Andrea Brillantes charges young entrepreneurs to research before setting up a business

Andrea Brillantes charges young entrepreneurs to research before setting up a business

A 20-year old Filipina actress, Andrea Brillantes has advised young entrepreneurs to research before setting up a business in order for it to strive and excel once it is established.

She gave the advice after she successfully launched her cosmetics line three years in the beauty industry with her Blythe make up kits.

Dubbed: “Lucky Beauty,” the young beautiful actress launched it on February 22, 2023 to usher her fans to the world of her new makeup line.

Various celebrities including Dimples Romana endorsed the product to her audience.

In an interview, Andrea said this was a dream come true as a young entrepreneur who was shepherding many youth to embrace their talent.

She said she had the dream of owning her own business at the age of 12 and worked hard toward achieving the dream without giving up.

“Don’t really give up because when I had a dream to have my own business, I really said it when I was 12 years,” Andrea advised.

She explained that due to her dreams, she meandered her way into fame in hopes of gaining customers.

The actress who doubled as a model charged young entrepreneurs to do research and ensure the business they would do was something they actually loved doing.

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“When you do business, make sure it’s what you love. Love is necessary in everything we do,” she added.

Andrea indicated that she did not rise just a day to launch any products in the market, believing that consumers were fully “awake,” that she said was the reason she was very hands-on with her team in curating her products.

On her Instagram account, she posted a video about the story behind launching her makeup brand.

Andrea mentioned that one of her earliest memories was doing makeup at the very young age of 10, she learned to do her makeup on her own.

Touching on the reason she named her brand “Lucky Cosmetics,” Andrea explained that “makeup is a wearable lucky charm.”

“When a person has a lucky charm, they are very confident as if they are invincible,” she added.

In the video, she also expressed how she enjoyed forming bonds with her business partners, stressing that she was happy that she met people who trusted her as she ventured into business.

During the launch, Andrea’s friends, partners, and family gathered and expressed their sentiments on her journey to building Lucky Beauty.

Ricci Rivero, the boyfriend of the actress, shared how hard she worked, saying “I can see her effort and willingness to set up her business.”

The basketball player also said Andrea really was inspired by her idol Kylie Jenner, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kylie Cosmetics.


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