Love Thy Woman Episode 42

L*ve Thy Woman Episode 42 Jia threatens to use the law to take revenge on Dana

At Dragon Empire Builders, Lucy with the legal team had a meeting with Adam’s mistresses and illegitimate children to debunk the authenticity of the resurfaced will. As emotions were running high, with each party accusing the other of the disappearance of the original will, Jia made it clear that she was not interested in her shares as all that she wanted to obtain was justice for her father.

She tend in a letter to relinquish all her inheritance but Amanda torn it into pieces, claiming it would affect her and Gab’s shares. Some workers came in to inform Jia that Dom had announced to them that the company was sold off to the Chuas and they would be fired. Since Jia had shares in the company, she decided to act fast before they lose it.

Amanda believed Lucy was doing that to liquidate the company in order for them not to gain anything once the original will was found. She suggested they joined forces to obtain justice for Adam. Lucy spoke with the Chuas to clear the air. She claimed the company was left for her and Dana and they had majority shares to decide on what to do with it.

David and Patrick met Jia and decided to follow Jia to Summer’s place for the guest book since Jia was suspecting someone else was inside Dragon Empire building at the time Adam died. The Chuas cancelled the sale of Dragon Empire and Lucy in devastation called Dana to meet her.

The Wongs’ told Adam at the altar set up for him that he might be proud of Jia for relinquishing her inheritance and also for the sale of the company not pushing through. She asked Adam to celebrate for all his actions against them. As Jia was walking with David, Dana saw them and threw a stone at them.

That night, Jia could not sleep and she told Kai that it was about time they leave David’s house. She told her mother that she had a plan and would initiate it if she agreed to it. The next day, she met Dana and proposed that she should render the house title which Adam left her mother with to her and she would relinquish her 50per cent inheritance to her and also pack out of David’s house.

Dana told Lucy about it and Lucy believed it was an act of a bigger plan by Jia. She told Dana to come to terms that she was no longer married to David, hence she should not allow her emotions to control her. Since Dana insisted, Lucy advised her to speak with Attorney William to ensure the document Jia would render would not have loop holes.

In the Chao’s house, Jia spoke with Michael and her mother came in the moment she hangup. Dana called her to inform her that her legal team were ready so she should come. Kai hoped after Jia rolled out her plan, the Wongs’ would make them live in peace.

Meanwhile, a man in disguise sneaked into Dragon Empire Builders and bumped into David at the company. David wanted to help him out but he refused. David was at the company searching for Dana but was told she was having a meeting with the legal team.

Jia went to the precinct to inform Simon about a piece of evidence she has gathered so far on Amanda. She said her friends told her that they did not see Amanda at the anniversary party so she went through the guest book and did not find her name among the attendees in the list.

Yalung later confirmed what Jia said to Simon and was informed that the alibi Amanda gave was from Dom. This led a new investigation, meanwhile Jia spoke with her mother about her activity of the day. David called her but her battery died so she rushed to the Chao’s office to inform Patrick to charge her phone. While in there, David arrived to inform her that the police came to search for her as they had already arrested Stephen, the hacker who hacked RJ&E.

To David’s dismay, he went to the police station to find Tiffany, Dana’s friend there. Jia now realised Dana was behind the hacking of the company. She stormed Dragon Empire Builders to slap Dana for destroying her hard work. She said she worked hard to be on her feet without asking money from Adam but Dana destroyed what she had invested and laboured for. She cancelled their deal and said she would now fight for what was rightly hers.

She also said she would continue staying in David’s house so Dana should continue going crazy and think of whatever she wanted. Dana claimed Jia did not have proof. Jia now knew why Adam told her to give her the 270 million from her inheritance.

Dom called Amanda to inform her that the police were investigating about her and she told them that she did not attend Dragon Empire Builders function. Amanda claimed she was having a migraine so she hangup. As she and Gab were looking through the last will and testament which Gab in disguise went to place a copy at Dragon Empire, the police came there leading Gab to search for a place to hide the documents.

The police cross examined Amanda again and she insisted being at the party but left early since she was having a migraine and also had an issue with Adam. Amanda changed part of her statements in an attempt to confuse the police. The police then search her house but it was clear. They could not find anything since Gab succeeded in hiding the documents under their bed.

Gab was scared that the police would soon succeed in their investigation and arrest them. He told Amanda to make them leave and continue their quiet life but Amanda said they would only leave if she successfully gained Gab’s inheritance. She assured Gab that she was doing all that to secure his future. At the precinct, Yalung brought the former statement of Amanda and they realised Amanda was hiding something since it was obvious that she was telling them lies.

Meanwhile, Lucy stormed Dana’s room after the latter ended her friendship with Tiffany for betraying her and exposing her to David. Lucy scolded Dana for fighting with Jia earlier. She said the workers were gossiping about Dana for collapsing RJ&E, something she believed was tarnishing their image at the middle of their crisis.

Dana assured her mother that Stephen had no proof against her, besides she never touched the money which was hacked as Stephen said he would put it at somewhere safer. Lucy said they would think of something to cover up. Jia spoke with Richie and was glad for the progress she made with the hacking issue. They were hopeful that RJ&E would soon rise on its feet as Jia was not ready to make her company get wasted. She told Richie to get her all the necessary papers.

Kai was sad that Jia had not gotten down. She referred to the Wongs as evil for what they did to Jia. She said Dana has learnt her mother’s character and was even worse. Jia got there and said Dana did all that due to Michael. David indicated that Dana wanted to prove in court that Jia had no capacity to take care of Michael hence her action. Jia then threatened to use the law to revenge Dana for what she has done against her.


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