A Mother's Guilt Episode 31 Attorney Vega sets team to investigate Jacob's deals as Gabriel gives false testimony in court

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 31

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 31 Attorney Vega sets team to investigate Jacob’s deals as Gabriel gives false testimony in court

“Correct Attorneys! This money laundering is our missing piece that connects Mr Montecillo, Educare and the death of Mr Lamoste.”

Jacob in his dark room drunk and was happy how things were going.

“Julie committed suicide and this one Nanny Letty must be scared to death.

“You (referring to Lina’s picture)… I won’t be seeing you anytime soon.”

“And lastly Katrina… I am sorry Katrina, I won’t allow you to expose me no way.”

Meanwhile as Katrina was running, she got to a certain market place. She got a phone to call her mother but the call did not go through. At the place she saw a news about the death of Julie. She looked disturbed and worn out thinking about what could happen to her.

“With Katrina being taken cared of I can now concentrate on you Roman as a reward.”

“Cheers to your downfall.” Jacob sipped.

Roman saw a certain car tailing him and he was sure it could be Jacob. So he beefed up in order for him not to get him.

The next day, Jean and Jacob were in the garden having some drinks. She got hold of a newspaper and she read the news about the bank manager who Sonya found her dead in prison.

Flashback: Jacob remembered the call he had which the person mentioned his name several times and was sure Sonya was the one.

A servant came to inform them that there were visitors and Jean told her to usher them in. The visitors were NBI agents who were sent there to investigate about a money laundering case.

Jacob said he would send them to the room and answer their questions so Jean should not worry.

“You are from money laundering council right?”

“Honey what is it about? Jean asked after Jacob confirmed who the visitors were.

“Don’t worry I will take care of it.”

Sonya had a session with her legal team and she said Julie was the bank manager Jacob was working with.

Since Julie was not able to confirm her dealings with Jacob Attorney Vega still saw Sonya’s words as allegations.

“But this numbers we can find something useful here,” Vega said as she held on to Julie’s contact book.

Jean also came to the room and heard the NBI agents asking Jacob whether he was doing transaction with Julie.

Jean said they did not know anything about Julie till a news about her death broke. Jacob told her that Julie was the bank manager for Educare.

As the NBI were asking questions, Jean asked whether her husband was a suspect. Jacob said as a former BP of finance for Educare he was willing to corporate.

Vega said they should go ahead with their self defence strategy because she was not yet convinced about their allegations since they had no evidence.

Roman was in a hurry to open his car, because he was scared he dropped his keys. He felt a touch from behind he was scared to death and Jacob said:

“Relax Roman, it is just me.”

Jacob told Roman that there were investigation ongoing about the transaction with Julie. Roman said all the documents were well secured so there was no call for alarm.

Paco asked Georgette whether she was jealous about his closeness to Anna but   Georgette said she trusted him and knew Anna was his ex and has endorsed their friendship, thus could not act like an insecured girlfriend.

Domeng and Nessa took a stroll. Nessa asked   about Marjorie, the woman Domeng video shoot her. He said the legal team still had not heard anything about her. Domeng then requested for Ki$$ but Nessa said he was kidding.

Attorney Vega met with Joanne and the other attorney. She said for the past few days Paco and Georgette were obsessing about the evidence board, claiming there was a master brain behind everything that had happened and were accusing Mr Montecillo.

At the other side, Paco told Georgette that the possibility of Mr Montecillo involvement in the case was high but the problem was Attorney Vega needed evidence. He said Jacob was the BP of finance for Mr Lamoste and there was evidence that Educare went on bankrupt.

He proposed that he would have to use other means in investigating Mr Montecillo.

“But you have to be careful because if Mr Montecillo sees you  snooping around without warrant or illegal means without license he will rise against you. All I’m saying is yes we are for the truth and justice but we have ethical duties in finding the truth we can’t violate our code of professional ethics and responsibilities.” Georgette advised Paco.

“Now I am confronted with Sonya’s statement about the manager of seed bank and the  money laundering case at Educare,” Attorney Vega began to believe in Sonya’s words about Julie and her involvement with Jacob.

“Correct Attorneys this money laundering is our missing piece that connects Mr Montecillo, Educare and the death of Mr Lamoste,” Attorney Vega applauded Joanne and her other associate as they joined heads in linking the pieces of the happenings together.

“That is a good start so you two can do this job. So I am assigning both of you to the special case.”

“Find out everything that we need to know about  Mr Montecillo, the seed bank scandal and the Educare bankruptcy as Paco and Georgette handle the self defence strategy.” Attorney Vega gave a task to Joanne and the other Attorney.

