The Killer Bride Episode 58

The Killer Bride Episode 58

The Killer Bride Episode 58 Camila returns from the dead to find a tragic scene of her life 

The agitated Elias told Camila the truth about the killer groom kidnapping his father and her call on him to turn Camila in for Matias’ safety. Camila tried to make Elias understand that they needed to inform others for help as it was a trap.

Elias said the killer groom did not want to see anyone else except Camila but Camila said Vito could be of help.

Camila’s guard saw the confrontation and asked if everything was okay. Camila eyed Elias to hide the gun. She cleared the air and joined Elias in his car.

Meanwhile, Emma was searching for Camila as she was having bad feelings. Alice got home and lied to Guada and Luis about her whereabouts.

She excused them to have some rest. Emma saw Camila’s car approaching and she ran to meet them but to her dismay, only the guards alighted and told her that Camila left with Elias to the farm but was acting strange.

Luis wanted to talk to Alice but she faked being asleep and when she had the opportunity she sneaked to the old chapel of Las Espadas to carry-on with her evil plans. Emma called Vito to inform him about Camila and Elias.

Vito called Elias but Aran picked the call to inform him that Elias was not at the farm. Emma saw it as a trap. She disclosed to Vito that Elias and Camila were in danger due to the deeds of Matias. She explained that Matias was compelled by Luciano to kill Javier.

Vito was stunned, Emma said it was a plan the killer has hatched to get rid of Camila, Elias and Matias so Vito called Alejandro to inform him about it.

Alejandro went to the Dela Torre mansion to inform Guada and Luis that per his investigation Alice had a connection with the killer groom and were there to question her.

Guada was surprised, she insisted that Alice could not kill a fly and encouraged Luis to inform the police about his mother’s true nature but Luis could not stop thinking about what Don Fredo told him about Alice and her consistent excuse of having family business meeting.

Camila and Elias arrived at the old chapel and Camila was compelled by Elias who held her at a gun point to wear the bridal gown which was hanged on a tree meant for her.

The mere look at the gown made Camila recalled her omen when Javier was murdered. The show began with Camila walking inside the chapel in a wedding gown, as if a rewind of her tragic past.  The killer groom appeared with a gun and her hostage, Matias.

Luis knocked the door of his mom, he barged in just to clear his doubts and realised Alice was not on her bed.

The killer groom teased Camila that, she was sure the place reminded her of the past where everything started.

Matias was also in the same dress as Javier. Camila and the killer groom exchanged accusations about pain and vengeance, pinning the blame at eachother for the agony they both felt.

Camila rebuffed the killer groom’s sentiment about grief, saying she lost Fabio as well and that made the two of them equal. Camila revealed the real colours of Alice and mentioned her name so Alice saw no need to keep her identity as secret. She finally took off her mask.

Luis after searching came down to inform Inspector Alejandro and his team that his mother has disappeared.

Inspector Alejandro encouraged Luis to corporate and reveal the hideout of Alice for the betterment of all but Luis insisted on his innocent about the whereabout of Alice. He asked the police not to treat him as a criminal and urged them to tell him what Alice has done.

Inspector Alejandro disclosed that Alice had kidnapped Camila and Elias and she might kill them just like she did with her other victims. Guada and Luis were stunned by the revelation.

Elias asked Alice what his family did to her for her to treat them that way. As Elias was distracted, Camila snatched the gun from the hands of Elias.

She then pointed it at Alice but Alice said she should be pointing it at Matias. She revealed that Matias was the culprit Camila had been looking for all those years.

He was the one who killed Javier and ensured that Camila was blamed for it. Elias stated that his father obeyed Alice and Luciano’s orders and pleaded with Camila to have mercy on Matias since he had changed.

As Camila got emotional after recalling her ordeal, the confrontation intensified as it turned into a slow motion sequence when Camila aimed her gun at the man who brought her life in cavalry, her face coated with fury and hands ready to pull the trigger once the anguish raged to her limits.

Elias was scared that she might pull the trigger and kill Matias since he could not convince Camila to stop, he tried to snatch the gun from Camila.

Both struggled for the gun, Meanwhile, Luis and Guada could not believe the allegations against Alice.

Guada saw it as ridiculous but Alejandro further said that Alice was an accomplice to Luciano and they had to put her in control otherwise she might kill others again.

Camila warned Elias to leave or she shoot him, Elias ran towards his father and dared Camila to shoot him instead. Camila demanded Elias to stand up and leave if he still wished to see his father alive.

But while threatening Elias, Camila’s face hinted an intriguing scheme. She fixed her gaze at her weapon, a cue for Elias to get up and pull another gun from his pocket.

