The Way To Your Heart Episode 69

The Way To Your Heart Episode 69 The Matayogs hold a prayer vigil for Maila’s safety as the search begins for her

The henchmen conveyed Maila’s lifeless body to a certain river near an abandoned warehouse to disposed Maila’s body which had been tied and kept in a sack.

At the hospital, Lucas sent Onay a bouquet and confessed his feelings through the flower he had sent. Since Onay was asleep he left it close to her. When he left, Onay took the flowers and k!$$ed it. Helena got drunk and Agatha took care of her. Her henchman called her to inform her about the success of the job.

Lucas drove Natalie to Helena’s house. Natalie told Lucas that she would face Helena and she was sure that Helena would voice out the truth if she sees her. At the Montenegro’s mansion, Soleng went for the bottle and glass from Helena’s room. She called Soleng over to talk about Onay but she ended up driving Soleng away, asking her not to lecture her.

As Helena was sleeping, she saw Natalie approaching and she screamed her name in merriment asking if she was hallucinating. Natalie said she was not, she is her daughter or a granddaughter. Helena said she did not care who she was to her, Natalie could even call her a brother all that she cared about was Natalie returning to her. She embraced her and Natalie asked her of Maila but Helena denied knowing where Maila was.

Helena explained to Natalie that she would not complicate her situation even further by doing something against Maila after Onay’s incident. Natalie found it amusing that Maila would get missing the moment Helena got to the hospital and warned her against her action.

She left and Helena followed, demanding Natalie to stay with her but Lucas did not allow. She held Helena to squeeze out the truth from her, Helena screamed that he was hurting her. She still demanded for Natalie to stay with her.

Lucas sent Natalie to the hospital. Natalie met with Louise and she told her about her missing sister. Louise felt sad about what was happening to Natalie’s family and wished that they found Maila for the family to be happy.

Dante still could not understand why Helena was going scot free while the police had to get hold of her to end all her evil actions. Nelia was very sad, Dante made them comfort eachother since Natalie had accepted them.

Lucas puts the Montenegro’s mansion under surveillance. Helena on the other hand was pressured to call her henchman to return Maila since she did not want to be implicated. The goon was perplexed as he smoked. Helena drove her car and Lucas ordered Hector to follow her. Helena while driving received a call from her henchman who told her that it was impossible to find Maila as they left her in the waters for her to drawn.

Helena insisted that there was nothing impossible in this world and told him to find her. She realised that someone was tailing her and she found means to deal with the person since she recalled Lucas’ threat. Helena took other route and rode on full speed in order to make it seemed like she was clashing with Lucas’ car.

Hector controlled the breaks Lucas asked Helena to return Maila. Helena kept denying knowing the whereabouts of Maila. She said Maila could go to hell she did not give a demn. Natalie who was with Onay at the hospital was hurt by what was going on and wished nothing bad had happened to Maila.

Nelia was desperate and believed Helena was responsible of the disappearance of Maila. She told Dante about her hunch about the sudden disappearance of Maila.

Dante could not take it if something bad happened to Maila especially now that Rosemarie has reunited with the family. Helena gave the goon the agreed money , asking them to disappear. She did not want anyone to find Maila’s body.

Natalie kept comforting Onay. She knew Maila could get through that temptation as she was strong. They held a prayer vigil for Maila at the hospital, Kiana and the entire family were there to pray for the safety of Maila. Dante hugged everyone as he took it upon himself to find Maila wherever she had been kept.

Dante left with Kiana, Natalie strengthened Onay laid next to her on the sick bed. The next day, Natalie woke her up soon Lucas arrived with the police and police showed Onay a CCTV footage of how Maila was tied up in the middle of the night and was put inside a sack.
Onay wept bitterly after seeing the video. Nelia consoled her.

Meanwhile, Dante accused Helena Montenegro and told the police officers to nab her since she was the culprit. Lucas said they did not have evidence to back the claims. Dante said they could not sit for Helena to always have her ways, he told the police to arrest her already.

Natalie recalled hearing the phone conversation of Helena and her goons. Dante wanted Natalie to help them but Natalie was torn in between helping her real family and the woman who raised and gave her a comfortable life.

Dante expressed how glad he was to have her now with them. He hugged her, Natalie contemplated on the issue. Elsewhere , Helena was speaking with her goon. Soleng came there while she was eating, Helena ordered her to leave her alone.

As she was there, Dante got there and surprised her when he mentioned her name. Lucas told Natalie that he was hopeful that Maila would be found soon. Natalie prayed the officers would be able to rescue Maila. Helena said Dante was trespassing and denied knowing the whereabouts of Maila. Dante attacked Helena to compel her to talk.

Natalie hoped Maila was safe and Lucas said she has to be. He received a call from an officer. Natalie asked what they said and he said the location which was captured was at a certain warehouse factory, where there was a river and believed Maila’s body was thrown inside the river. Natalie couldn’t believe she was not ready to lose Maila.

Helena told Dante that she did not care about Maila who she cared about was Natalie nothing more or nothing less so what ever happened to her was none of her business.
The security came there and shot Dante’s rib and leg. Helena said due to what Dante did he would be sent to prison.


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