Legally Blind Episode 18

Legally Blind Episode 18 William past sins catch up with him as he discovers Grace blindness stems from rape spearheaded by him

At the restaurant, while Grace and Charie were having a private talk at the washroom, William was pleading with his father to give Charie a chance in his life. Edward told William that within the Evangelista family, Grace was more understandable.

William insisted that through Charie he changed to a better person and wanted the family to give her a second chance. The sisters joined them and Charie started to put up an impressive performance to make her look like a caring person. She proposed that they go out to a club for them to have a great time together as that particular club has been renovated.

She told Grace that the last time they visited the club, it was two years ago and wanted the family to go there. The name of the club triggered a sad response from Grace since it was the place that the rapist abducted her and forcefully slept with her. Grace asked of her leave much to the dismay of William.

Edward left with Grace and the latter told her soon-to-be-husband that she was sad that Charie mentioned the name of that club. She knew William would be upset by her sudden way of leaving and she had to explain things to him but Edward said they owed William no explanation.

Later, Grace got home to inform her mother and Nina that Charie was dating William and she was now a smoker. Nina was unhappy that Charie knew Grace was allergic to smoke yet she smoked at her presence. Marissa did not like what was going on.

Elsewhere, in the house, William queried Charie why Grace behaved in the manner that she did when Charie proposed that they go to the club. After hesitating, Charie spilt the beans that Grace was a rape victim and was raped by someone at that particular club two years ago. William wanted to know more but Charie did not want to talk about it.

William had the feeling that he was the culprit and that night he kept dreaming about how he drugged Grace, abducted and raped her. He woke up suddenly from his nightmare, his panting awoke Charie and she asked him the problem. William yelled at her and she went back to sleep.

The next morning, Grace bumped into William at the Villareal’s law firm before she would realise it was him, Edward together with John appeared and they were surprised to see William. William indicated that he dropped by to check on them. Edward left with Grace and the later was still not having good feelings about William. William was so sad by his action and went to where Charie prepared food. He drunk and crashed things, as Charie tried to know his problem, he walked out on her.

Later, while talking to Grace, Sabrina arrived, soon after Sabrina’s rapist also arrived with his attorney. The attorney warned Edward to give up on the case as the $e× that went on between his client and Sabrina was consensual. He pointed accusing fingers at Edward that he was doing all that simply because his girlfriend was a rape victim.

Meanwhile, William had packed his car thinking of the exact thing that happened to Grace and wanted to find out whether she was the person he r@ped. He was poised to get into the bottom of Grace’s issue. He went straight up to the place and overheard the attorney confronting Edward that he was much aware of the club which Grace was drugged and abducted. After the person raped her, he threw her at a nearby forest and through that Grace became blind.

Edward tried stopping the attorney but Grace interjected that she was not the person whose case that they were dealing with so her issue should not be talked about. The attorney continued, much to their dismay, Edward turned to realise his brother has discovered his wife’s to be secret. William fled in fury while Edward called out his name.

William went into his car and blamed himself for what had happened to Grace. He now knew that he has screwed up and if care was not taken he would be dragged to court. As he was tensed he was in a process of lighting his cigarette but he quit and head inside the car to blame himself.


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