A rewind showed that Camila convinced Elias that it was a trap and would help him so that no one including his father die in the hands of the cruel killer. Elias was scared that the killer groom would detect their plan so Camila pointed a gun at him.

He then changed his mind to accept the plan of Camila. He also revealed to Camila that Matias killed Javier and they agreed that Matias would be handed over to the police once they were able to outwit the killer groom.

Camila realised that Emma knew the truth about Matias all along and kept it as secret. She said Emma might have thought she would do something bad against Elias if she knew the truth.

That, she said meant how important Elias was to her adopted daughter, Emma. She asked Elias if he l*ved Emma and he said he did with all his heart. Camila then promised to do everything possible so that both would stay alive for Emma.

The tables turned against Alice as Elias stood and both (Elias and Camila) pointed a gun at Alice. Camila told Alice that her plan failed and she could not be incited by her to spill a blood of others.

She told her to bear in mind that she was not Luciano and her mind could not be used by Alice to do bad things. Camila told Alice to surrender since the police were on their way.

Emma and Vito could not reach Camila and Elias, fortunately Emma saw their location through GPS indicator.

Alice suddenly pushed Matias and head straight inside the rooms in the chapel. Camila told Elias to flee with his dad while she went after Alice.

She told Alice that they should end the chaos right that instance but Alice said Camila’s return to Las Espadas brought all those chaos through her call for vengeance.

Agnes kills Matias

Elias untied Matias and he told him they should help Camila. Outside the chapel, Elias decided to ask for rescue while Matias volunteered to look for Camila. Unfortunately, another player joined the deadly game.

Elias heard a gun ruthlessly shot, it was Agnes who entered the game and shot Matias, leading to his death.

Alice said she did not bring Camila to the chapel to kill her but to make Emma despised her for losing Elias. Camila ran after Agnes to save Elias.

Elias tried to fire back at Agnes but his fear forced him to just run away instead. Elias tripped off in his attempt to escape, giving Agnes all the chances to kill him right away. Fortunately, Agnes fell to Camila’s bullets.

She told Elias to go for help as it was getting more dangerous. Seeing the two being distracted, Agnes took her gun and shot aiming at Elias but Camila intervened and took the bullet.

Elias tried to carry Camila along but Camila pleaded with him to go and save his life otherwise Alice would kill them both.

Camila made her last wish that Elias should go and let Emma know she saved his life. Elias asked her to hang in there as he go for help to save her from falling a victim to the killer groom.

Iking had a revelation about Belinda Dela Torre telling Camila that she would regret her actions for taking revenge.

Luis put the pieces together and cried for the crimes Alice had committed. Camila panted from the pains of the shot which went through her gut.

Alice returned to torture Camila more emotionally, talking about Vida. Camila said she already knew Luna was not Vida and lost Vida long time ago.

Alice said she was wrong Vida was alive and would not tell her who the actual Vida was even in her grave.

She stepped hard on where Camila was shot till Camila passed out while referring to Alice as monster.

Later, Camila woke up and walked towards a lifeless Matias. The present scene seemed to imitate exactly what happened on that fateful day when she was accused of killing Javier Dela Cuesta.

Although struggling with excruciating pain, Camila managed to get up and ask for help. She found a single white rose on Elias’ delivery van still parked by the chapel.

Camila walked further and asked random bystanders for help but no one dared to listen until the day turned into night. She finally found rescue in the person of Iking who was then driving an ambulance going to the hospital where Manay Ichu  and Tsoknat were waiting.

Camila said she had to save Elias perhaps he was in trouble. Iking said Manay Ichu, Elias, Vito and Emma were in the hospital and did not know the actual issue.

Camila believed Elias was also wounded and she went with Iking. Upon arriving at the hospital, Camila experienced a strange phenomenon when she could not hold the vehicle door open. Iking helped her get out of the ambulance and they quickly ran inside, only to be greeted by Manay Ichu’s loud wailing.

Camila dared to know what happened yet Tsoknat didn’t seem to acknowledge her presence. Instead, Tsoknat faced Iking and told him that Camila was dead.

Camila frets and realised that they were standing by the hospital’s morgue. Manay Ichu wept bitterly for the sudden demise of Camila. Camila could not understand, she was shouting that she was right there with them and nothing had happened to her.

Iking realised he was with a ghost. Camila still could not understand so she went inside the morgue and found Elias with his father. She head to the other room and saw her wounded body lying helplessly there with Vito standing next to her crying.

Camila did not believe she was dead.


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