Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 233

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 233 SAF Commandos defeated in a bloody encounter with Bloody Sun rebels

At the new camp, Mt Karago, Romulo assured Lena that he would obtain justice for his deceased wife Aurora. He and Anton decided to get the men ready to go and ambush the SAF troopers before they got closer to the camp.

In the house, Marikit the new beautician who was operating Amor’s salon asked Yolly for a loan to pay off her rent. Yolly proposed she stayed over the salon together with Dexter. Alyana also accepted and Marikit became so happy.

Soon, Marikit arrived with her things, Dexter was happy that they would be the new neighbours of Grandma Flora. This meant that he would be able to play with Paquito for long. Meanwhile at the NDA office, Brigadier General Olegario arrived to monitor the SAF’s mission.

Director Hipolito welcomed her since she has been spending so many times on those r3bels, Diana thanked him and took her seat.

“Father, Father the enemies approaching,” a r3bel member approached with the news.

“Now they have already fallen into our trap, none of them will make it alive!” Father declared.

“Now it’s the time to rise and revenge our fallen comrades especially my wife Aurora.

This time the enemy will pay and their blood would be shared,” Romulo ordered and the members made their pistol ready as they hooted “long live Bloody Sun.”

Director Hipolito and General Olegario received message that the SAF troopers would within three hours reach the hidden camp of the Bloody Sun and urged the authorities to wait for an update. As the action began in Mt Karago with the SAF commandos being shot, Director Hipolito told Diana how he knew the war between the SAF troopers and the r3bel group meant a lot to her.

General Olegario indicated that the mission did not mean a lot only to her but to Cardo as well who also lost his son due t he activity of the Bloody Sun.

“Relax Diana the SAF will defeat those r3bels besides SPO2 Dalisay is with them,” Renato added.

He then queried Diana about her investigation on Capili and his ex military men. She confessed that it was being frustrating as there was no intel about them. Renato was glad by turnout of event and now the game began as his plans were working perfectly.

At the NMIG, Major Catindig sneaked into General Olegario’s office to look through her files in order to find what she was up to but James interfered, compelling him to call Olegario to ask her if he could join her at the Defense Agency and she said she would be at the NMIG soon.

Meanwhile in Mt Karago, the SAF troopers were being smitten by the r3bels as they had outnumbered them and were working to revenge their fallen comrades.

At the NDA, Director Hipolito received information that the SAF troopers were attacked on their way to the r3bels’ camp. Hipolito pretended to be wondering how it all happened.

“It seems this operation is compromised, the rebels might have found out that the SAF might b going to attack,” General Olegario said.

“No! that is impossible, everything is classified,” the traitor in despair.

At Camp Crame, General Borja made calls to find out about the SAF operations. Guzman and Rivera barged in, they saw how desperate Delfin was and Guzman was optimistic that Cardo was fine.

“Not that I am being negative, what if things don’t go as planned.

What if his luck runs out this time around,” Delfin wondered.

At Mt Karago, the SAF fought from the day to the night. They came face to face with the Bloody Sun and they were still being slayed. The SAF troopers tried to retreat but the r£bel members followed them. They b0mbed some of the SAF. As they were running out of bullet, they journeyed to the river with plans of retreating but the r3bel group pursued them till day break.

Things became heavy for the commandos so some of them started making their last wish to the troopers who would make it alive to deliver their message to their respective families on how they meant a lot to them. Cardo made a come back on the r3bels, trying to revive his comrades energy.

“None of us should lose hope

We’re getting out of here alive!” Cardo declared.

“Everyone hold your grounds, don’t leave your positions,” SAF boss ordered.

After voicing her suspicions to General Borja, General Olegario had a plan and she held a meeting urging the traitor in the midst of the NMIG officers to reveal himself or she would be compelled to point out the person. Major Catindig who had already been informed by Renato that Diana was suspecting a traitor who was sabotaging the SAF operations with the r3bels kept quiet.

However, a certain intelligence officer queried Olegario if she meant him, as he was the only one who was a classmate of Ernesto Capili. Alyana taught the children lessons and gave them work. Dexter who had not been attending school due to financial challenges also had it right. Elsewhere, Clemente, Terres among other officers lost their lives in the bloody encounter.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Cardo was also shot by Homer and he fell of into the river. The rest Dela Paz, Quinto and Velasco were captured as the Father of the r£bel group ordered for their lives to be taken, Romulo proposed they spared their lives and send them to the camp.

At the camp, Lena was impatient and took a gun from Ator, however, Father and the rest arrived to inform those at the camp about their victory even though they lost some men. Meanwhile, Cardo regained consciousness and stood while bleeding.


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