Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 325

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 325 the CIDG nabs a male nurse who attempted to k!ll Romulo, Cardo and the Vendetta embark on a mission to rescue Becky and the Flower Power  Girls

Peng was running a fever so Andi decided not to go to work to take care of him for Becky to attend her foreign gig with the Flower Power Girls. The girls rushed in to check the pictures they sh0t from the million bounty plan.

They decided to go to the precinct to show the pictures of the wanted men for the money. Elsewhere, the CIDG had a lead on a person who had been on the CIDG watch lists and investigated on for sometime over the distribution of the high calibre weapon.

His name was Harris. General Borja ordered his men to find more about the culprit so that when Romulo even refused to talk, the guy would and they would be able to establish the link between him and Hipolito.

As Homer was in the house with his men busy blaming Manolo for telling on him to Hipolito, the politician took them by surprise.

“What if it was Catindig what is wrong with that?

“Well why do you look surprised?”

“Not really Sir just that we were not expecting you?” Pilo said.

“Do I have to inform you whenever I decide to come to my own house?”

“Sir please have a drink,” Roldan offered him a glass but Hipolito shoved it and all the contents fell.

“We are working out a plan!” Homer exclaimed.

“How can you find Dalisay if all you do is to sit here and drink,” Hipolito fumed.

“It seems I am just wasting my money on you.”

“We are not wasting any single scent you gave us!” Homer interjected.

“The premium drink you’re having, these firearms you use, they are causing me millions already but where are the results?”

“Homer I want to see the results!”

“So instead of your useless thoughts on how you can capture Dalisay, why don’t you move your bu°tt because if you don’t…..”

“You are all ending up in hell ahead of Leon.”

Alyana attended the kids event much to their surprise. President Oscar Hidalgo also led his family to the occasion since Mary Grace was also a pupil of the school. All the children from the house of DeLeon and Mary Grace received honourary award. After the event Makmak invited Alyana over to the lunch Grandma Flora was treating them to.

He also asked Alyana whether it was true she was in love with someone. Yolly took the kids away and Flora squeezed the truth out of Alyana. Alyana disclosed that Cardo had been seeing her on several occasions to patch things up with him but her problem was he was not willing to give up his mission for her.

Meanwhile, Marco was in the Arevalos mansion searching for Alyana. Teddy told him that he has not seen her. Marco believed Alyana was still bothered by what Brandon said. Teddy believed his brother could be right but Marco said that was the reason he was inviting him to see his parents for him to witness it himself.

During their lunch, the kinds had fond memories of Cardo and wished he returned sooner. Becky got so upset and stormed the Vendetta camp to confront them for an unknown chaos best known to her. She threatened to throw them out and gave them ultimatum.

Andi went for her mother and hoped Cardo would understand Becky and leave the place. A male nurse appeared in the ward of Romulo. Manolo went in to query the nurse who he was and the nurse claimed to be the substitute nurse for the day since the rightful nurse couldn’t make it.

Manolo kept on threatening Dumaguit to reveal the hideout of his comrades. Guzman stepped in to scold Manolo for his action. Unknown to Guzman, the male nurse was purposely working for Manolo. Manolo called him over the phone to give him warning on his task to give Dumaguit a slow deàth.

“Yes Sir,” the male nurse stuck to the agreement.

“Don’t worry, the patient will not live to see another day.”

“And you know if you screw this up, you know what’s going to happen,” Manolo threatened.

“Yes sir I won’t mess up!”

The nurse hit the room to go for his toxins to form a mixture with it in order to execute the plan. Hipolito came to San Rafael hospital to chastised Delfin for protecting the cohort of his grandnephew. He later spoke to Manolo, lamenting how Delfin was working to take the case completely from their hands.

“We are running out of time Manolo.”

“Dumaguit won’t live much longer,” Manolo murmured.

“Why did you say that?” Hipolito anxiously asked.

“It so happens that Dumaguit’s rightful nurse didn’t come to work and I was told right away.”

“So it was you who got a substitute nurse?”

“Yes sir!” Manolo smirked.

Hipolito then warned him to ensure nothing goes wrong. At the restaurant, Alyana received a call from Marco and she told him where she was but did not come clear on who she was with. Marco wanted to go for her but she refused. The kids were grateful to Alyana for coming with them and they even wanted her to go home with them, she refused.

Much to her surprised Marco appeared in the scene with his own solo decision, saying he was already within the area, reason he passed by and asked Alyana they should leave.

“Grandma Flora this is Marco….” Alyana introduced him but was acting weird.

