The Way To Your Heart Highlights Episode 49-52

The Way To Your Heart Highlights Episode 49-52 Natalie regains her vision, Helena gets Dante shot after discovering Natalie is Rosemarie

After being informed about Onay’s daughter Rosemarie who was taken away by Helena, Natalie wants to know how true the information was but Louise distracted the conversation when she appears in the scene to ask Natalie whether she has seen the news about Onay’s accident but she said she heard it.

Marichu runs after Lucas and Maila with a gun. She caught them and is ready to shoot but the police intervened and shot her.

Maila and Lucas who almost fell off the boat climbed up. The driver of Lucas also lost all his bullets and is attacked by Marichu’s goon. Luck on his his side, the police come into his aid to rescue him.

Onay is worried about Maila. Lucas arrives at the clinic with Maila. Onay is later discharged and Lucas sends them home to stay with him.

Soon, an operation is carried out on Natalie’s eyes and she is still not able to see. Agatha calls Helena to ask about how the operation went and she said they have another session again and can’t wait to come home.

Lucas goes through the files on charges levelled against Helena and he says he has no enough evidence to incriminate Helena. Onay is not happy about the development.

Lucas gains bail for Dante for him to reunites with his family, Natalie is able to see again and she meets her friends who shared her happy moments.

She comes across Helena in a restaurant, while Lucas wants them not to be seen, Onay is upset and wants to confront Helena on everything she has done to her family especially Dante.

Onay looking at Maila during her sleep recalls all the evil things that has put her family in jeopardy and promises to do her best for no evil to befall on her family.

In school, Maila feels shuttered and tells Kiana about the evil plots she overhears Natalie telling her allies she implements against her. She later sees Natalie taken pictures with Louise and Wendy and she grabs the opportunity to exact her revenge on them. She opens up a tap and wet the uniforms of the three girls.

Dante and Onay keep a watch on Helena to check her every movement. Helena and Agatha visit a salon to change their hair do for an upcoming event. Dante and Onay who are keeping watch on Helena mixed a chemical in the product which the stylist unknowingly use to wash Helena’s hair, leaving some parts of the hair bald.

Left with no option, Helena resolves to scarf using to cover her head, while Natalie plans to steal the night to be the well dressed person for the event.

Meanwhile, Lucas does his best to make Maila participate in the night event. Helena is surprised to hear a new donor of the project only to see Onay as the donor. Onay exposes Helena to her guests and Helena tries to drag Onay from the stage but Helena ends up tripping and her scarf fell off.

Everyone sees the witch’s new hair and laugh at her. Helena curses Lucas for helping Onay to take revenge on her. Maila is crowned the queen which upsets Natalie for her to claim she is the queen of the campus. She fights Maila and Maila pushes her for her to stain her face.

Natalie feels so embarrassed and threatens to retaliate and hurt Maila the way that she will never forget.

Dante finds out the truth about the real identity of Natalie and Helena offers 3million to keep his mouth shut or say his last prayers. Helena’s goon pointed a gun at Dante for him to dance to the tunes of Helena by keeping his mouth shut to protect his family and himself. He warns Dante otherwise she will hurt his family.

Agatha believes Dante will not get scared of Helena for long. She tells Helena that poor people fight to survive so Dante can endure. Helena is willing to k!ll to keep her secret but Agatha is not in supportive of it.

Dante accepts the deal with Helena. Maila flashes back her moments with Oliver. She misses him after receiving a gift from him. Elsewhere, Onay recalls how Helena informs her that Rosemarie is dead and gives her Rosemarie’s ashes for her to mourn her daughter.

Helena’s henchman beefs up his action to ensure Dante keeps his mouth shut but the action makes Dante lose his cool as he is scared of losing his life without saying the truth so he informs Nelia who is with him about the truth.

While under run, Nelia tries to get in touch with Onay but her line is busy. Meanwhile, Helena is trying to reach Dante but he is not picking the call. Helena feels that Dante is untrustworthy.

Her goon calls her to inform her about the development and she gives the order to finish Dante and Nelia off before the truth comes out.

Natalie and her friends try to pull fast one on Maila by wishing her merry Christmas. They get into an argument. Helena’s henchman tails Dante and Nelia when they board a car.

They hid in a safe place and Nelia calls Onay once more but Sali picks it as the phone is passed to Onay, before Nelia could talk the henchman shot them and Onay heard the gunshots.


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