Until We Meet Again Episode 38

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Episode 38

Until We Meet Again Episode 38 Francis catches Margaret in executing a vile plan against Glenda 

Angela and Elmo had their breakfast and Elmo asked if Angela still wanted to be with Calvin. She said Calvin and her were friends and wanted to help him when his mom got missing.

As Larry was driving, he drunk a bottle water and the cover fell so he pulled over to search for the cover. He found Glenda’s phone and he placed it inside his bag.

Elmo later went to visit Angela and realised Angela was not feeling fine as she was sneezing. He wanted to help her but she said she was okay.

After Elmo left, Angela began thinking about Calvin. Meanwhile, Calvin and Claire were at the hospital restaurant eating, Calvin was lost in his thoughts. Claire urged him to eat since she was there to support her.

He later received a call from Elmo asking him where he was and he said he was at the hospital. He told him that Angela was not feeling well and he asked what was wrong with her.

Claire got jealous hearing Angela’s name. Calvin then left the hospital at the moment that Margaret was sneaking in. She head straight to Glenda’s ward and noticed that her room was going through renovation.

The nurse told her that the patient had already been transferred to Manila and she got upset about it since she did not know. Meanwhile, Angela was sad that she was not yet able to find her family.

She shed tears on how her efforts in finding her parents proved futile. At Evelyn’s mansion, Helen, Claire and Evelyn were gathered around one table to eat. Evelyn was still worried about Glenda and the person who shot her.

Larry provided a shoulder for Angela to cry on and offered to help her by talking to the media and searching for couples who had lost children that were around Angela’s age.

He said it would not hurt to try and Angela agreed to do it. As they were talking, Calvin knocked on the door. He was there to check on Angela since Elmo had told him that she was not feeling well. He brought a bouquet of flowers to her.

He sent along medicine and ointment to treat Angela’s headache for her to feel better. As he was applying the ointment on her head Angela caught his hand and their moment sparked their old feelings. Angela then said she was fine and could do it by herself.

Larry had to go on a business trip in Singapore so he agreed to carry out the plans with Angela after he returned. Odessa was happy that she would be alone for a while so that she cold carry out her plans against Glenda.

Elsewhere, Evelyn recalled Ana’s childhood days and felt sad that she has still not been able to locate her daughter.

Elmo also brought flowers to Angela but he found that Calvin had already presented flowers to her. He told Angela that he wanted to help her move on from Calvin. As Evelyn was sitting shedding tears about her missing Ana, Larry who was driving for his trip also recalled Ana when he reached a flower park which he and Evelyn used to send Ana.

He pulled over and got there. He saw Evelyn sitting while crying offered her a handkerchief to wipe off her tears.

They got carried away and they k!ssed deeply. It was a moment they did not want to end as both missed eachother after more than 13 years break up. The couple could not give up on eachother’s lips as Larry caressed the cheeks of his estranged wife.

Evelyn suddenly got hold of herself and break from the k!ss. She quickly ran from Larry. Evelyn went to sit in her car and recalled how Margaret called her mistress and regretted for k!ssing her estranged husband while Larry was unhappy that Evelyn left him in his desires.

Elmo blindfolded Angela and sent her to see the surprised dinner he prepared for her.
He even played a song for her with his guitar.

Angela did not pay much attention to Elmo since everything he did reminded her of the time she spent with Calvin setting up a date for Claire and the time he also helped her play the guitar.

At the hospital, Claire and Charm went to see Calvin since he was taking care of Glenda. He was sleeping when they arrived and was murmuring Angela’s name in his sleep. Claire got upset and woke him up.

She immediately attacked him by asking what happened to him and Angela the last time they were together but Calvin got upset and left the two of them in the room.

Elmo noted that Angela was not paying attention and Angela told him to stop trying to woo her. Elmo however said he would do whatever it took to help Angela forget Calvin since she also deserved to be loved.

