Two Wives Episode 41

Two Wives Episode 41 Yvonne gets suspended for being a mistress, Dale runs over Victor with his car

Yvonne said she only wanted him to stay in the house for Marcus and not for them to become a couple. Victor said it was his greatest wish for their family to be whole again.

Dale went to drink with Carlo. He told him that seeing his daughter crying hurt him. He did not want to tell Audrey the truth due to how it affected the girl. He had a problem with other drunkards and it led to a fight.

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While he moved in, Yvonne told him to stay in Marcus’ room and should stop calling her my lōve. Marlon came to meet Victor and questioned Yvonne for bringing him back. Carmen added her voice and Marlon interjected that she keeps tolerating all the wrong decisions made by Yvonne.

Yvonne stoped Marlon for yelling at their mother. She dragged him outside and had a talk with Marlon and explained that Victor was there only for Marcus. Marlon said that would build Yvonne’s hopes high and it was wrong for her to project the impression that she was the mistress.

He wondered where Yvonne had thrown all her good morals. He said Yvonne was bringing shame to the family.

Yvonne got offended and put him at his rightful place. Marlon then packed out to live with Mimi. Janine also got Dale arrested for harassing her and Audrey. Later, Sandy went to see her son to confront him but Dale also reciprocated the hatred.

Due to her hard work, Janine was also promoted and her pay was increased while she was set in charge of another unit. Janine got home and Sandy came there to fight Janine for getting her son arrested. Janine also threatened to get her behind bars if she did not leave her house right that instant.

Sandy said it was not over between them. Janine wondered why she and her son kept causing trouble while she had moved on from there. Carla appeared in the scene to defend Janine. She carries a chair to threaten Sandy not to make a wrong move.

Carla followed Janine to Victor’s place with food. Daria met them and took the food inside. Janine asked of Victor and was told he was staying with Yvonne. Janine couldn’t believe that Yvonne was taking advantage of her husband’s ailment to manipulate him.

She took the food and went to Bind Insurance Agency to confront Yvonne for being a mistress. Yvonne tried to calm her so that she would not cause a scene there. Janine said if there was a smart move she made that was to push through with her threat to snatch her husband.

Yvonne slapped her and Janine threw the stew she was carrying on her, making Albert jump into Yvonne’s defense. Yvonne headed to the washroom to clean herself. Albert went there to help. Yvonne felt ashamed and did not know how to face the workers. She knew they were now having bad impressions about her.

Once Victor learnt about that, he went to Janine’s house to confront her and even threatened to annul the marriage. He said it was all a piece of paper that was the reason Janine was behaving that way and once he annulled the marriage, she would not have anything she could hold onto.

Janine shed tears that she lõved him and did not want to lose him. Victor told her that if she repeats her act against Yvonne, she would have to report to him. He went home to tell Yvonne that everything was settled. Marcus asked about the person who humiliated his mother and told his father to tell him so that next time he could defend his mother.

The next day at work, the boss suspended Yvonne but Albert defended her that she was innocent and the victim. Albert changed the mind of the boss and she rescinded her decision. She warned Yvonne not to drag the company into her personal problems otherwise the image of the company would be ruined.

Yvonne told her friends about it. She wondered if she made the right decision to let Victor stay in the house. She explained that she did that for Marcus but her decision made Marlon leave the house and now her job was being affected. Mimi and Shakira advised her to retaliate so they went to an expo organised by the company Janine worked.

They posed off as potential customers in need of a condo, much to Janine’s surprise. Phoebe asked Yvonne if she was married and she said she used to but someone stole her husband. Phoebe said sorry and Yvonne said she should not worry because her husband has returned to her and there was no day that passed by without her husband apologising for his mistakes.

She said right now she would need a condo. Shakira said she needed a condo that when Yvonne and her husband spend time in, she could have another child. Yvonne told Phoebe that her husband after his return treated her special after all there was no special person than the original wife.

Janine got upset and retorted: “delusional.” She walked out and Phoebe was surprise seeing Janine’s reaction. Shakira said it was good that Janine could talk because all along, she thought she was mute. After their act Yvonne was so satisfied and told her friends that they were right, she did not have to make Janine step on her.

Sandy bailed out her son and told him that they would have to go back to the state. She warned him that if he kept pursuing Janine, she might strip him off his properties but Dale did not care.

To him, life without his family, Janine and Audrey meant nothing. Janine went to Yvonne’s house to demand her to return her husband. Yvonne asked the number of times she warned her. She called Victor and Victor wondered why Janine showed her face there while he had clearly warned her to stay away from his family.

The shut the door on her and Janine was really hurt but kept mute. Yvonne and Victor went to dine with Marcus. Janine watched them through the window. The next day, Dale threatened not to allow Victor to take over his family and he began to monitor Victor.

Victor was on phone, talking to Marcus while he was crossing the road when Dale drove to knock him down and fled. Marcus heard that something had happened and gave the phone to Yvonne.

Yvonne called Victor’s line but it did not go through. Victor hit his head in the bush and the phone fell. He began to recall his memories with Janine and how he claimed to lōve her.


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