Los Bastardos Episode 3 Roman goes lose as he impregnates Alba's bestfriend

Los Bastardos Episode 3

Los Bastardos Episode 3 Roman goes lose as he impregnates Alba’s best friend 

Roman and Alba threw a birthday party for Joaquin. Alba seemed not to enjoy her relationship with Don Roman. She addressed him as “sweetheart” with her seductive look to lure Roman but he warned her not to call him such a title again.

Roman shifted from Alba, although she looked dissapointed but wanted to use their son against him. She held Roman tight as she walked away with Joaquin.

At the party, the Silverios couple (Madeleine and Menaning) attended but Menan was unhappy to attend such events so he warned his wife, Maddie not to send him to such events again.

Alba arrived to welcome them to the mansion. They wished her son a happy birthday. Alba asked them when they would also brought forth a child. The question was awkward making the couple uncomfortable so Maddie said they were trying and she knew she would deliver soon.

Menan excused himself as Alba continued to question Maddie about why they were having trouble conceiving. As Alba asked who the fault was from, Maddie smartly answered that she was not a doctor. To her, the most important thing was that her husband loved her and asked Alba how marriage life has treated her? Alba looked embarrassed but got hold of herself and praised Roman for marrying her. Maddie smiled listening to Alba’s lies.

Maddie confronted her that she hasn’t heard of two people who decided to get married without a ring. She schooled Alba about the significance of her ring. Alba was agitated and was in so much rage.

As they’re about to leave, Maddie tried convincing Menan that they should go home for them to try again since she was fertile. Menan was upset, he said he wouldn’t go because all she ever talked about was getting a child instead of accepting the reality that she was infertile and could not give him a child. He then said he has lost all interest in her. Maddie burst into fresh bout of tears as Menan walked away.

A certain woman who came to greet the Cardinals asked Roman that she learnt he and Alba were getting married soon.

Roman was speechless. Alba called him sweetheart again, the woman asked when the wedding was coming on. Roman suspected that Alba was doing that to force him to get married to her. He wondered how far Alba wanted to go.

As Ramon stood on the balcony Maddie approached in tears. He gave her a hankerchief but she rejected it yet he wiped her tears asking why she got married to someone who made her so unhappy. They talked a little more as he took her somewhere enclosed in the estate, they got intimate and made l❤️ve.

Roman arrived home later and Sita told him that Alba has been looking all over for him, he asked about his son and went to play with him.

Maddie arrived home in anguish as her maid asked her if she wanted something which she answered no.

Roman excercised with a punching bag remembering Alba’s words whiles reminscing his good moments with Maddie. It seems Roman was falling for someone’s wife.
Meanwhile Maddy was also thinking about Roman in bed.

It was later established that the missing son of Don Roman who was renamed as Isagani Esperanza adopted mother was Maddie’s maid. She arrived home and they discussed about Maddie’s marriage problems whiles Isagani got up to play with them.

Alba who was waiting for him started nagging when Roman came to the room. She said Roman abandoned her at Joaquin’s party. Roman promised to make it up to joaquin. Alba asked what about her…. would he make it up to her too after making her look like “no body” Infront of the guests when people were asking about the date of their marriage.

Roman said he wanted everyone to know the truth that they were just joaquin’s parents and were raising him together but they would never get married.

Feeling for Maddie’s touch, Roman secretly met with her in their secret den. They had some foreplay and made love over and over the entire time.

However, their relationship came to a standstill when Maddie’s maid saw Don Roman dropping her home, while Menan also saw them hugging and ki$$ing eachother with so much passion. Roman and Maddie went to the extent of calling each other sweetheart, unfortunately Menan saw them through his window.

The next morning, Menan bought Maddy’s breakfast in bed surprising her, he questioned her about meeting Roman and said he would humiliate them if they continued their affair.

He proposed two conditions: either she breaks up with Roman or he gives him everything he wanted.

Nothing gold they say can stay, Maddie was forced to pulse her sexcapades with Don Roman. He begged her not to but she insisted, explaining that she and Menan would soon move to America to fix their relationship.

As love could not last with him, Roman started his distillery business. During his business meeting Alba arrived. She wanted everyone to know who she was in his life so she pleasantly called him sweetheart.

