A Mother’s Guilt Episode 50

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 50 Jacob cries as his father forms alliance with Atty Vega to cage him forever 

“You have taken enough lives already, now it is time to set things right!”

Jacob went ahead to tell the court how Jean called him to inform him that Edward Lamoste was admitted, stressing that he still could hear the voice of Jean in his head.

Jean at home cried and was upset that Jacob was not telling the truth

“Why is he he doing this?”
“Why is he lying?” Jean cried.

In conclusion Jacob said he did not understand why they were accusing him of the death of Edward Lamoste. He then sealed his statement with another biblical quote

“Blessed are those prosecuted for righteousness sake for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Well Jacob I must say you did well today” his lawyer came to him at the police station to complement him and said the Bible quotes made him look credible and convincing.

Jacob stated that it was easy for him to do that since he was speaking the truth.

At home, Sonya, Letty, Anna and Jean wondered why Jacob could craft story like that. Sonya remembered what Edward told her about a friend who betrayed him when Edward gave him the rollers watch and the deal for her to shoot him.

Anna said now it was Jacob’s words against them and Attorney Vega agreed with Anna.

“But why is Jacob doing this,” Jean queried.

At the police station the lawyer of Jacob stated that with how convincing he sounded Judge Tortuga might released him and most importantly how Jacob was able to establish that Edward Lamoste was willing to die and he did it himself or by someone else.

“If we play our cards right, everything including the embezzlement case would be exonerated from you,” the lawyer said.

Attorney Vega and the Alipio and Lamoste’s family talked of the strategy Jacob was using but Atty Vega asked Jean not to panic about the verdict because they would not sit idle for Jacob to throw dust into their eyes.

In the house of Sonya, Paco was busy with his legal books thinking of means to get Jacob remain bars.

Domeng was also searching for something and Sonya came to tell Paco not to worry because Vega would help solve it.
Paco recalled how he joined Attorney Vega’s law firm and when he was handed Edward Lamoste’s murder case’s document.

Sonya then charged Paco to do his best to help Vega as well.
At the station one inmate was reading the Bible while Jacob sat to listen to it later he was informed by the guard that he had a visitor.

When he went it was his father Don Miguel who was there to see him. Jacob wondered what he was doing there as he already viewed him as a disgrace. Don Miguel told him about how his mother’s situation gets worse each day.

Jacob wanted to see her but his father said it would not be possible.

“I am sorry Jacob I can’t allow you to see her,” he said.

“Why not,” Jacob asked anxiously.

“Jacob, you can only make her situation worse,” Don Miguel explained.

“She will see how much disgrace I am to you?”
Jacob interjected.

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Don Miguel then advised Jacob to say the truth and stop telling the court lies.

“Get out, get out or else..”

“Or else you will kill me like how you killed Edward Lamoste?”Don Miguel queried. Jacob was left speechless.

Nessa and Domeng engaged in their trivial chat in Paco’s presence.

At the station, Jacob asked Don Miguel whether Attorney Vega told him to come and tell him to confess his crimes?
Don Miguel was shocked but told Jacob to give his mother the peace of mind she deserved now.

Jacob told his father that he should stand in for him and work for his freedom if he supported him but his Miguel was not doing that.

“I just want the truth to come out,” Don Miguel told Jacob.

“Papa you have no right to demand anything from me,” Jacob added. Don Miguel then left.

Paco after seeing a certain message on the phone. Packed some documents into his bag and left. Domeng wondered why Paco was suddenly happy.

He went to meet Anna and gave a certain document to Anna but she said she did not understand and Paco explained that it was a conversation.

Paco is the lawyer of the day

Anna read it and was surprised that Paco got it. At the trial, Jacob went into the witness seat again and Paco began asking him questions about the specific time he spoke with Jean since Jacob already indicated he was called by Jean.

He said it was in the evening, and Paco asked him to be more specific with the time whether 7:00pm, 7:30 or but Jacob said it was around 7:00pm but could not remember the specific time.

Jean who was watching the trial on her laptop called Letty to come and watch something. Jacob then said Jean was in a state of panic when she called him.

Paco asked about the exact conversation between Jean and him during that night but the lawyer of Jacob raised objection that Jacob could not remember the exact conversation but Paco told the Judge that he had a reason of asking that.

“Because according to Mr Montecillo and I quote,” turning towards Attorney Vega for a document. Attorney Vega signaled Paco to give him the go ahead.

Flashback: “Even now I can still hear her voice echoing in my head ,” Jacob recalled.

Judge Tortuga overruled the objection saying he wanted to know how it was going.

“You see this, a thumb print statement of Jean Lamoste,” Paco ordered him to read to the court where it was yellow shaded. Paco then told him that Jacob asked Jean whether Edward was still alive meanwhile at that time the media has not reported that Jacob was dead, also the police has not announced the death of Edward.

Jean only told him that Jacob was no where to be found but Jacob had already asked whether he died while the details of the death was still not out and asked him to explain to the court why he asked “Is he still alive?”

The lawyer of Jacob raised an objection about the question Paco asked and he withdraw it

He asked of the time he met Jean at the hospital and he said 10:30. Paco then gave him a certain document again.

“What is this?” Jacob asked.

He read it and it was his reply to Jean during the time Jean contact him. Paco then exposed Jacob’s lies as the time and the conversation he stated was not the actual time, and his last conversation with Jess was “Is he still alive?”. Jacob was shocked and Paco asked him the question he asked Jean “Is he still alive?”

