A Mother’s Guilt Finale: Love rekindles, Sonya becomes accomplished Mother

A Mother’s Guilt Finale: Love rekindles, Sonya becomes accomplished Mother 

The series of Hanggang Saan with its International title A Mother’s Guilt has been a series that Sonya (Sylvia Sanchez), a mother of two suffered emotional trauma right from the beginning when her elderly son suffered heart problem to where she believed she has killed Edward Lamoste.

After suffering months in jail and was acquitted and discharged from the crime of homicide or murderer still Sonya and her two sons, Paco (Arjo Atayde) and Domeng (Yves Flores) suffered terrible ordeals in the hands of Jacob Montoya-Montecillo (Ariel Rivera).

The moment Paco and his family together with Anna and her family thought justice had been served so they finally had peace, that was when Jacob  became more dangerous even when he was imprisoned for life.

After attacking the Alipios, Anna and Attorney Lona Vega with series of bombing, Jacob got his way to revenge the two families at the moment when the Lamoste’s and the Alipio’s family prove and express their immeasurable l^ve for one another.

Jacob goon shot Attorney Vega when she was driving Sonya for them to search for Jean who has been kidnapped by Jacob with the help of his politician uncle.

Trying to secure the life of Attorney Vega, Sonya was also captured and chained in a building belonging to the uncle of Jacob.

Final Bloody encounter

After that climactic, bloody final encounter with Jacob, Sonya and Paco went to the extent of sacrificing their own lives for each other and for Domeng, who once also took the bullet from the same perpetrator previously.

Jacob had been slain by the already wounded Paco as Sonya bleeds profusely in the arms of Domeng when police arrived.

After Domeng bellows in grief, he then appears on a TV programme being interviewed about all the ruckus.

Why us?, he asks. Why are they paying the price for the crimes of another?

But when the interviewer asks him if he believes that justice has been served, he then beams with a smile.

Yes, he says, after revealing Sonya and Paco survived, stressing the bad guys “don’t win all the time.”

Case closed

Then a healthy Paco and Sonya appear on the TV program as well echoing how justice prevailed and how they would go the extra mile for each other, even lay down their lives for family. Indeed, the case that has burdened them—the Edward Lamoste (Eric Quizon) murder case—is now closed.

Although the case was closed but the action of the police depicted negligence and corrupt. Justice is believed could have been legally served if Jacob had remained in prison to suffer the consequences of his action while serving his sentence imprisoned for life rather than him having his way out to continue his evil ways.

Life Accomplishment

Fast forward five years later Domeng is seen as an accomplished architect and Paco already a main partner in the law firm. They share a sprawling abode with a blissful Sonya.

And as they spend a vacation in Baler, Quezon, it so happens that Anna (Sue Ramirez) was in the town as well for a charity mission.

Anna & Paco’s rendezvous

Then by stroke of fate and destiny, Paco and Anna meet again on the same beach that had become a romantic rendezvous in the distant past.

Anna and Paco’s relationship had been that of a roller coaster. They shared the best moment when they first met and beoame l^vers but series of mishappenings torn them apart.

Anna many times blamed herself for not fighting hard for her l^ve for Paco. However, fortune smiled at her when Georgette San Diego died tragically but shippers thought the relationship between the two would have rekindled right from there meanwhile destiny drove them apart till they met again at the beach.

The Ki$$

This is the moment most of their shippers had been waiting for, Paco telling Anna if he sees her again by a twist of fate, he would not let go of her again and they ki$$.

Single Mother’s Honour

They achieved a life they all wanted, all in peace, personal accomplishment, and most importantly, l^ve, Sonya hugs her two sons and says she will always be there for them no matter what.

Indeed, the final end becomes a delightful, enjoyable and satisfying ending to the gripping drama that had tugged the hearts of many.

A single mother who is ever ready to put her life on the line to ensure her children get the best in life and this becomes Sonya’s achievement as a mother and is well honoured to see her sons accomplished their dreams.

While they obviously did not exhibit their dramatic best unlike in previous episodes, the cast was just in an idyllic state, portraying characters that know their hardship is over and ready to start a new, contented and exultant life.

Their happiness resonates and delivers their message on the extent, “hanggang saan,” they can take the genuine, unconditional l^ve a mom would give for their sons, and vice-versa.


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