Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 22

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 22 Onyok fights in school

Cardo followed Diego to their secret place. The security did not allow him inside but he managed to make his way in.

He found the place suspicious and wondered what the man in hood was doing there. Verna told Tang to settle down as he was growing older and said Ephson could take care of the work for him.

Tang indicated that he could not find Ephson and he was part of his agenda in Philippines. Tomas introduced Diego to him as a trustworthy person who could not run like what his partner (Ephson) did.

Joaquin got in after Tomas called him, he was almost seem by Cardo. Verna indicated that Joaquin was a policeman who has been honoured on several occasions.

She and Tomas said they were proud of Joaquin. Cardo who was trying hard to find his way inside heard footsteps so he hid himself behind the cars to watch.

It was Mr Tang and his men. Verna asked Tomas if he and Joaquin knew something about the disappearance of Ephson. He said no but Verna warned him against rising against Philip since Philip was more experienced and acted when the need arise.

Tomas told Verna that he did not see Philip as a business partner but an enemy. Later Joaquin learnt that Cardo was at the premise as he followed Diego.

He confronted Diego for being so careless for not watching his back. Diego was sure that Cardo did not see him since he was in a hood.

Joaquin said what he had done had given him an extra work for him to find out what Cardo knew and he made him promise to still make Tomas believed that Cardo has accepted the DNA result about his death.

Onyok had a terrible nightmare about his classmates who bully him in school and told Flora and Cardo that he would not go to school again.

Cardo explained to him that it was only a dream and the kids would do no such thing against him. Onyok asked what if the kids do that, Cardo said he should rather be their friends.

Flora said she would go to the school for them to address the issue but Cardo promised to send him there to make amends with the kids.

The next day Onyok faked an ailment in order to skip school but Cardo caught him so he forced him to school.

He gave Onyok a toffee to make him make up with the kids but the governor’s son still put up his insolent attitude.

Cardo talked with Glen and said he had given up on his search for Diego since no one believed him and no one was also ready to hear his reasons.

Glen told him to forget about Diego and trust in the words of Delfin that Diego was dead.

Meanwhile a man who the governor had sinned against met with his team to talk about mean they could attack the government’s son in school.

He told his guys that the school did not have security and they could raid there at midnight and hide till morning for the kids to come to school, then they would kidnap the governor’s son.

Onyok’s classmates engaged in a feud with him again. The governor’s son poured water on him and pushed him. Onyok had enough of them so he got upset and stood from the floor to attack them.

Teacher Ophelia saw them and she was made to call the governor and Flora to the school. At that time Lola Flora was asking Benny whether he was the one should go for Onyok in school and he said Cardo said he would go for him.

Once Onyok learnt that Flora and Cardo had gotten to know about his deeds he told the teacher that he was going to the washroom.

Onyok took that opportunity to run away from school to go to Glen’s house. Cardo and Flora reached the school. The governor also joined with his wife.

They blamed Onyok and Cardo told them that they did not know what happened so he should not blame Onyok. The governor said so Cardo was trying to say his son was a liar. He asked him whether he knew who he was, adding that he was the governor and he believed his son.

Cardo also said he believed in his son as he is not a trouble maker. The governor’s wife requested that Onyok should be expelled from the school since they paid huge sums of money.

Flora told them they should rather resolve the issue and was dissapointed that a governor who got paid from tax payers money was being rude to them.

Ophelia came in to inform them Onyok could not be found. Cardo was scared but he received a call from Glen that Onyok was in her house.

They went to Glen’s house, Onyok wrote a letter and Glen came in for him that Cardo and Flora had arrived.

Cardo asked Onyok when he fled from school and he said he did that because he, Flora and the governor were coming to the school. Cardo asked him again so why did he see the need to run if they were coming and he said because he did something wrong.

Cardo asked if he did something wrong why did he run, Onyok said because they advised him not to fight and he fought with the kids since they teamed up against him. They poured water on him and pushed him for him to hit the floor.

He said the attack was too much for him that was why he retaliated. Onyok further said he did not want Flora and him to have issue with the governor and was scared that it would make them deport him to Botolan.

Cardo said he knew he would not send him back to Botolan because they l^ved him. Onyok said sorry and said he did not know why the kids were beating him and had so much resentment towards him.

“Is it because I am dark or is it because I don’t understand English, or is it because I am too young, or is it because I eat sweet potatoes,” Onyok cried and Cardo embraced. Everyone felt sorry for Onyok for the mistreatment he was passing through in school.


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