He watched Jacob with a smile on his face, Anna and Sonya were happy with Paco’s cross examination. Jacob was left quiet because he was exposed as a liar Infront of everyone. He was also thinking since Jean was dead he would speak lies in her name since she would be no where to defend or provide evidence.

Domeng attorney Vega were all smiling for Paco’s work.

“Your honour permission to redirect,” Lawyer of Jacob asked and Judge Tortuga gave her the go ahead.
She then asked Jacob a question. Jacob remained quiet and his lawyer requested for recess.

“Permission is granted we shall resume trial on November 12, 2018,” Judge Tortuga said.

Paco with a smile beaming on his face went for his seat with everyone looking at him with that satisfactory eye.

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“So did you see Paco in that court room? He was a rockstar,” Anna complemented Paco to Jean, Letty and Sonya as Paco smiled.

“Oh well then….,” Jean stood “Congratulations” She hugged Paco and gave him a good job well done ki$$. The family were all happy.

As Jacob was mobbing at the police station he recalled Paco’s question which exposed his intent and got upset one inmate came to him and asked him what was wrong with him, he threw the mob away and left in rage.

“Great job today Attorney Alipio?” Vega walked in to the law firm and lauded Paco for his job but “let’s not celebrate yet we have to wait until Judge Tortuga passed his verdict.”

Attorney Vega said they had to work to prove that Jacob was guilty beyond all reasonable doubt.

As Paco opened a file to read, Joanne came in and told Vega about a sudden meeting but she said she was at the middle of an important assignment so Joanne should reschedule the meeting.

“Attorney trust me you wanna take this meeting,” Joanne said and as they looked at each other Don Miguel walked in.

“Are you kidding me?” Jacob asked his lawyer.
The lawyer said according to her sources Attorney Vega has gotten some key witness against Jacob.

Don Miguel Montecillo was given a document to sign.

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The lawyer told Jacob to inform her about everything, and in detail. She asked him once more if he knew about the exact thing that happened during the night of Edward’s death and if he also knew someone who knew about it. Jacob recalled what his father told him and wondered if Don Miguel was that key witness.

At Vega’s legal firm Don Miguel asked her if she is a mothet.

“Yes I am, I have two daughters they both in Singapore studying,” Attorney Vega answered.

Don Miguel said every parent want the best for their children and want their children to grow to become responsible and good individuals.

He said he wanted Jacob to pay for his crimes to shape him.

Yes I understand Don Miguel we turn to blame ourselves for the bad decisions of our kids. Don Miguel it was Jacob’s choose to kill Edward Lamoste and you were not part of the decision, it was his decision,” Atty. Vega said.

Don Miguel believed he did not train Jacob well that was why he ended up like that. He then signed the document.

“What is it Jacob?”
“I can see the fear in your face,” Jacob’s lawyer asked him when he was still thinking about Don Miguel being the witness.

“I will file a motion immediately,” for the last time the lawyer asked Jacob to tell him about everything so that she could do her job properly.

The trial day reached and the press’s were following Jacob as the police escort him to the court room.

“I need to find my father,” Jacob told his lawyer.

“You will jeaopadise everything,” the lawyer warned but he kept asking her to search for Don Miguel.

“Attorney Alipio I never had the chance to talk to you personally, I really want to apologise to you,” Don Miguel told Paco.

“Apologise for what?” Paco interjected.

“About what happened at Jean’s birthday party,” Paco then said it was not his fault and was happy that everything was solved.

“I was quick to judge you and your family and I did not realise I was commuting a mistake. I am really sorry,”Don Miguel said.

Jacob got to Attorney Vega’s office at the court insisting that he wanted to talk to his father. Paco overhead it and came out to see what the commotion was about.

Jacob’s lawyer was trying to stop him, Attorney Vega also came out but they received a message that Judge Tortuga wanted to talk to them. As the two Attorneys left, Jacob turned to Paco.

“Paco please I want to speak with my father,” Don Miguel heard it in the room and came out. As Jacob was insisting to talk to him, Paco brush off Jacob’s request but Don Miguel said;

“I want to hear what my son has to say.” They sent Jacob and Don Miguel to Attorney Vega’s office at the court. He requested to be alone with his dad so the police and Paco left them.

“I know we don’t see eye to eye, please papa please don’t do this,” Jacob cried.

“I will do anything you ask of me please papa but don’t come in between my court case,” he pleaded.

The two Attorneys went to meet judge Tortuga and they both agreed that they wanted justice to prevail while getting to the bottom of the entire issue.

Judge Tortuga was happy that both Attorneys were at the same page. He said he also wanted to know the truth about Edward Lamoste’s death due to that every evidence and witness was key.

“Because of that I am going to allow Don Miguel to testify,” judge Tortuga said.

Jacob’s lawyer was not in supportive but the Judge said he has spoken so Don Miguel will be in the witness box to testify.

Jacob asked Don Miguel what he should do and his father said:
“Admit your guilt.”

“You are impossible Papa, You are impossible,” Jacob cried but Don Miguel insisted that he wanted to protect him.

“You have taken enough lives already, now it is time to set things right!” Jacob tried to attack Don Miguel so he screamed for Attorney Alipio and the guards who were waiting outside.

Paco together with the guards came in. The guards took Jacob away while Paco stood close to Don Miguel, Jacob screamed.


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