“Pleased to meet you,” Marco said.

Realising they wanted to know who Marco was she slowly added “….my boss.”

Marco did not look pleased with the introduction and began to eye Alyana.

“Aren’t you the son of the Vice President?” Elmo queried.

“Can we have a picture with you?” As Elmo rose with his phone Yolly pushed him somewhere.

Alyana said goodbye to the DeLeons and advised the kids to be good and always listen to Grandma Flora. As they were leaving, Marco tried holding Alyana’s hand but she pulled her hands. Flora watched them and wept. The family were not pleased with the scene and Alyana turned back to watch the DeLeons.

Boss? Just a boss?” Marco expressed his displeasure reaching the parking lot.

“Why didn’t you tell me who I really am?”

“Why didn’t you tell them I am your boyfriend!”

“And you wouldn’t even hold my hand infront of them!”

“Marco the kids were there they wouldn’t understand,” Alyana explained.

“Why” Marco asked “are you ashamed of me?”

“Are you afraid to let them know because they don’t approve of me?”

“Can you not defend me?”

“Marco please that’s enough okay!”

“I stood up for you inspire of everything and you wouldn’t do it for me?”

“And you didn’t even tell me you gone out with Cardo’s family!”

“Marco stop it.”

Alyana broke loos from his lion fist. Marco warned her to stop seeing Cardo’s family and should only cleave to the Cabreras. Alyana refused, she told him that he could not dictate to her, besides the DeLeons were important aspect of her life that she could not get rid off. The kids only invited her and did not see any wrong from her action.

“If you are not ready to break ties with his family, then it means you’re not ready to let go of your husband!”

“Can you please leave Cardo out of the conversation?”

“It’s over for us!”

“Really? That’s not what I see Alyana.”

“Or are you still hoping to get back together!”

“Perhaps you still l0ve him!”

As Delfin and Billy were elaborating on how to secure Romulo from Catindig and Hipolito, the former director told Manolo to inform him if Romulo’s corpse was deposited to the morgue.

Romulo also took a trip down the memory lane to think of Lena, his daughter and the battles he has fought so far in his life.

“I have already been through many tough battles.”

“I am not the one who gives up so easily.”

“That’s why I know I will be getting out of here,” he thought.

Becky and the Flower Power Girls arrived at the yacht club to entertain Mr Gibson and his foreign friends. Peng called her to verify if she was already there and she answered the affirmative. The Flower Power Girls light up the yacht with their electric performance.

However, the men went vulgàr to take drugs and used threat and guπ to intimidate the girls to use them for amusement, much to the girls displeasure. Becky wanted their payment to leave with her girls but they were threatened to remain. The girls got scared for how the foreigners were touching them.

At San Rafael Hospital, Delfin told Billy that the PNP had still not approved their request to make them have sole custody of Romulo and to take the NMIG out of the case. Billy suggested they find more evidence against Manolo to take the NMIG out of the case.

The male nurse was going to the ward and Delfin queried him only to discover that he was the replacement.

“Sir the nurse has made his way into Dumaguit room,” Manolo reported to Hipolito on phone.

“You have to prepare your statement for the media.”

“Why” Hipolito queried “Have you seen his corpse already?”

“In a while Dumaguit’s body will be brought to the morgue.”

Delfin still had his doubt so he barged in to see the male nurse ready with his syringe and toxins to inject Romulo.

“What is that for?” Delfin queried.

“It is a sedative for the patient to sleep better.”

“Who are you?” Andi stormed in and queried anxiously.

“I am the new nurse since the assigned nurse couldn’t come today.”

“I am the one assigned here.”

Romulo who was already acting anxious quickly held the nurse’s hand before he could run or inject him, while Delfin in haste pulled his guπ to point at him.

“Drop the syringe,” Delfin ordered.

It turned out that Andi was earlier called by her supervisor who told her that they could not find any replacement so she had to leave Penh behind. Already her brother was feeling better. She also did not want to have problem with the PNP so she quickly reported on post only to find out that someone was posing off as her replacement.

The CIDG arrested the nurse much to Manolo’s dismay that the nurse had made a threat on Dumaguit’s life. George passed by Becky’s house to find Peng only in the house. The boy felt bored so George said he should have gone with Becky. He decided to call his mother only to find out that Becky and the girl’s life were in danger.

George raced with him to Cardo to inform him so Cardo and the Vendetta members embarked on rescue mission to help Betty and the girls from the liberty yacht which was already on the move on the ocean.


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