Now and Forever Episode 60

Now and Forever Episode 60

Now and Forever Episode 60 Eva, Inno’s fortune a puzzle 

Stella’s henchmen after gaining an order to kill Eva decided to follow Inno to get to Eva. They believed that Eva would sneak out to see Inno without her guards.

That they said would be the perfect opportunity for them to get her.

Inno visited Eva at her house. He said he had missed her when she went abroad and was sad that she was going to leave again. Eva indicated that Mariel wanted her to go but she refused since she wanted them to be together.

She therefore assured Inno that she was not going anywhere. They both wanted to go out on a date like they used to before but they could not as Eva was always heavily guarded.

Inno said he understood since his mother had been released from prison but Eva said they would sneak past Neil, their head of security.

Abel was upset that Rosa allowed Inno into the house when she used to be so strict and opposed to it before. Rosa explained that Eva loved Inno and she did not want to stop her from being happy.

Stella took Oliver to one of her motivation talks with her former prison inmates. She said she wanted to help him too so that he could be better than Inno and win Eva’s heart.

Later, Stella mourned over Hernan’s death and promised to make the ones responsible pay for it.

The following day, Eva went to see Mrs Rosemary, her fortune teller at her restaurant. She asked Neil to wait outside since she wanted her fortune read.

Inno joined them later, he disguised himself as a delivery man so that Neil would not notice him.

Stella visited Carmen and Carmen was upset that Stella had only then gone to see her while it had been some time since she was released.

Stella said she wanted her and Inno to move into her house but Carmen said Inno would not agree. Stella asked where Inno was and Carmen said he went out.

Stella figured that Inno was with Eva so she called Oliver and told him about it. She asked him to call Inno and ask where he was. Eva and Inno were about to get their fortune read when Oliver called.

He apologised to Inno for what happened before and asked to meet so that they could talk. He asked Inno where he was but Inno did not want to tell him.

There was a performing circus at the restaurant and Oliver was able to know where Inno was from the noise. He said
he would meet him later. Oliver called Stella and told him where Inno and Eva were.

Mrs Rosemary seemed worried after reading Inno’s cup. She said the reading was not clear but it meant that the two of them were destined to be together. She also told them to fight for their l^ve and not give up on each other.

The masked Dancers at the restaurant went inside the room. Eva and Inno wore the masks and were able to leave the restaurant without Eva’s guards seeing them. Stella was waiting outside and did not notice them as well.

Rebecca returned from America and went to Eva’s apartment but she was not there. She was upset that Rosa and Mariel allowed Eva to be with Inno when she had entrusted her to them.


Rosa said Inno was a good person but Rebecca said he was still the son of the person she hated. She added that she should not have trusted Rosa to take care of Eva.


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