Use music to preach Peace—-Ras Tafari urges musicians

A Ghanaian born United Kingdom based Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Ras Amankwatia Tafari, has called on musicians in the country to use music as an instrument to preach peace.

That, he said would help promote unity  among the people to prevent any future violence in the country’s elections

Speaking in an exclusive interview with in Accra on Monday, Ras Tafari noted that musicians have greater influence and could keep youth in order for them not to engage in violence during and after the December polls.

He stated that freedom of speech and freedom of choice are the most basic fundamental human right and should not be abused, adding that Ghana should not destroy its peace and culture of hospitality all in the name of politics.

Music, Ras Tafari observed could be used effectively as a unifying force across barriers of conflicts as well as bridge ethnic and religious barriers to observe peace.

He further stated that artiste’s participation in politics should not breed conflict and advised them not to use their channel to lyrically abuse other political parties to spark war among fans and party lovers.

Ras Tafari pointed that sustainable development required an environment of peace and to make progress as a country, the citizenry had to reject instability and opt for peaceful coexistence.

Known in the showbiz as the “Lion,” he released his debut album titled “7 Seals” in 2014 which had 22 massive songs and released his second album“Conquering lion” in 2017.

The “Black Jesus” hit maker said, he intended doing a lot of promotional activities in the country to be recognised, he started off with a show at “Bantama” a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti Region which was graced with a gigantic crowd.

The international artiste stated that his record label, Ras Tafari Movement (RTM) Music was responsible for promoting his music in the country and mentioned that his unique way of composing songs attracted people from different continents to listen to his music.


Written by Joyceline Natally Cudjoe

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