Fast forward, at a whore house, the friends of Roman urged him to drink. As he got drunk from excess drinking, a lady introduced some whores to him. He was asked to make his choice but he declined the offer. They claimed he probably needed one or another encounter with someone else.

At home, Alba got angry at Sita when she told her she did not know where Don Roman had gone to. She used unpleasant adjectives to qualify Sita. She called her “useless.” She asked her to do something about it unless there’s something she knew about Roman and was keeping mute on it. Alba asked Sita who she was really loyal to… She or Roman?? Sita said it was her.. Alba ordered her to go and look for Roman and not come home until she found him.

In a room, Roman waited as a lady in red appeared showing off her seductive dancing skills to him. She took off her mask and flipped her hair backwards, Roman recognised her as Pilar.

She looked shocked as he called out her name. They engaged in conversation and he covered her up with his coat. She explained to Roman that she learnt the footsteps of her mother as a prostitute and he told her he came back for her.

She flirted with him as he told her he would come back for her again, Pilar gave back his coat, saying his wife might become suspicious. As Roman left she looked on.

In the morning, Roman who was working in his study reminisced how he got separated from Pilar when he was obsessed in finding his father. Pilar begged him not to go. He told her he would come back for her but stopped her from ki$$ing him since to Roman they were siblings but Pilar got angry and left.

Roman visited Pilar at the whore house, the other girls tried to flirt with him, he heard someone singing behind some bedsheets and it turned out to be Pilar.

She asked him what he was doing there. She wiped him up with a towel since he was drenched in sweat while Roman looked at her lustfully. He then answered that he would take her away from there and would help her get back on her feet.

Roman offered her a house and she accepted. She hugged him tightly but Roman tried to resist her.

Pilar later moved into the house. Joking with Roman she asked him why the house was so far from his mansion. With a joking voice she further said all Roman needed was a sign, saying “I’m hiding you from your wife”. Roman laughed, she also said she was aware of the rules of becoming a mistress as Roman took a glimpse of her beauty he told her he did not want anything from her but just to help her stand on her feet but she said he wasn’t a saint as she tried to feed him, pouring the food all over him.

Pilar ki$$ed Roman but he rejected her, yet she seduced him yet the more, saying she was on a pill and would not get pregnant. Eventually, Roman couldn’t resit her any longer. They ended up making l❤️ve.

In the evening, Alba, Roman and Joaquin visited Maddie after their return to the Philippines.

Alba gist her about her pregnancy, saying she got pregnant when she went to America. Alba then said something smell fishy so she was sure they were hiding something whiles looking around suspiciously.

Roman looked at Maddie remembering their good times together and in deep thought while Alba continued her assumptions asking Roman if he smelt something fishy or should she ask his whores when ever he wasn’t home because she was sure they could enlighten her enough.

Roman tried to talk to Menan but he ignored him at first with Maddie looking scared and Alba almost putting the puzzle together but he eventually smiled and shook Roman relieving Maddie.

They also planned to start a wine business. Alba decided to talk to Menan to get to know more about their business she then left Roman Maddie. She was feeling uncomfortable: is either a guilt of rocking the bed of her friend’s baby papa or of giving birth with a friend’s lover while given the fatherly responsibility to an innocent man, Menan.

Roman asked Maddie about her son and said he’s quit a rascal, she asked how he has being. He looked cheerful but she could sense it’s not because of Alba. He admitted to Maddie he would never marry Alba.

Roman met Isagani for the first time offering him a cupcake, he got to like him as they smiled together.

His mother who adopted him came for him while carrying Maddie’s child. She apologised to Roman for the troubles Isagani caused him.

As Roman looked at Isagani he remembered his missing child and told the adoptive mother that he had a son who would’ve been the same age as Isagani.

Maddie walked to take her son Matteo from her maid. She left in a hurry. Isagani also said thank you to Roman and left with his foster mother.

Maddie and Menan fought over who had to carry baby Mateo as he cried. Suddenly, Roman came there smiling to Matteo he stopped crying and began laughing shocking Maddie.

Menan got pissed off when he noticed it was Roman who eventually calmed him down but Alba came there whilst Maddie tried defending Menan, saying the first time parents and they left. Alba stared at Roman suspiciously.

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