All Of Me Episode 16

All Of Me Episode 16 Henry takes revenge on Bianca, a heavy storm brings the memories of Nestor to Lena

At the restaurant, Henry saw Ivan and he appeared with a bag of gift. He asked him why he was holding such bag while he had already told him not to accept gifts from strangers. Ivan explained that his patient, Bianca gave it to him. Henry took the bag and sat while eating with Ivan.

He felt disturbed by the game Bianca was playing. Bianca appeared in the restaurant and was hopeful that everything would fall into place with time. At the Island, Edong escorted Lena and said bye to her as she took a boat. In the city, Bebeng dressed up Ivan and applied powder on him for him to sleep. Ivan told Benbeng that he met Bianca at the restaurant which Henry sent him.

Nonoy came to find Ringgo exercising for his male beauty pageant and Nonoy wondered the type of beauty pageant which was designed by the school for the boys. Bebeng queried Henry why he had to meet Bianca at the restaurant at the presence of Ivan while he knew the same Bianca was the reason Lena had left home. Henry became determined now more than ever to get Bianca out of his back before ruining his family.

He assured Bebeng that there was nothing going on between him and Bianca although Ivan ran into her at the restaurant. Lena found reason to smile again as she thought of her memories with Edong in the Island. Princess wondered why she was laughing and she said it was nothing.

In the hut, Edong also thought of his memories with Lena and he equally laughed while he took his ring to watch, wondering what to do now that destiny was bringing Lena back to his alms. Lena jotted her feelings down in her diary. Bianca dressed and applied make up. Meanwhile, Nonoy has missed his wife and called her.

The next day, Lena prepared soup with the help of Princess as they chat. At the Island, Edong climbed a tree to pluck fruits. He later went for fishing, cut fire woods and grilled the fish. Elsewhere, Henry stormed Bianca’s house. Since he could not find her, he made calls to cancel Bianca’s credit card. In a car, Bianca received a call from her credit card manager that her credit card has been cancelled.

In anguish, Bianca got home and called Henry to scold him on what he did against her in the accessibility of her credit card. Henry told her that was her punishment for making it hard for him and introducing herself to Ivan. Henry spoke with his lawyer and the lawyer saw his action against Bianca as wrong as per the law she was still his wife. Henry insisted on the lawyer to do everything possible to get Bianca out of his way.

As she was going to the Island with food, Lena spoke with her mother to ask of Ivan. She also asked of Henry and his relationship with Bianca. Bebeng said Ivan was happy and well and refuted the assumption of Henry seeing Bianca. Lena got to the hut to find Edong already prepared a meal. Edong took the soup which Lena brought and they sat around the table to eat and made fun.

In school, as part of of the Mr Breezy Pageant, Apple shaped the hair of Ringgo to make him look fly. The family were surprised to see his new look and he kept posing to them. Lena jotted everything that was happening between him and Edong in her diary. Everything about Edong reminded her of Manuel due to the similarities in their personality.

The weather worsened and Princess called Lena to return home but she was in the Island and she closed the windows of the hut. She doubted if she could get home. Lena was worried about Edong and where he could be. As the weather worsened, Lena remembered her father Nestor who did not return home during fishing expedition after a heavy storm. She stumbled on her toy baby which was in a box. She torn the wrapper on the box and realised it was a toy baby her father bought. She and Bebeng cried.

She then found a sack to cover her hair while she raced to search for Edong. She found Edong who hooked the boat after landing and she helped him out. He gave Lena flowers and he changed himself from his wet clothes. Lena spent time with Edong and saw his likeness to Manuel. The next day, she went to the tomb erected for Manuel to keep there clean, with Edong sweeping the place. They layed a flower on the tomb.

Nonoy called Princess, as they were talking, Bebeng took the phone to talk to her. Princess said Lena went to the Island and has since not returned. Bebeng looked a bit worried but Princess was hopeful she would return and she waited patiently for her. As Lena was talking to Manuel next to his grave, she wished Manuel could see the l*ve of Edong and the sacrifices he was making to keep his memory.

Edong who was eavesdropping left and sat on the sands at the beach. Lena joined him and she later received a call from the family. The two went inside the hut.


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