Two Wives Episode 40

Two Wives Episode 40 Janine and Kenjie deepen their relationship, Yvonne rekindles her relationship with Victor once more

Yvonne was in a restaurant with Albert. Albert told her how small the world was. It turned out that Dale was his high school friend who was now in Manila to make up with Janine in order to make up for his wrongs.

Yvonne blamed Dale for hurting Janine which made Janine also snatch her husband. Yvonne told her family and friends about it.

Janine voiced out to Carla that she had always felt guilty and was doing everything to earn Yvonne’s forgiveness but now she was also willing to snatch her husband. Carla urged her to take Yvonne.

Yvonne wanted to accompany Carmen to the hospital but Carmen said Marlon would do that. Shakira was pissed off that Janine had to force her daughter to Victor for him to father. Albert called Yvonne to come to work immediately and told her about a promotion.

Janine went to work to find Kenjie Celdran at the place and all women were gushing over him. Janine was told by her boss that she left a mark on Kenjie so he was there to send her to her unit. Yvonne while escorting Marcus to school told him about the good news but the boy did not seem cheerful that his mother was being promoted.

He wanted his mother to be back with his dad. He told her about inviting his father to the upcoming school programme the following day. Janine went to Kenjie’s condo and he was not wearing his shirt. Janine felt that he was disrespecting her so she left. Kenjie followed her to apologise and told her that he did not mean to disrespect.

They became friends. Kenjie later went to Janine’s work place and the ladies snapped pictures with him. He called Janine and the latter thought he was facing a problem at the unit. Kenjie had no problems but told her that he was there to make up with her. He got her a deal with the owners of the clothing line he has endorsed.

Yvonne promised her son that she would play the mother and father role even if she did not allow Victor to be with him, she would work hard to provide for him. She promised to be at the event after her presentation with a client. Yvonne went to Mr Lee’s office to find Janine.

The two ladies exchanged words. Janine was the first to do her presentation and persuaded Mr Lee not to entertain Binding Shares as the Insurance company was facing challenges at their headquarters in Japan and it has affected the branch there. Yvonne was told by the secretary that her boss would not be able to talk to her as he was no longer interested in the offer

The programme had already started and Marcus was all alone, viewing other kids with their parents. Yvonne followed Janine to question her on what she did. Janine denied sabotaging her. Yvonne was taking a cab but Janine left with it. Yvonne couldn’t believe that Janine stole her husband and also left with her cab.

She arrived at the school late. The programme was over and Marcus was upset that she did not let his father represent her when she couldn’t make it. He told his mother that she always made promises but couldn’t keep them.

Marcus ran into the rain and fell. She sent him home and made up with her son. Janine was celebrated at work for her hardwork. Elsewhere, Dale went with NBI to compel a worker at the health facility to spill out the truth that Janine bribed the doctor.

Janine faked a test to send it to Victor to convince him that Audrey was his daughter but Victor denied responsibility towards Audrey and the child she was carrying. Janine insisted that his family needed him, this made Victor have an episode. Marcus was burning up so Yvonne had to take care of him.

Janine was searching for Audrey and saw that Dale was dragging her away. She fought him for her daughter but Dale pushed her and carried Audrey away. As she was screaming out her daughter’s name, she woke up to discover that it was a nightmare. Dale was out with Carlo.

He was surprised that Janine could pay the doctor off to change the test.Victor visited Marcus due to his sickness. Yvonne told her mother that even if she gives Marcus the world, it wouldn’t be enough.  He needed his father. Carmen told Yvonne that her father’s deàth left a void in her heart. However, Marcus father was still alive and advised her to allow Marcus to bond with his father.

Janine went to Audrey’s school to find Dale feeding her. She fought him and screamed out for help. The security came around and she managed to send her daughter away. When they got home, she scolded Audrey for going against her words to allow Dale to be with her.

Audrey cried that Dale was her father and her friend and did not see the need for her mother to fight him while he was filling the void her real father Victor left. Janine beat her for talking back at her. Audrey accused Janine of fighting Victor, the reason Victor had failed to be part of their lives and she ran to her room.

Yvonne, on the other hand, overheard Marcus telling Victor that he would not sleep because if he did, he would wake up to see his absence. He was willing to fall sick over and over again just to have his father there with him.

Yvonne was touched by Marcus words, so she later went to see Victor to tell him to come and live with them for the sake of Marcus. Victor was so glad to hear that.


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