Two Wives Episode 43

Two Wives Episode 43 Yvonne and Albert part ways, Victor celebrates birthday gaining forgiveness from Yvonne as they rekindle their lōve 

While at home, Yvonne recalled happy times with her family. Victor was surprised to see Yvonne in the house and asked her what she was doing. Yvonne told him that she had resigned. Victor was surprised to hear that since he thought she was happy with her work.

He told her that he had gotten a job as a teacher. Yvonne was happy for him. He was doing that to fulfill his dreams of giving Yvonne and Marcus a better life. Yvonne reminded him that he still has an obligation towards Janine and her child.

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Victor said he has not forgotten that. He promised to work so hard to provide for his family. Albert visited Yvonne to talk her to return to the company in order to provide Marcus with all that he might need. He told her she would soon be promoted so there was no need for her to quit.

Victor recalled everything about his past and went to Gary’s house to have a meeting with his family to apologise for his bad decision which in turn destroyed his family. He opened up that he has regained his memories and could remember when he met Janine and offered him a job to pretend to be the father of Audrey.

He said he felt bad for the girl and eventually fell in lōve with Janine. He recalled both good and bad memories like how he abandoned Yvonne and Marcus to be with Janine and how Yvonne lost their child and how Jaime d!ed. He also admitted that he was happy with Janine but what happened to him made him realise what is good from wrong and it was time to make things right.

He said the second chance he has gotten was a chance to fix his life. Janine thanked Kenjie for helping her to have a deal with Mr Lee. Kenjie jokes around but Janine did not smile making him feel that he was boring or perhaps Janine did not like laughing.

Yvonne told Albert that he made that decision for Marcus. Albert knew she did that for Victor and he admitted that he did that for her family and Victor being the father of her son makes him part of the family. He said she lõved Victor and irrespective of his mistakes he was still her son’s father and wanted her family to be together.

Albert then accepted her resignation and left but Yvonne said she would miss him as a friend. Kenjie sent Janine out and she told him about the challenges her husband was facing with his memories. She wished for her husband’s memories to return.

When Janine got home, she felt that something was going on and told Chara about it. She had a feeling that Victor had recovered because the last time he appeared there he showed concern about Audrey but after his accident he did not care about Audrey. Chara believed he was now pretending in order not to return to her.

Janine called Daria several times but she failed to pick it. Least, did Janine know that Gary had warned his mother not to receive her call. Yvonne woke up to find Victor’s letter next to her and she read it. Janine planned a surprise birthday party for Victor. She prepared several meals.

Marcus went to wake Victor up and wished him a Happy Birthday. Yvonne appeared in the scene and Marcus made her give Victor a birthday k!ss. Marcus shed tears that he wanted them to be like that forever. They went out to spend quality time together as a family. They swam and Victor used that opportunity to beg Yvonne for forgiveness for everything he did to her.

He confessed that he gave in to temptation and hurt her. He said he was sorry because she did not do anything against him. He shed tears and Yvonne accepted his apology. Victor asked whether she made lõve with him because she lõved him and she admitted loving him. She said throughout her life he was the only man she has ever lõved.

Due to the lōve, she said she sacrificed her principles just to be with him. Victor then revealed to her that he had recovered. Yvonne then rose and walked out, saying he should go back to Janine if he had recovered. Yvonne now tried to act like she was not interested in him so Victor begged her and told her that she was the one he fell in lōve with her first and she was the one he was ending up with.

He was not planning on returning to Janine and told Yvonne to lōve him again. Yvonne accepted and hugged him Marcus was so happy to see his family together again and joined them. He thanked them for uniting. Janine waited for Victor from morning till midnight. She even slept while waiting for him at the dinning.

Audrey came to call her mother and Janine thought it was Victor. Audrey told her to go inside and sleep. Victor rode Yvonne and Marcus home and Yvonne laid Marcus on the bed. Victor told  Yvonne that she was a good mother and wished she could forgive him for everything he did.

Yvonne said things would never be the same since he was still married to Janine and warned him to stop calling her my lōve. She walked out on him.


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