There is no husband anywhere, I have dated 999 men—Adwoa Smart reveals

There is no husband anywhere, I have dated 999 men---Adwoa Smart reveals

There is no husband anywhere, I have dated 999 men—Adwoa Smart reveals

Popular actress of Obra fame Belinda Naa Ode Oku, known as Adwoa Smart has revealed  that she has dated about 999 men.

According to her, she never married before but been in countless relationship.

Speaking in an interview on Angel FM, the comic veteran actress stated that “there is no husband anywhere, I haven’t married before.”

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But responded to the number of men she has dated as 999.

To her, she sometimes wondered the magic that compelled men to chase her.

Adwoa Smart is convinced that God’s light is shining on her, stressing that “Otherwise what have I got that such handsome men will chase me? Is it my popularity, is it my circumstances? When I say it is God, you have to believe me because you will be surprised the kind of men who propose to me sometimes.”

In 1990, she stated in an earlier interview to the media that she fell in love with a 35 year old man called Nana Yaw, one of the musicians of the Obra Soul Train.

Two years later, they were blessed with a baby girl who however died after seven months.

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“I was devastated but I was asked not to cry because she was my first child. After that, I decided not to continue with the affair, after all we were not married,” she stressed.

According to Adwoa, after persistent refusals from her to marry him, Nana Yaw married another woman.

She later met a 34 year old businessman who she identified his name as Alex in 1993 who promised to marry her.

“But while we were planning for our future, he wanted us to have a baby which I was not ready for.

“I wanted us to get married first since I am now matured and know I had to do the right thing,” Adwoa Smart said.

She explained that as she grew she realised some people just come into her life for fun and did not allow herself to be lured by the kind words of the man.

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“I am a big girl now and know that some people just want to have fun with me because of my popularity and also because of my special circumstances so I am now very carefu,” Adwoa Smart stressed.

She indicated that after she became Christian, she has resisted many men who otherwise would have taken advantage of her.

“All I am asking from God is for him to give me a nice man who will love me for what I am and be a good father to my children if we are blessed with any,” Adwoa Smart added.

Born to Mr and Mrs Oku of Abossey Okai, a suburb of Accra some 50 years ago, she was raised by her grandmother the late Cecilia Quaye also known as  Ayi Nye (Ayi’s mother), who doted on her with the support of her uncle Dan Oku and her mother.

Touching on her difficult school days life, the talented woman recalled that due to her height which is about three feet her mates made fun of her.

“It was difficult to concentrate in school, at that tender age of six or seven can you imagine what I went through?” The other children pulled and pushed me, jeered and poked fun at me and did all sorts of unpleasant things to make me very unhappy forcing me to drop out of school” she added sadly.

She has performed in a number of television dramas and stage productions for Obra, Effie Wura and also featured in a number of films including It’s too late, Father and Son, Naomi, Yaa Asantewaa, Moneybag, Matters of the Heart, Judgement Day and Lucifer.


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