Now and Forever Episode 33

Now and Forever Episode 33 Dom and Inno compete for Eva’s heart

In the next morning, Eva told Rosa about her dream and the childhood memories she was having.

Unfortunately, Rosa could not help her out but suggested that Eva should go to San Narciso to see if that would help her.

Eva was having a hard time coming up with her designs and Dom found her feeling frustrated.

He asked if she was having problems since she was thinking about Inno and wanted to know if she had feelings for him.

Eva did not say no but she told Dom that she and Inno were friends and business partners. She added that he always made her feel like she had someone to help her deal with her problems.

Inno’s friend helped him meet up with some investors to talk about his business venture with Eva. The friend wanted to know if Inno had feelings for Eva as well and he did not deny it but he said that Eva was someone he was not willing to lose.

He texted to ask her about the progress on the designs but Eva did not respond because she did not have them ready.

Inno went to Gintong Pagasa to look for Eva but she had seen him walking in, so she went to hide and asked Queenie to inform him that she was not there.

Queenie then told Inno that she had not seen Eva so Inno called her. He walked up to her when her phone rang and asked if she was hiding from him.

He asked to see the progress she had made with the designs and Eva said that she was still working on them.

Inno got upset that Eva was slacking off and hanging out with Dom instead of working. Eva also got upset because she was on a creative slump while Inno was accusing her of not working.

She stormed off and Dom who had just arrived reprimanded Inno for making Eva upset. He said that he would make Eva his girlfriend and Inno would not be allowed to go near her.

Inno went home going all mad but he was better the next morning. He bought a bouquet of flowers and planned to apologise to Eva but when he got to Gintong Pagasa, Abel told him that Eva left for San Narciso with Dom. He tried calling her but Dom took Eva’s phone and rejected the call.

Inno went to pack his things at Mr Batong’s place and planned on going after Eva. He called her again and Eva took the call.

Inno was upset with her for leaving without telling him but Eva said she did not have to inform him about things pertaining to her personal life. They got upset at each other again and could not talk.

Oliver was hanging around with Cathy but they could not have fun together because she got an urgent call saying that an investor backed out. Cathy said the investment was 50 million pesos so she had to leave and find another investor.


Inno went to the bus station to get a bus to San Narciso but all of them were booked. Fortunately, one arrived last minute and he was able to go after Eva. He also called Queenie to know where Eva and Dom were staying.

Eva and Dom checked in a resort that Dom had booked and said that it was his gift for Eva.

They had the last two rooms and since Eva’s door would not open, Dom exchanged rooms with her as they got the door fixed.

When Inno arrived, he sweet-talked the receptionist into telling him what Eva’s room was. He was shocked to see Dom in there instead and demanded to know what he was doing to Eva.

Eva came out from her room due to the commotion and Inno demanded to speak with her. Eva told him to leave and Dom locked Inno out of the room.

He told Eva that Inno was not a good person but Eva said that he was just being a perfectionist because he was serious about their business.

Oliver met up with Rebecca to ask for more work, saying he needed to take care of his bills. Rebecca agreed to help him find work regardless of what Stella said.

She also mentioned that Inno was doing well planning his Jewellery business with Eva and asked Oli if he had any plans of doing business.

Oliver remembered that Cathy needed a 50 Million investment and asked Rebecca to lend her the money instead of a job. He promised to do anything she asked if he gave her the money.

Inno did not leave and instead followed Eva and Dom when they left the resort to visit the church. Eva was mad at Inno for following her since he was distracting her while she needed to get some inspiration.

Inno took Eva’s words to mean that he had an effect on her. They hailed a tricycle and went to the church. When they arrived, Eva asked Inno to be quiet so Dom tried to stop Inno from going in so that he would not disturb Eva.

Some nuns arrived and Inno took the opportunity to help them in order for him to walk in with them.


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