Charm and Claire left Glenda to get something to eat and they ran into Francis outside. They told him that Calvin was not in the room and Francis went with the notion to take care of Glenda.

Odessa went to the hospital to finally implement her evil plan on Glenda and was glad to find her in the room alone. She bid Glenda good bye and when she was about to execute her vile plan by suffocating Glenda with a cloth, Francis entered the room to obstruct Margaret’s evil works.

He asked her what she was doing there. Margaret slowly dropped down her hood to indicate that she had a good intentions and was only there to visit Glenda since she was her friend.

She went on that Larry had asked that she check up on her but Francis did not believe it. He said he did not trust her and warned her to leave. She started to cry as she was offended by Francis mistrust.

Calvin decided to go back to Glenda’s room and found Francis kicking Margaret out. He did not think it was right to be so harsh to Margaret who left in tears. Francis told Calvin that they needed to be more careful since they did not really know what happened to Glenda and he did not trust Margaret.

After the incident, he had an officer posted outside Glenda’s door to protect her.
Odessa went home frustrated and bought alcohol. She was holding a can of beer when she arrived home and found Angela with Elmo.

She was still wearing her dark hood since she was disguised to go kill Glenda and her outfit triggered Angela’s memory about the wicked woman who tortured her and kidnapped her. Elmo saw that Angels was getting agitated.

He asked her what was wrong and she said the wicked woman who held her as hostage used to dress in a hood to inflict pain on her.

Angela had flashes of memory but she did not clearly remember the face of the person who was attacking her. Margaret was scared about Angela’s revelation but she calmed her nerves when Angela seemed not to recall the face of her kidnapper. She told Angela that it was good she was gradually gaining her memories back and promised to help her at each step of the way.

Evelyn examined some couple and was glad that she was able to solve the woman’s problem. When the couple left she recalled her moment with Larry again. The way she and Larry earlier k!ssed. Claire got there which took her from her beautiful memories.

Helen also got there and knew her sister was still thinking about her missing daughter. Francis met Dominic in a drinking spot and they talked about Margaret. Dominic told him that Larry was having doubts about Margaret since Margaret disappeared few days ago. Francis asked about the specific time.

Elmo went to visit Angela at work and saw her on her laptop reading about hypnosis. Elmo asked her if she had intentions of getting hypnosis done to recall her memories.

Calvin, Evelyn, Helen and Claire were at the hospital checking on Glenda. Calvin told them how Francis suspected Margaret and sacked her. Margaret who was snooping around the hospital realised that Francis had planted police at the door of Glenda’s ward.

Calvin went out of the ward and Claire followed him to beg him for their previous misunderstanding but Calvin walked out on her.

Elmo decided to help Angela regain her memory and they decided to visit Francis to see if he could perform hypnosis to help Angela remember.

When they got to the hospital, Claire who Calvin walked out on her was there and she vent her anger on Angela. She refused to let them see Francis. She attacked Angela and Elmo protected her but they had to leave without seeing Francis due to Claire’s action.

Margaret after failed mission went to work. She was alarmed when she heard from her friend that Angela wanted to undergo hypnosis to regain her memories.

Calvin got back to the ward and the police informed him about what Claire did to Angela who was there to see his father. He said his girlfriend threw Angela and Elmo out.

It was raining when Elmo and Angela reached the office. He realised that Angela’s sickness was getting worse. He left to get some medicine for her since she was not ready to get herself treated.

Angela met Margaret and she asked Angela whether it was true that she wanted to get hypnosis and she said yes. Margaret asked her why she would do that and told her to get her involved in everything she wanted to do. She asked Angela to tell her all her plans. Angela was still not feeling well but Margaret did not notice since her concentration was on the hypnosis as she was scared.

Calvin went to visit Angela to see what she wanted but when he arrived at the office, Angela fainted. Calvin and Malia took her to see a nurse who treated her and Angela slept. Malia and the nurse left the two of them alone.


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