The Way To Your Heart Episode 38

The Way To Your Heart Episode 38 Maila injures Natalie’s face for calling Onay a slut ‘Ashawo’ 

After offering her handkerchief to console her, Lucas and Onay were still talking when Oliver and Maila saw them and approached them.

Oliver asked that they go and have something to eat. They went to a restaurant and had lunch. Lucas thanked Onay for accepting to spend time with them.

Oliver called the waiter to whisper to him to present his presence. He surprised Onay and Lucas with a cake which had inscription “Thanks to the Best Parent in the World.” As Lucas was serving Onay with the cake Onay begins to develop some form of affection for Lucas.

She begins to recall various compromising situations she had shared with Lucas. Imelda arrived at the restaurant but she stood aloof to watch her husband being a gentleman to Onay. A waitress came across Imelda and asked her what she could serve her but Imelda refused to take in something and ordered the waitress to be out of her sight.

Helena and Natalie arrived home, Dente eavesdropped to listen to their conversation.
At the restaurant, Onay went to the washroom. Unknown to her, Imelda was hiding there waiting patiently for her to confront Onay for her closeness with her husband. Onay tried not to engage in a fight with her due to Lucas and her daughter.

Oliver thanked Lucas for always being there for him. Maila was also happy that Lucas had been helping her family. Imelda threatened to make Onay’s life a living hell if she did not stop getting close to her family especially her husband. She warned her to stop her daughter from courting her son.

Onay made it clear that she was not pursuing her husband and it was Oliver who was dating her daughter so Imelda could solve her own problem if she had one.

Imelda stated that she did not come there to fight. She said Onay was not worth her type so if Onay wanted someone to fight with then she should look for her type.

She spewed more unpleasant words, saying if Onay intended to seduce her husband she should know that her husband would not take notice of a dwarf like her. It was only in movies that people of her type get a lover and not reality. Maila was worried that her mother has kept long.

Lucas arrived there with Oliver and Maila. He tried to stop his wife while Maila stood behind her mother. Imelda referred to Maila as rapist’s daughter which made Onay remembered her sad story of her life.

Oliver and Lucas got upset. Seeing the negative air his wife had blown, Lucas asked Oliver to stay with Maila and Onay as he left with Imelda outside the restaurant to scold her for what she did. Imelda was upset that her husband was always siding with Onay and not her.

Onay felt sad and could not eat anymore. Maila tried calming her. Oliver apologised to Onay for how his mother treated her. He wondered why his mother did not want him to be happy with Maila.

Imelda still questioned the intentions of her husband and asked if Lucas was helping Onay out of her mess. Lucas and his driver locked gaze as he knew the deepest secret of his boss but they kept it cool not making Imelda aware of the reason he was now eager to help Onay and Maila.

Later that evening, Lucas called Onay to say sorry for his wife’s earlier action. He said Onay did not deserve that and apologised deeply for everything that had happened to her. He believed Onay and Maila deserved happiness.

Meanwhile, Natalie joined her mother on the dinning table and were happy that Imelda had put Onay at her place. At the school, Onay came across Natalie and her friends gossiping about Maila being a rapist daughter.

She approached them and those little girls disrespected Onay. Natalie blew on Onay’s face that they were not talking ail of Maila but were talking about how much of a flirt Maila’s mother was. Onay was shocked and Louise and the other friend laughed thinking Onay did not understand English.

Natalie went on with the insult and told Onay that she should have some decency and leave. Onay out of anger pulled the chin of Natalie but she pushed Onay’s hands away, describing Onay as crazy and walked out on her together with her friends.

Onay was depressed, as she was standing there Maila appeared in the scene. They were leaving when Maila remembered that she had left something in class and ran for it. She accidentally bumped into Natalie and she believed Onay had told Maila about what she did against her that was why Maila pushed her.

Maila seemed lost because it was mere accident that she bumped into her not knowing she had insulted her mother. Natalie called Onay as slut, “ashawo” adding that the “apple does not fall far from the tree,” meaning Maila was also a slut and seduced Oliver. Natalie and her friends kept on insulting and making fun of Onay.

This pissed Maila off and she slapped Natalie. Natalie fought back and the two girls fought really hard while some witnesses took video of the fight. Natalie would still not back down. She used her bag to hit Maila.

They pulled eachother’s hair in the fights while Natalie’s friends watched them without separating. Oliver arrived at the scene to separate the fight, yet Natalie was still not satisfied. She attacked Maila again and they fought.

Maila pushed her, and she hit her face on some wires which were packed somewhere on the floor. Natalie injured her face and could not believe Maila had ruined her beautiful face. She dubbed her hand on her face to see her blood on her finger. Tension arose as everyone looked at Natalie with disbelief.


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