when she comes into her power.

The next day, Eye told Tristan on phone that Nognog was okay but he was feverish. Pokey asked of Miyo and they saw him talking to Tristan. Miyo asked Tristan whether he was not going to do his extra job but Tristan denied having an extra job which got Miyo thinking the exact thing he was doing at the hotel the previous day. Elsewhere, Jake visited Lia’s grave and smelt that Malia had been there and rushed for the letter which Malia left.

Doc and his friends went to talk to Miyo. Doc’s friend asked whether Miyo goes to the gym and he said no. They now did a strength test with Miyo after they told him that he needed cardiovascular exercise. Pokey and Miyo had an arm wrestling and the former fell into the arms of Doc and his friend instantly. Since Tristan was the strongest among them, they urged Tristan to arm wrestle with Miyo.

Miyo was scared that there would be a spark if they joined hands but also had a doubt since the last time in the pit there was no spark. He was surprised when Doc’s friend joined their hands. Tristan was a tough challenge but Miyo won. However, Pokey insisted that he still did not think that Miyo was straight, he was certain that he was gay.

Tristan told Miyo not to take to heart what the workers were saying. He later went to the headquarters to find out that Nognog’s case was worsening and was chained into a chair. Tristan talked to Ningning that they had to get rid of Nognog as he was transforming into a vampire but Ningning said Nognog was a good person and would not transform.

She made it clear that she and Nognog were inseparable from childhood and their souls were intertwine that was why she was the only person who could decide the fate of Nognog. Ningning was left alone with her soulmate but Lauren wondered if they did the right thing by leaving Ningning alone with Nognog.


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