Andrea Brillantes drops her new makeup collection
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Andrea Brillantes drops her new makeup collection

Andrea Brillantes drops her new makeup collection

Filipina actress, Andrea Brillantes has finally released her much anticipated makeup collection dubbed: “Everyone, say hello to Blythe by Careline.”

The collection believed to be one of the collection  under the sleeves of the 18-year-old endorser.

The collections featured five different beauty kits namely Paint Palette, Eye Crayon, Liner Pen, Brow Gel and Lip Marker.

Andrea was one of the famous people who never shy away from eye-popping shades as seen on her past releases, but her latest drop has her experimenting with fun neon hues this time around.

The aptly named Neon or Never is a makeup collection that included eyeshadow palettes, eye crayons, colorful eyeliners, brow gels, and lip markers—everything one needs for a fun and bold look.

She stated that the best part of the beauty kit was that every single product was affordable and costs under P335, adding that “so you don’t have to worry about spending too much for a good beat.”

1. Paint Palette

The Paint Palette has two versions: Neon Light and Stop Light. The former contains bold and vibrant hues that are perfect for feeling extra; and the latter has more subdued colours for an everyday look.

2. Eye Crayon

Eye crayons are perfect if one is a type who is always on the go and have no time to use actual eyeshadow. All that one needs to do is to glide them all over the lids and blend away. This one comes in three shades: Gleam-Mate, Glow Apart, and Razzle-Dazzle.

3. Liner Pen

Tired of boring black eyeliners? Step up with a cat eye game by using coloured ones. The Liner Pen has two shades: Red Heart and Blue Moon. Each one has a heart and moon stamp on the other side as a fun little bonus.

4. Brow Gel

Filling in brows is one of the fastest ways to look more put-together. An even quicker way to appear polished? Brushing brow gel all over those strands. The collection offers a clear gel that ensures that arches stay in place all day.

5. Lip Marker

Of course, no makeup look is complete without a lippie. Andrea’s collection offers six stunning shades: Retro, Glitzy, Headlight, Lighted, Brilliant, and Sign.


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