Viral Scandal Episode 56

Viral Scandal Episode 56 Troy gives Audrey a chance to file for divorce, Bea trains Rica and Ella on means to use social media to pressure the Fiscal and the Justice system for their case to be heard

In the middle of the night, Karla went out to meet Troy. Rica also came there to thank Troy for the sacrifice he has made but Troy said he did not give anything, he was his daughter and was fighting for her. He said even if his father was against his decision, he did not care.

After watching the video of Ella, Jigs was emotionally affected and began to hurt himself. Raven got there to calm him. Jigs thought Raven has abandoned him too but she was there to provide a shoulder for him.

After Kyle went through the documents which his mother gave him, he went to the Sicats house to find Rica in the arms of Troy, embracing him. When she saw Kyle, Rica told him to talk to the mayor to rectify things but Kyle said his mother denied the allegations so he was okay.

Troy told Kyle that his father was a good man and his deàth was a big blow to Sidero. Kyle thanked the mayor and asked of his leave.
When he asked of his leave, Kakay equally thanked the mayor for going against his father. Troy asked Karla if she had no regrets and she said it was all in the past so they had to leave behind them. She simply swerved the question.

Alberto had up to his limit with Troy and told Bobby that he would now regard Troy as an enemy and not part of the family.

“He is not part of this family anymore. Once we finish with him, he will be on his knees.”

“And he will lose everything he has.”

Bobby seemed happy that his father has now put Troy in his rightful place. At the mayor’s mansion, Troy asked Raven why she was not present at the press conference but Raven said she was there and even saw Ella and Rica together.

Audrey mentioned the names of the people who were mysteriously missing or deàd and reminded her husband that those people went against Alberto and was scared of what Alberto might do to him.

She cried that she did not want to wake up one day to find him gone. She would not be able to bear the grief of losing him and warned Troy from going against his father. Audrey said she has endured so much and did not want Troy to make her effort be in vain. Troy said she did not have to endure anymore, he would set her free so that she would not go through all those pain.

He admitted Audrey deserved to be happy in life, she deserved a husband, a man who would be there for her and told her she should not work on their marriage again. He apologised for all the pains he made her go through.

Jigs read comments of the recent Presscon and was glad there were people in Sidero who still had belief in him. He took that as consolation, no sooner did his father come there and was upset to see Raven was in his company.

At the Sicats resident, Bea coached both Ella and Rica to return to social media to use it as vehicle to spearhead the affirmative agenda with hashtag survivors. Meanwhile, Bobby urges Jigs to follow all his orders and that of Alberto for a brighter political future as the mayor. Jigs knew his father wanted to use him for his own gains so he protested.

Raven, on the other hand, sneaked into Jigs’ room to search for his laptop. After dusting up with his father, he returned and did not find Raven. He went to his room to find her sitting on his bed idly. Raven made him believe that she was hiding from Bobby.

Karla expressed some sad reflections of her life but she never wanted her daughters to know that it was something she experienced. Attorney Dizon chipped in that it was the kind of story they wanted the public to know that every woman has a story. This gave Bea an incite to propose a new hashtag My Story. This hashtag was fully embraced by Rica and Ella.

On phone with Romeo, Alberto asked him whether he did what he told him and Romeo said he already did it. Karla had even seen his face but now there was a security guarding them which he believed Troy was responsible for that.

Alberto told him to begin the revenge on Troy. Romeo would have lôved to do that, however, Troy was deeply guarded. Since he was determined to ruin his son, Alberto offered to help him get back everything his son took from him including Kakay.

As Fiscal Leticia arrived at her office to review Ella’s case, she had a call which a friend tried to convince her to junk the case against Jigs but the Fiscal made it clear that she would decide solely on the evidence.

After the call, she went through an envelope on her desk and was shocked to see the romantic photos of her and her young boyfriend. As if on cue, she received a text message from an unknown number threatening to leak the pictures if she did not junk the case.

“Your l0ver is young enough to be your own son, Fiscal Leticia.”

Everyone will know about your affair if you take Ella Montecilo’s case to court.”

Kyle began his research while in a careful plan Romeo beat Freddie, the security guard of the mayor to a well thought through scheme just to get an envelope containing contents which would provoke Audrey inside the building. Freddie, the guard return to his post to find a mysterious envelope addressed to Audrey.

The maid delivered it to Audrey but they knew not the person who got it to their compound. When Audrey unsealed it, she saw Karla in a compromising situation with Romeo.

“Your husband is leaving you for a prostitute?” One of the photos has such write up.

“You poor thing!”

Audrey looked devastated. At the Sicats house, Rica asked her mother about what she said earlier of being a survivor but Kakay never told her the truth. Rica said goodbye to her and left to the office.


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