Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 19 Cardo promoted to the CIDG

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 19

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 19 Cardo promoted to the CIDG

Tomas held a programme involving children so Carmen sent Junior for him to hang out with the rest of the kids to make up for refraining him from meeting Lola Flora.

She said Junior should join the rest of the kids to win candies but Junior was still upset and was unwilling to join the rest of the kids.

Tomas threw the toffees and the kids rushed for them but Junior still did not join them so Joaquin took some of the candies and brought it to him.

He thanked him for the candies. Carmen asked why did he make Joaquin presents him the candies.

She asked him to associate with the kids. Joaquin asked Carmen whether Junior has been worrying him to see his grandmother.

Carmen said yes, he has been always breaking her ears to meet his grandmother and Cardo.

As he was still attacking Diego, other officers stopped him. Delfin confronted him for what he did. He said Cardo would soon be promoted to CIDG and his action could affect his promotion.

Delfin said although he knew he was hit by the sudden death of Ador but he had to guide his steps since the law was dealing with Diego.

Carmen sent Junior home after the kids programme. She told Junior that Joaquin was a good person and he should relate well with him.

Junior said but both Cardo and Joaquin were good but Carmen said they did not know Cardo well and he could be capable of anything since he appeared recently in their lives. Junior did not believe Carmen.

Carmen’s parent questioned her on why she was bad mouthing Cardo to his nephew by Carmen insisted that she did nothing wrong, adding that Cardo would be a bad influence to Junior.

Tomas warned Joaquin against his plans and said he might fall in love with Carmen and he asked his dad what if the opposite happened.

Cardo later went to the grave of Ador and said sorry to him for not giving him the necessary revenge he deserved and promised to do that to give him peace.

Cardo was promoted and was working under Joaquin. As part of the promotion Flora and Onyok went to the station and Onyok greeted one of the policemen.

Flora asked him whether he would become a policeman when he grew up and he said yes.

He asked Flora why Cardo greeted other officers, Flora explained that the officers were in higher rank. Onyok said but Cardo was skillful than them and Lola Flora said he was the naughtiest and most talkative.

Cardo at the station passed by other officers and one of them congratulated him for his new post.

Billy did not mind him so the other officer asked him whether he was still in loggerhead with Cardo.

He said Billy should not since Cardo was only carrying out an undercover mission so he should understand from the fact that he was carrying out his duty and had to lie to everyone including Carmen.

At the other side, Joaquin together his other accomplices were also talking about Cardo. One told Joaquin that now Cardo would be working hinder him and was scared that he could surpass Joaquin.

Joaquin said how could he surpass him if he was working under his command. One said back then he could not handle Ador talking of Cardo.

The other said what did he mean by he couldn’t handle Ador while he killed him. The other side Cardo was more skillful and not an easy knut to crack so he wondered how Joaquin would be able to handle Cardo of the truth comes out.

Joaquin said that country boy did not have any good experience and if he found out about the truth he would sent him to reunite with his brother, Ador.

Cardo came in and he greeted them. For a moment they thought he overhead their conversation but he did not.

Joaquin said he would send him out for a drink and asked Cardo if he liked the idea and he said yes.

He told him that since Ador was his friend, Cardo was now his friend and he could only address him as Sir in the office but should call him Joaquin when they meet out.

Due to how Junior was insisting to visit Flora, Carmen’s younger brother sent Junior to Flora’s mansion. Junior saw Benny and ran to meet him. The neighbour asked him whether he came with Carmen and he said no.

She asked Carmen’s brother where Carmen was and he said he brought Junior there without the knowledge of anyone in the house.

Flora was happy to meet them and asked them to eat with them. When Carmen got home and didn’t see Junior, she was scared and later called her younger brother, she realised that he was at Lola’s house with Junior so she went for Junior.

Flora asked her to calm down. Carmen was really mad that her brother sent Junior there. Flora tried to stop her and she stated she did not want her son to grow in such an environment. She did not listen to anyone and forced Junior to leave the house with her. She was really upset with her brother.

Cardo came in and told Carmen to know that Junior was the grandson of Flora. Carmen said she did not want Junior to mingle with them especially with the drunkard, Cardo who was also a liar.

Cardo told her that he did not care about her opinion about him but she should misbehave with Flora and grant her the chance to meet Junior.

Carmen snubbed them and left. Joaquin kept on with his mission to win over Carmen. Joaquin and his teamed planned an operation and said he wanted them to obey his orders.

Philip made arrangements to return to Manila to search for Ephson to get his money. He called Tomas to inform him that he has already booked his flight to Manila. Tomas said he would be waiting for his return.

Joaquin set the the facilitator of the operation and said the rest including Cardo would be a back up but as they went Cardo got out of the car and Joaquin asked him where he was going.

He said he wanted to urinate and headed straight to the syndicates. They sold drugs and a client came in to negotiate a price with them. As the man was talking to the client Cardo who broke the slate window was watching them.

As the man went to the other side he climbed and made his way in. He attacked one of the drug dealers after he asked him how the sale was going.


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