Black Sherif and ‘new’ manager break silence on feud with ‘old’ manager

Black Sherif and ‘new’ manager break silence on feud with ‘old’ manager 

After weeks of being reprimanded harshly by his “old manager” for allegedly ditching him, the talented rapper Mohammed Ismail Sherif known in the industry as Black Sherif or Blacko has broken silence on the issue.

It could be recalled that, the manager of the fast rising artiste, Snap whose grievances was shared by a radio presenter, DJ Slim revealed that Black Sherif abandoned him to sign a secret recording deal with Empire Entertainment without his consent.

The “Second Sermon” hitmaker was also allegedly accused of leaving a mansion, dumping 100 pieces of sneakers as well as a car given to him as part of his contract with the manager to embrace his new management deal under Empire.

The move sparked mixed reactions on social media as many allegedly described Black Sherif as ingrate especially for ditching Snap, who had invested a lot into his career as a musician.

However, the musician is believed to have broken silence on the allegation with a new tweet which he claimed to be a broken child and was in search of comfort.

“A broken child’s piece my search for comfort,” Black Sherif reacted on twitter.

Meanwhile, the new Manager, Madonna of Empire Entertainment has refuted claims that the musician had abandoned his alleged old manager, Snap.

He explained that Snap was just an investor who resourced some of the career works of Black Sherif, adding that the “Second Sermon” hit remix video with Burna Boy was produced and shot under Empire Entertainment and not by “Snap.”

“Snap came on board as an investor. We started working with him after Second Sermon, and the only project we released under his support was Second Sermon Remix… even with that, his investment wasn’t neck-deep into the project. The production of the remix and shooting of the video was funded by EMPIRE.”

“Of course, Snap sorted us out with some few things – he provided us with shelter. He didn’t buy any house for Black Sherif as speculated on social media. It was his house, and we were all living in including Snap himself and his boys,” Madonna added.

According to him, Snap was overstepping on his boundaries while managing the affairs of Black Sherif, leading him to be sacked by the team.

“Snap suddenly became a Booking Manager – he began to schedule events and interviews for my artiste without my permission. Fast forward, he also made himself the Road Manager for my artiste,” Madonna added.

When asked whether there was a contract binding Snap and Black Sherif, Madonna confirmed its existence but declined to give details on what the contract entailed.

“The contract is very sensitive on the management level so I wouldn’t want to discuss it in public,” he added.


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