Two Wives Episode 36

Two Wives Episode 36 Dale begs for a fresh start with Janine, Victor promises to fight his feelings for Janine to save his relationship with Yvonne

At the hospital, Janine asked Victor if his wife was in that situation whether he would abandon his child. Victor said he could be a bad husband but not a bad father. Janine told him that her child’s father did not remember her and her children again and k!ssed Victor.

Yvonne was also searching for the ward of Janine but stumbled on different people in the rooms where she opened the doors. Soon, she bumped into Marlon, Shakira and Mimi. While they were searching for the ward since Yvonne’s phone battery has d!ed, they saw Carla.

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She led them to the room after a misunderstanding with them. Janine was k!ssing Victor and Victor after giving himself for the k!as pulled back. Janine was shedding tears when Yvonne came in to ask Victor whether he was okay. Victor said he was okay but Janine was not.

Audrey hugged Victor and asked him when he would be in the house. He said he would not be able to go with her Yvonne wished Janine, speedy recovery and sent Victor away. While out with his friend, Albert was thinking about Yvonne and his friend told him that girls of today, liked bad guys. They believed they could change them.

He asked Albert what he saw in Yvonne and fell for her. Albert said he fell in lōve with her soul, she was a kind hearted person. Charlene believed he had viewed Yvonne as a person he wanted to save that was the reason. Dale and his friend arrived there and he knew Albert. Dale said he was there to search for his ex and also to start a business.

He later went to Vida’s house to ask Janine. Vida threw him out and told him that he could not crawl back to her. She told him that he hurt Janine so badly that she would be the worst person should she allow him to be with her. Dale explained that he was very young then and his family was going through a scandal so he had no option than to follow his mother to the state.

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Vida called him a spoiled brãt for following his spiteful mother. She locked her door. Dale later met with Albert and his friend Charlene to propose his chef business and also do a presentation. Carlo told Albert that his friend Dale was the renowned chef in San Francisco so he needed to be supported. Charlene accepted it and Albert also was in.

Marcus told Carmen that he did not want his mother to return Victor to Janine. Carmen then explained the situation to him. Dale visited Vida once again and the woman talked to him. She told him that Janine became devastated and locked herself up. She did not want to go to school, especially when she discovered that she was pregnant.

Vida told him that when he left Janine she was three months pregnant so she had to take care of her. She went to tell Sandy but Sandy signed a cheque for her to leave her family alone but Janine did not accept the money and returned to her. Vida said Janine was very good and she gave her flower farm to her. Due to Janine’s hardwork, the flower farm grew, however, Janine was stubborn.

She explained that Janine got the lōve Dale couldn’t give her from a married man and due to the lōve she had for the married man, she broke a family. She told Dale that Audrey was his daughter with Janine. Dale then went to Janine’s house and met Audrey alone and introduced himself to her as her mother’s friend.

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He told her that she would call him big daddy but Audrey said she has a daddy. When Dale asked her who that father was she said her father was sick. Dale was shedding tears and Audrey asked him why he was crying and he said he also has a daughter who was at the same age as her but she was far away and he believed she would soon be closer to her.

He gave her a necklace and urged her to call him Big daddy as he would always be with her. Janine appeared in the scene and ordered Audrey to go inside while she dealt with Dale. Dale begged for forgiveness but Janine refused to forgive for everything he did to her. Janine said she was married and sacked him. Dale pleaded for one last chance with her and his daughter and promised not to make her cry again.

Janine slapped him one more time and warned him to leave. When she went inside, Audrey showed her the necklace and she warned her daughter from accepting gifts from strangers. Audrey thought Dale was her friend but she said he was her long time friend and he was not her friend again.

Dale told Carlo that he would do everything he could to get Janine back. He knew if he had not left her, they would have been a happy couple now. Yvonne escorted Victor to his therapy and he told the doctor about his headache whenever he tried to recall something. The doctor advised him not to suppress his memories since his brains were working for his recovery.

Bind Insurance Agency had a meeting to announce the people parameters pairing the top agents with the high ranking sales executive VIP million dollar round table and Yvonne’s name was part. She later had a meeting with a potential client but the man was not impressed by it.

He told Yvonne that she put much effort in her appearance rather than her looks. Albert jumped to her defense. Victor told Louie and Gary that Janine k!ssed him and his friends acted differently. That evening, Yvonne read Victor’s diary and got to know that Janine k!ssed Victor.

She met her friends the next day to claim that Janine one more time has k!seed her husband, Victor. She feared that she would turn into a fōøl again since Victor said in his diary that he felt some connection with Janine when they k!ssed.

He felt that they have been together before. Mimi was also scared for her friend that once Victor recovers, he would run back into the arms of Janine. Janine, on the other hand cooked for Victor and he came there to tell her that he wanted to stay away from her.

Janine asked whether he was saying that simply because she k!ssed him. She asked Victor if he did not lõve her and he said he only løved Yvonne but if he even did lõve Janine, he had to get rid off that feelings since he was a married man. Janine told him she lõved him too and knew deep down he lõved her and urged him to choose her.

Victor said he would not choose anyone, he was a married man and he would only be with Yvonne. Janine shed tears and Victor walked out. Janine in tears ran after him to call out his name. Unknown to her, Dale was standing there watching her.


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