The trial begun with Attorney Balmaceda addressing the court.

“Your honour the prosecution calls its final witness.”

Gabriel was called into the witness box and he told lies which made Sonya so anxious. She told Paco that the account Gabriel was giving about the incident was a lie.

Sonya became agigated and rose up, saying that everything Gabriel was saying was a lie and there was no iota of truth in it. Paco calmed her down.

Attorney Vega put it to Gabriel that his account contradicted his earlier statement when he was arrested.

Attorney Balmaceda raised many objections and Attorney Vega told Judge Tutuga that she handled Gabriel’s case.

Roman knocked on the door of Katrina. At that time Katrina was packing her stuff. She was scared that he was sent by Jacob to harm her. She found it hard to open the door for him but upon sober reflection she opened it.

Back to the court, the judge refrained Vega from asking the witness questions which he termed as “contemptuous.”

“Your honour I am simply establishing the credibility of this witness because if he knew about this he would have used it during the first trial to prove his innocence.” Attorney Vega defended herself.

Balmaceda considered Vega’s act as harrasment to discredit a witness who has been approved by the court to give account and testimony about the incidents. He told the court that he would not tolerate that. His plea was sustained.

In the other scene  as Katrina finally opened the door she threated Roman with a pocket knife but Roman assured her that he was genuine and could trust him.

After proceedings, Sonya approached Gabriel and in a soft voice told him he should not have lied. She pleaded with him to change his statement but Carolina got upset and confronted Sonya for committing a crime and making her husband pay for it.

“Attorney Alipio control your mother.” Vega ordered Paco.

Meanwhile, Roman showed Katrina a picture whether she was the lady who kidnapped her.

She cried and said yes.

Anna after the proceedings watched some part of the case on her phone and Archie asked why she was still watching it.

Katrina was escaping and called her mother whether she was okay.

Jean, Jacob, Gabriel and Carolina gathered at the Montecillo mansion to eat together.

“I am glad that all things worked out.”

“What you did today in the court room… thank you!” Jean with an engaging smile while Carolina was very much satisfied for getting back at Sonya.

“This is bad Gabriel’s testimony contradicted Sonya’s defense,” Georgette expressed worry when she met with Paco and the team members.

“Now Sonya’s credibility is tarnished.”

Attorney Vega said they were feeding Gabriel’s head with lies.

“Some fact are outside the box…”

“What do you mean Attorney?” Georgette asked.

“It is a fact that judge Tutuga is a family man and he could understand Sonya when Sonya is used as a witness.”

She then appointed Attorney Alipio to be the one to cross examine Sonya.

Jacob made an attempt to give Gabriel an envelope but he did not take it. He said all he wanted was for Sonya to remain in the bars.

Anna was driving Paco and she congratulated him for his relationship with Georgette.

Sonya met with her Attorneys. Attorney Vega told her to stick to the fact of the case when given testimony.

“See for Mr Montecillo we can deal with him later.” Vega told Sonya not to worry about Jacob.

Paco and Anna went to meet a certain man, a former worker of Educare to inquire from him about Jacob’s involvement in the Educare bankruptcy but did not get better information.

It was established that Paco and Anna were the ones who  followed Roman after they realised his involvement with all the mishappenings.

Anna suggested an alternative way but Paco said it was against his code of ethics. Georgette arrived and he went with Paco as they held hands together. Anna felt jealous.

“This for the better Anna less complications for the two of you” Anna tried hard to convince herself.

Paco was on his bed writing. He torn all the papers because his mom’s trial was just the next day. Letty came in to cheer him up.

The Next day in the court room Paco was pacing back and forth. He was impatient and restless.

“Honestly, I hope we are doing the right thing for Sonya to be set free.” Georgette said in anxiousness.

Sonya are you ready? Attorney Vega asked as she walked with Sonya to the court room.

“Yes Attorney.” Sonya assured her preparedness for the trial.

“Once again stick to the story.” Attorney Vega advised.

As they were almost in the court room, Sonya after seeing Jacob and his family accused him of the death of Julie and the person who betrayed Mr Lamoste.

She said she knew Jacob was the last person Julie spoke with before her death.

Attorney Vega tried to stop Sonya but she went ahead. All the media personalities came out. Paco, Georgette and Domeng saw how everyone was rushing outside and Domeng signaled Paco that it was Sonya so they also went out.

“How dare you create lies. Stop ruining my family,” Jean warned Sonya.

They ran out and Paco stopped her but she could not be tamed. She said she would ensure to expose him to the world and urged him to mark her words.

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