All Of Me Episode 42

All Of Me Episode 42 Manuel relieves Greg of his post, Henry faces the law while losing his professional license

The next day, Manuel prepared for the court hearing and the family stayed United wishing him good luck. Soon, he was acquitted and discharged from the crime. There was newspaper publication about his innocence to the crime of murder. Workers of the health facility grabbed their copy of the newspaper and were happy that Manuel’s name was cleared.

Manuel returned to the hospital, later the family had a get-together to celebrate Manuel’s victory in the house.

Manuel addressed the staff of the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital. He talked about the sacrifice of Dr Raul and Lawrence who became the medical directors of the place and did everything possible to ensure the facility operated smoothly.

He also addressed the challenges the hospital was currently facing and way forward as he knew the staffs have sacrificed a lot to ensure the betterment of the hospital. With underlying financial status it would be difficult to meet their target. The clinic, Dr Manuel said was established to help provide quality health care services to everyone equally without merit or favour.

To satisfy the health care needs of the less privileged in the society was the purpose Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital was established. He promised to ensure that the hospital stand firm to the test of time and continue to carry out their mission.

As Denis and Carding were conspiring, Henry and Greg were looking at their chances of plotting to ensure Manuel did not get back on his feet. Greg was worried about Manuel’s return to the facility. Now he would find it difficult to carry on with his evil plot to destroy the already crippled financial state of the hospital. He did not know what to do to cover his tracks for him not to be caught by Manuel.

Manuel had a meeting with the former legal head of the facility. The attorney expressed grievances on how Greg fired her and replaced her immediately since she did not agree with some of the output of Greg in managing the hospital.

Manuel begged her to assume her position, however, the attorney said she would accept the post only when Greg was demoted. Dr Manuel assured her that. The attorney then promised to hold Henry accountable for the numerous anomalies at the hospital. Due to the issue at hand, Marlon at the presence of Manuel and Lena in the doctor’s office called Henry on phone to ask to have a talk with him concerning Bianca.

Henry after the call told Greg that Marlon was the one who spoke to him, he wanted to have a word with him. In the house, as Ivan and Ringgo were playing Nonoy and Princess came in and Princess told Bebeng about about her meeting with a doctor from America at the hospital. As Dr Manuel was seeing Lena off, she had a call from Bernard and left.

Greg bumped into Manuel and queried him on hiring the legal department head back while he fired her. He told Manuel that he did not beg Manuel to give him the position as the Medical Director, Manuel willingly gave it to him so he chose what was right. Manuel questioned him on the reason he fired a good lawyer like that and replaced her with an inexperienced person.

Greg indicated that the attorney was abysmally working and Manuel had to respect his decision as the medical director. Manuel told him not to worry because he has relieved him off his current post at the hospital. Greg then blinked hard seeing Manuel was walking out. At the Precinct, Marlon confronted Henry for the murder attempt on Bianca. Henry denied, Marlon further said Bianca had told him how he hired Carding and Dennis to carry out his evil plot.

That evening, Manuel had a nightmare, Salvacion called out his name and reminded him of his time left to leave. While holding the hourglass necklace in his dream, he woke up suddenly, looking so tensed and frightened. Manuel went to stand outside, holding his necklace brooding over his dream. Nonoy also stepped out and saw him. He chatted him to take off Manuel’s stress for a while before he left.

The next day at the hospital, Manuel had a meeting with his staff to announce to them that Greg was no longer the medical director, he was currently being investigated for some anomalies during his tenure. secondly, on behalf of the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital, he was filing a case against Dr Henry Nieves for the unauthorised loans he took during his time.

Thirdly, he would have a meeting with the Philippine Medical Association to seek their assistance to take another loan to equip the hospital for their day to day activities. Also he would temporary be the medical director while his wife would be the COO of the hospital. The doctors congratulated Lena for her new position. Lena was so happy for the position.

Meanwhile, Greg was impatient while waiting for Henry in a restaurant. In the house, Manuel had prepared for the association meeting and was talking on phone with one of the practitioners while waiting for Lena. Ivan came to talk to him and Manuel reminded him to keep the story he narrated about Salvacion a secret. Henry arrived at the restaurant where Greg was waiting, unaware that Marlon was keeping tabs on his movements.

At the Hospital Association of Philippines’ Annual meeting which Manuel Figueras was a guest speaker, he was introduced and Lena wished him the best.

Addressing the participants he told them about the mission of the Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital and seek for their assistance to help put the hospital on its toes to continue helping the less fortunate in the society. The doctors well embraced his plea and were willing to help Rosita Figueras Memorial Hospital.

On their way home, Lena was glad that things went well. Manuel told her that he wanted to fix everything at the hospital to ensure that when he was not there the hospital would be in a safe hand. This did not go down well to Lena. Greg met with Henry again in a restaurant and told Henry his distress as now Manuel has returned the legal position to the former lawyer. Henry warned Greg not to reveal to anyone that he was the one who hired an assassin to eliminate Dr Lawrence.

Manuel returned to his hospital to inform the doctors that the meeting with the medical association went on well and now everything was in order. Henry went to meet his attorney, Lawyer Mike and the lawyer advised him to settle everything with Manuel, he believed some of the money would be left if Henry managed to sort things out with Manuel.

He was told the evidence of his loot and share was huge and there was no way he would win the case, besides Henry would lose his licensed. Henry got upset and drove away, he called Ivan to find out where Manuel was . Ringgo came from school to meet Ivan talk on phone with Henry. He was unhappy with Ivan’s action and told Bebeng about it.

Manuel’s attorney told him that she has filed multiple case against Henry and has served his lawyer, currently he was also filing a case against Greg. Manuel left to the precinct to talk to Marlon. Meanwhile, Princess and Nonoy were at the facility to see the American doctor who had a session with Princess concerning her pregnancy. They chanced on Greg causing trouble with the nurses and Nonoy told Princess about the poor administration of Greg which has resulted in his demotion.

Princess and Nonoy went to see Lena at her office, elsewhere, Marlon told Manuel that he has been seeing Henry meeting with Greg and he has also confronted Henry on working with Carding to end the life of of Bianca which he denied. Marlon assured Manuel that there was investigation against Henry and they would not stop until they found evidence of his connection with Carding and Dennis.

Henry stormed the hospital demanding to see Manuel. He broke the security protocol and even had a fight with the securities. Lena who was thanking a woman for her generous donation to the hospital was informed about the troubles Henry was causing. Lena faced him and sacked him from there. She wondered the whim Henry had after sinking the finances of the hospital, he still had the guts to set foot at the hospital.

In shame Henry left the place, later in the room, Lena recalled her dream about Salvacion and Manuel’s hour glass necklace. She recalled Manuel wishing that he would be alive to witness the marriage of Ivan and how he grows and also what he said of fixing everything at the hospital so that if he was not there things would be in order. Manuel came in and Lena quickly wiped off her tears. He told her that Henry would have to answer to the court for everything that had happened.

Henry met Attorney Mike again and told him that things did not go as planned, so he should explore other means to deal with the case.


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