The Way To Your Heart Episode 65

The Way To Your Heart Episode 65 Onay is buried alive by Helena’s henchmen

As Onay was in the bush, the unscrupulous kidnappers grabbed her and sent her away, Onay shouted for help. Natalie seeing what had happened cried out. She began to shiver.

The henchmen did not show mercy even when Onay was crying out Maila’s name. They tied her up, covered her mouth and placed her inside a coffin. They then covered the coffin by nailing the cover to the coffin. Natalie was desperate trying all she could to seek for help.

The coffin was then put inside the grave they dug. Onay struggled to remove her mouth cover, she shouted inside the grave, hoping the unscrupulous murderers would have pity on her. Natalie saw some local barangay officials and she ran to them to seek help. She was desperate and could not talk properly so the man calmed her and made her explain.

She told them that some bad gang have kidnapped her companion. The senior officer ordered the barangay officials to follow them. Helena’s goons after burying Onay alive covered the grave.

Inside the grave, Onay made her last wish, she mentioned Rosemarie’s name and said sorry. She managed to set her hands free. Helena who was in a hurry had to waste time on the road since the driver stopped due to a blockage.

Natalie cried out as she sent the officials to the location. Meanwhile, she had already called Lucas who had reached there with Maila. Natalie couldn’t find Onay so she was still crying. Lucas parked the car searching around. Maila was shouting out Natalie’s name. They saw one of the barangay officials who led them to where Natalie and the rest were.

Natalie finally saw one of Onay’s stepper, a shoe and recalled that before they ran the goons already had a coffin, looking on the ground she was positive that Onay was buried so she and Maila began turning the sand with their bare hands. Lucas tried to stop them, he told the official what Natalie said and he made a call for shovels which they would use to dig the grave.

It was getting so hot inside the grave and Onay recalled all those loved ones she would miss. She was sorry for what had happened, for her to leave them behind unannounced. She could not breathe any further as she was sweating profusely. She fell unconscious.

Finally Helena met with her henchmen and vent her anger on them. She asked about the witness Onay was with and they assured her that they only buried Onay, Natalie escaped.

Lucas together with the local officials dug the grave to bring out the coffin. They opened it, carried Onay out and rushed her to hospital. Natalie leaned on Maila to cry. The two sisters depended on eachother as they prayed and hoped that Onay could regain consciousness.

Maila called home to inform Nelia about the incident, adding that they were at the hospital. Helena and Agatha were in a car still thinking about their evil deeds. Helena wanted to explore every means to see Natalie since the henchman told her she was safe. Nelia cried and Dante consoled her.

Natalie went into Onay’s ward to check on her. Onay had an oxygen on. Natalie recalled her last moment with Onay and went to plead with her not to die but she should wake up.

Onay’s condition was deteriorating so Natalie called out for a nurse. The doctor said Onay was dying and Natalie cried out. Maila also cried that she should not die but should wake up.

Helena and Agatha went to sit somewhere and a wrong line called. She said such wrong number kept stressing her. At the hospital, Maila began to blame Natalie for Onay’s condition and Natalie said sorry. Maila would not accept Natalie’s apology since the sorry could not do anything to revive Onay. Both sisters cried uncontrollably as Lucas stood outside, trying hard to swallow his pains and hide his tears but his eyes betrayed him.

Helena called Dante to find out where Natalie was and he said she was at the hospital. The girls realised that Onay was improving so Natalie called the doctor and the doctor said it was a miracle that Onay survived.

Natalie embraced Maila as they cried while being happy. Helena called her henchman to insult him for a poor job delivery. Nelia and the rest of the family arrived at the hospital to hear about the miracle. They rejoiced for Onay’s fighting spirit.

The police had an interaction with Nelia and Lucas concerning the kidnapping incident. Nelia wondered the person who could have done that against Onay. Attorney said they had to find evidence. Elsewhere, Helena was worried that she would be exposed after Onay survive. Agatha tried to calm her, Helena now planned to be compassionate to divert attention from her.


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