The Way To Your Heart Episode 59

The Way To Your Heart Episode 59 Natalie bullies Onay

In the cell, the mates of Helena compelled her to fun their boss, failing to do tantamount to beating or worse punishment. She cast aside her pride and fun the prison boss and also massaged her.

Dante and Nelia visited her and it was quite a scene. Dante smiled looking at how she was being treated. In the mansion, Lucas assured Onay that they would gain custody of Natalie. Onay was sad that Helena’s issue has had a toll on Natalie and it would make her hate her more.

Helena yelled that she was not ready to see the visitors. Dante laughed at her, saying what she had made Onay passed through was worse than what she was passing through.

Nelia said they could drop the charges if she was willing to give Natalie peacefully to Onay. Helena said even if she rot in jail she would not allow Onay to have custody of Natalie so far as Natalie regarded her as her mother.

Dante asked the inmates to keep maltreating Helena. Kiana and Maila had a talk about Natalie not ready to accept her and Onay. She made up her mind to give Natalie second chance.

Onay was not happy that Dante was making fun of Helena, she feared that would make Natalie hate her more to return to her. Sally escorted Maila to school, Maila saw a teacher and asked about Natalie but she has not been coming to school all those while. Sally rushed to the house.

Onay saw Natalie at the police station and she ran after her, calling her Natalie. Natalie disrespected her once more. In school, Maila confirmed to Chelsea that Natalie was her sister, Rosemarie. However, she was not ready to accept.

Chelsea said it might be difficult for Natalie too and needed time to digest it. Louise appeared and advised Maila to ask Onay to wake up from her fantasy. She warned Maila not to force herself to Natalie as she was stressed out and depressed. Chelsea said Louise was not Rosemarie so her opinion did not matter.

After recalling the past and cried, Onay came to meet Natalie telling Helena that she would drop out of school to be with her. Helena pleaded with her not to jeopardize her future due of her. Helena realised Onay’s presence and told Natalie to be cautious with what she was saying as the walls have ears.

Helena called out Onay’s name and asked her what she was doing there. Helena told Natalie not to talk to Onay as she might use her words against them. Natalie said Onay was not her mother. Onay revealed intentions to drop the charges against Helena.

Natalie asked her if she was serious and she said yes, but under one condition. Helena did not approve the condition, saying she would be granted bail coming Monday.

Onay said not when the charge against her was kidnapping, Natalie said that would make her hate Onay for the rest of her life if she did not drop the charges.

Onay told Lucas about it. The lawyer visited Helena and Natalie told him about the offer Onay proposed and the lawyer said it all depended on them. Helena said she was not ready to accept the offer. However, Natalie wanted to accept it to set Helena free. Helena asked Natalie whether she was sure to accept the offer at the expense of losing her.

The guard interjected that their time was up, Natalie requested for five more minutes. Later, Helena was resting when her mates intentionally made noise to pick a fight with her.

In the house, Maila knew it was difficult but things would turn out right between her and Natalie. During the night in prison, Helena recalled her promise to Natalie and the sacrifice Natalie wanted to make to ensure her safety.

One of the inmates who saved her socialise with her when everyone was asleep. Lucas had a drink with Hector and Dante.

Natalie told Agatha about Onay’s offer and she asked Natalie if she was ready to accept Maila as her sister and Onay as mother. Suddenly, a maid showed up informing her that Maila was there to see her.

She stepped out with Agatha and lashed out at Maila “speaking of the witch and she shows up.” She charged Maila for trespassing, Maila said she did not trespass she asked Soleng and she allowed her in. Soleng pleaded Natalie to allow Maila to talk to her.

She pleaded with her and asked her to accept Onay’s offer. Natalie asked if she knew what she wanted and Maila shook her head. Natalie shouted that she wanted Maila out of her life. She insulted Onay and said it was a joke, she then pushed Maila away, demanding her to leave her house.

The maid ushered Maila out, telling her that since Natalie did not want to see her she should not come there. Kiana called Maila and the latter told her she was at Natalie’s place. She informed her what Natalie did to her.

Agatha was not enthused with how Natalie acted with Mails. Soleng tried talking to her to accept Onay but Natalie said she would not betray Helena for Onay, never.

Onay was worried about Maila, it was late and she had not returned home. She tried reaching her line, later Maila got there and she asked her where she went.

Maila said she went to talk to Natalie to accept her but she was not willing to do that. The next day, Onay escorted Maila to school and came across Natalie. Natalie asked if she had dropped the charges against Helena. As Onay had not done that, Natalie walked out on her.

Helena spoke with her lawyer, it seemed the lawyer had a bad news for her as her bail could not be processed. Helena said she did not want to spend another day in prison.

The inmates received a familiar inmate and welcomed her with so much joy. Seeing Helena sitting quietly not  joining the welcome party, she approached Helena to evict her from space but Helena refused to give her her space.

The notorious inmate hit her head on the wall, Helena then collapsed. The inmates then alerted the jail guard and denied hurting Mrs Montenegro. In school, Natalie was brooding about the mishappening and Louise informed  her that something bad has happened to Helena.

Helena told Agatha that Onay threatened to file a kidnapping charge against her. Natalie got there and Helena asked her chances with her.

Later, Natalie told her friends that she would have to accept Onay’s offer if the lawyer failed to get somewhere safer for her mother. Louise wanted her to give Onay a chance but Natalie got upset so Louise begged her. Agatha seek the help of a certain man for Helena.

Onay later received a call from Natalie who blamed Onay for what happend to Helena, adding that she hates her. Natalie and Louise went out and Lucas called her to ask about Natalie.

Lucas went to where Natalie was and asked Dante to ensure Maila and Onay stay in the car. Onay and Maila got out and Dante asked them to go in. Onay refused, unfortunately, some goons who were in a car carried Onay. She screamed and Dante tried to fight them.

Maila wanted to save Onay but one of the goons pointed a gun at Maila.


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