Two Wives Episode 2

Two Wives Episode 2 Victor rejects Dubai offer to become a father of Audrey for $700 payment, Yvonne suspects Victor is cheating

While in school, Audrey suffered an emotional bully from her friends who failed to play with her since she has no father. As the kids were teasing her, Janine got there and threatened to inform their school principal about their act.

She met the school principal. Audrey showed her principal about her drawing which she got the inspiration from her constant dream about a full bearded monster who wanted to kidnap her and was calling out for her father to come and save her.

She said sometimes during her screams, her father appeared to save her but sometimes he did not. She explained that the reason she would always call out for her father for her rescue was that fathers were meant to protect while mothers were supposed to care and lõve.

Audrey knew her mother could not handle the monster that was why she called out for her father. She told the principal that her mother told her that her father was working overseas and he would come. The behaviour of her daughter compelled Janine to visit the family of Audrey’s father.

However, Sandy, the grandmother of Audrey failed to acknowledge the child due to Janine’s mother’s history of being a mistress. She claimed her son could not father the daughter of a slut and signed a cheque for her to forget about her son. Janine tore the cheque and told her she did not need her money.

Victor informed Yvonne that he had already undergone a medical examination at the agency. He also 1,600 as a placement fee and they wondered how that money could be raised. Audrey was playing a game when her mother called the nanny to inform her to send her to her room as she was on her way.

The nanny told her they should go inside but she refused in order to continue the game. Her nanny gave her time and left to do something. As she was playing, she had an asthmatic attack. Victor came there to find Audrey and rushed her to the hospital along with the nanny.

The nanny called  Audrey and she bumped into them at the junction of her house and she drove them to the hospital. After examining Audrey, she was told she ate a food that triggered her allergy. Janine was sure she ate it from school. She thanked Victor for his help.

Victor told her about the 1,600 he had to raise for him to be able to travel. Janine asked him the exact amount he would be paid if he was working in Dubai. As Victor told him $700, Janine offered to pay him $700 if he would accept to be the father of her daughter. He begged him, telling him that it would mean a lot to her daughter.

It was difficult for Victor to accept but when he went home to find Yvonne sad that he would be traveling, the next day he accepted the offer and they agreed to sign a contract that would not bind them. Janine planned to lie to her daughter for a year only to make her happy and told Victor that he would act in a way that he came from America and has missed his daughter.

Victor went home to inform his wife that he has gotten a new job in a flower farm and he was in charge of a paper machine. He said he would be paid 700 so he wouldn’t travel. His wife was happy  and Victor told her that he has resigned from his post as a teacher in order to accept the offer which he would be well paid for.

It was Audrey’s birthday and she asked for her father. Her mother threw a party for her and surprised her with the playing field which Victor built for her. She was so happy that her wish for having ponies was granted and also the man she has been seeking for finally showed up, her father.

She met Victor, her father and played with him all day. When she fell asleep, Victor changed from the clothes which Janine bought for him to his own shirt and trousers. Janine told him to reach there before 8:00am since that was the time Audrey goes to school so that she might believe he has been sleeping in the house with her.

Victor jostled with acting as a father to Audrey and his family. Janine got impressed by his acting skills. This took much of his time from his wife and kid and always comes home late to find his wife fast asleep. He arrived home and k!ssed his wife. He even called his wife Audrey and that got Yvonne suspicious of her husband. She believed he was cheating and asked him who Audrey was.

Victor said it was a friend’s daughter who has been playing and worrying him that was why he called her that. When he was asleep, Yvonne smelt his clothes. The next morning, when he was bathing, Yvonne took his trousers and took his phone to search for Audrey’s number. When she called, she realised she was just seven years kid and realised her husband was speaking the truth.

It was Sunday so Victor spent the day with his family. Audrey wanted to call him but Janine didn’t allow, telling her that he was at work. Yvonne while driving they have bought which they intended to use for school service told him that though he did not work at Dubai but now he did not have time for them.

Victor said it was far better than Dubai since he was able to spend time with them on weekends. Yvonne was advised by her friend to secretly follow her husband to be sure if he was not cheating so when Victor joined the bus the next day to work, Yvonne followed him.

However, Victor saw her so he called Janine to inform him about that. He also said his wife only knew he was working in a flower farm not being a father to Audrey. In that case, Janine said he should not come to her house, he should be at the farm. When Victor got off the bus, Yvonne called him and he told her that he just alighted and was heading to the flower farm.

Yvonne confirmed that her husband works at Love and Bloom Flower farm and she called her friend to inform her. She danced on the streets for her husband being faithful and loyal only to her. While he was at the farm, Janine brought Audrey and he played with her in the playing field.

Audrey made him teach her how to make toys. In the evening when Audrey fell asleep, Victor told Janine about how he became talented in making toys. He narrated that his family was into handicraft but when his father left them, his mother closed down the shop but he was still interested in making them.

Janine also said her interest in flowers stemmed from her mother but once she died she worked so hard to raise money to start love and bloom and that has kept her busy from thinking about how terrible Audrey’s father was. Victor asked what happened to him and she narrated that she dated Derick, her first boyfriend for five years and were supposed to get married but his family was involved in a scandal so he travelled to the state.

Janine said he was Mama’s boy and she did not tell him about her pregnancy since she did not want him to stay because of the child but wanted him to stay because he lõved her. Victor was surprised for her to say that since the man stayed with her for five years which meant that he lõved her.

Janine admitted they lõved each other but he lõved his family more. Victor admired her courage as a single mother. He was impressed how she was able to raise her daughter alone and lit the barn. Janine was happy to see the light and Victor watched her with admiration. Janine’s friend came to meet them smiling and looking at each other.


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