Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 464

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 464 Task Force Agila goes undercover as gay dancers, Hipolito k!lls the samaritan who hid him from the police

Hipolito arrived at where Joma told him he could get a gün. Dante arrived to meet the same person in the warehouse for güns he ordered but the money he was paying was not enough and that ended up in a gün fight between his force and the gun dealer’s force.

Hipolito who hid himself witnessed how the gün dealer was shõt to death. After Dante and his goons left, Hipolito went to the garage to find corpses and one person who was shõt but struggling. He snatched goon’s gün and k!lled him so that he would feel at ease.

Elsewhere, Domengsu appeared in the scene to go for audition in a gay bar. However, he was new in the area so he asked some random occupant for the place where he could go for Big Brothers Audition. Least did he know that it was a gay bar.

Task Force Agila also got a new mission at the gay bar where bar dancers were used to boost the sales of illegal drugs. General Dela Cruz also assigned Major Romero to participate in the mission.

Basco was informed that a certain Taxi driver had filed a complaint that he saw Hipolito in his car but he got away. Basco then sent one of his men to the place where Hipolito was last seen to keep an eye on Joma.

Hipolito arrived at his hideout and Joma came to meet him to inform him that the police questioned him about him but pretended that he did not know anything. Hipolito thanked and showed him the gün he got. Domengsu arrived and joined the cue at the  Entertainment bar for the auditions.

In casual wear, Billy and some other task force members arrived for the audition. On his way to meet Lily for the first time, Cedric advised Lazaro to be careful since Lily was able to betray Hipolito but Lazaro believed Lily would not do that to him since they have a common enemy, who is no other than Hipolito.

The owner of the Entertainment bar, Mamu looked cheerful when he thought about how the drug business was making him count millions which the bar itself could not offer. Joma stumbled on Hipolito heading out. He stopped Hipolito since there were cops searching desperately for him.

Lazaro met with Lily to form an alliance in order to deal with Hipolito. The people who came for the audition were given drugs to dance and sell. Domengsu who believed he came for BB audition asked another person what he had been given and he was told drugs.

He quickly gave it to the dancer.  Billy, Rigor, Chikoy and Lando who were given some of the drugs stored it as evidence and posed off to be macho dancers. They went inside the bar to dance.

Cardo, Jerome, Alessandra were clients who were entertained as Mamu went inside to count his money, Thang ushered William and some clients in to buy some of the drugs. As Cardo followed them to the main room, Alessandra led the ladies to the washroom. They were stopped by some of the workers of the bar.

The looks of Alessandra attracted one so he made the ladies keep him and his allies company. However, Alessandra kicked him and got them surrendered. She introduced herself and the ladies as cops. Billy and his group of dancers also told those who gave them drugs that they were unable to sell them.

They attacked the drug dealers by surprise while Cardo also barged into the room Williams and his clients were. Patrick led the other task force to the building to get the place secured in order to arrest them all. Cardo arrested William and he claimed to have protection from the Mayor of the area. Lazaro told Lily that he would provide her with the necessary protection she needed but the woman called it a bluff.

Lazaro made it clear  that Hipolito informed him that Lily stole his money and she escaped when he took down a syndicate leader who was into firearms. Lily told Lazaro she could protect herself and when Lazaro told her she could not do it, Lily asked him why he wanted to help.

Lazaro said Renato wanted to deceive him but he outsmarted him so he needed a partnership and was doing that for Lily to use her connection with the President to protect his illegal business.

Basco called an officer who was sent to spy on Joma to remain vigilant since he discovered that Joma lied to them and his surname he gave was wrong. He was an ex-convict.

Joma, on the other hand, stumbled on Hipolito going out and he queried him since he knew Hipolito might run away, he demanded for his money he promised. Hipolito told him he has no money at the moment and he said he was able to buy a gün. Hipolito shõt him and Joma cursed him beneath his breath for helping him out.

Hipolito gave a final shõt and fled before the police spy and neighbours could get there. In his escape, he bumped into someone and the person did not spare him. However, Hipolito brandished his gün on the man and his group who were playing poker. The man seriously attacked Hipolito and beat him.

Hipolito woke up to find out that he was brutally beaten and disposed of. His face was swollen and couldn’t rise. He later got a place to take shelter and attacked an old man to take the man’s hat to help to disguise himself. Cardo had breakfast and he asked about the eatery. Alyana said Coun Gee and Bart were given Flora a tough time in granting the permit.

He also learnt that due to the corrupt officials, Flora was planning to run as Captain. Cardo went to Flora’s house to dissuade him from running as the local captain and advised her to pursue her original plan of operating her eatery.

If it was about the permit, Cardo assured that he could gain it for her. Flora told him she could handle the situation to gain the permit so Cardo shouldn’t worry. She admitted she took a hasty decision to run for captain and decided not to pursue that anymore.

Flora promised to concentrate on her eatery. Hidalgo addressed the state on the upsurge in criminal activities which he admitted that it was a threat to the people and their lõved ones. He assured his administration would give them maximum security. Already, he has deployed some officers all over to protect them and bring them to safety.

One of Gina’s lapdogs saw Flora’s eatery would soon be in operation and rushed to inform her at Bart’s office. Gina led them in prayers for the eatery not to attract any customers. The boy who was caught in the drug bar incident went to talk to Billy to explain his situation. He was only there for BB audition not aware that they were dealing with drugs.

Billy told him to wait for his senior officer for them to know whether he would be jailed or not.


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