Now and Forever Episode 59

Now and Forever Episode 59 Rebecca regains consciousness, Eva’s life in danger 

Inno went to see a friend of his who was a psychiatrist. Her name was Abby and he told her everything concerning his relationship with Oliver.

He talked about Oliver falling out with the family and refusing to go to their father’s funeral. He said they usually patched things up after a fight but they had not been able to do so lately due to Eva.

Abby reasoned that Oliver was having trouble since he was not able to settle things with Hernan before he died and therefore lacked closure.

Oliver tried to call Eva but his calls did not go through. He texted her to say that he would not be able to go to work for a while since he wasn’t feeling well but Eva still did not answer back. He got upset since he could not reach her and trashed his room.

He felt nauseous and went to the bathroom to try and calm down. He remembered the time Eva helped him through an ordeal and stayed with him. He also thought about Hernan and how things were between them before he died.

He had gone to see Hernan but Inno turned him away since he was drunk and they would only end up fighting.

Oliver went to sleep and had a dream about Hernan telling him to get back at Inno, stressing that he was the cause of all their problems.

After Inno left the psychiatrist’s office, he called Eva and she suggested he do something to help Oliver settle his issues with their father. Inno had an idea and went to see Oliver at Stella’s house. Stella was not in so the maid went to get Oliver.

Oliver came downstairs and Inno asked if he would go out with him. Oliver asked if Eva would be there and Inno said he could get her to come if that’s what Oliver wanted. Oliver agreed to go and went upstairs to change. He also brought a pocketknife with him.

Inno drove Oliver to the cemetery and said they were there to see Hernan. Oliver was disappointed and instead attacked Inno, saying he was at fault for everything that was happening to him. Inno did not understand what Oliver meant.


Oliver ran off instead and Inno tried to go after him but his car refused to start.
Oliver went to Eva’s apartment and asked Rosa if he could see her.

Rosa told him that she could not allow it for Eva’s safety. They were all worried after Stella’s release so she refused to let Oliver see her. Oliver threw a tantrum, demanding to see Eva but the guards escorted him out.

Inno called Stella to tell her what happened with Oliver. Stella got upset and called Inno selfish for failing to understand what Oliver was going through.

Inno said he was only doing what was right but Stella told him that he only cared about Eva, while her family were behind Hernan’s death.

Inno said there was no proof and Stella said there was no point in talking to him.
Inno went to Hernan’s grave and expressed his pain at always being the one to understand him and not Stella.

He said he was tired of trying and being blamed for everything that happened.
Stella went to prison to visit her previous cellmates and invited the press to take pictures.

The inmates were delighted to see her and expressed their gratitude by giving Stella a hug. She went to wash up later, upset that the prisoners thought to embrace her.

She talked to her henchman about Rebecca he said it would be hard to get to her in Chicago since she was heavily guarded. Stella told him to leave Rebecca alone since she was certain Rebecca would never wake up and was good as dead.

She therefore told him to focus on Eva instead, she was now an easier target with Rebecca not there to protect her. She was also upset that Eva was ruining her family and wanted her gone.

Rebecca woke up from her coma and her first memory was of the day Hernan confessed to killing Rodrigo and the attack that followed. A tear fell from her eye.


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