Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 337

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 337 Alyana breaks up with Marco, Hipolito schemes against Lucas after the Vice President turn tables against Alano

In the hideout of the Venom, Homer made advances on Bubbles. Bubbles resisted and expressed her displeasure in the manner Homer kept on getting into troubles with the kind of shoddy business he was into.

She wanted Homer to abandon that henchman lifestyle to embrace more decent life which would blot his name from the wanted list of the police. She did not like how Homer has extended his schemes to capture Brother Lorenzo.

Homer told her not to worry, he has the Vice President’s son to cover his tracks. Homer said he has always been a wanted man but he narrowly escaped. He admitted his life was always at stake but he always comes out as a whole. Bubbles was scared that he would not be lucky always and Brandon might even pinned the blame on Homer once he was found.

As the Vendetta set their eyes on Bro Lorenzo to rescue him before he would take back his words against the dishonest politician to win the public’s heart, Lucas also thought of means to clear off his name from the recent scandal to pin the blame on someone.

Hipolito confronted Homer for his manner of attacking the church at the full glare of the congregation and to ab extent of kidnapping the popular man of God. Homer explained that he did that to save him from Brother Lorenzo before he dragged Hipolito’s name into the mud.

He made it clear that Bro Lorenzo was alive but was in the hands of Congressman Cabrera. Flora advised Wally and Saviour to be careful in their search for a new job. Saviour apologised for involving Wally in the fake call centre job but assured to help Wally secure a legal job in making up for his mistake.

Vice President Lucas Cabrera held a press conference to clear his name. The flower Power Girls got to the room of the Vendetta to switch on the television for Cardo to watch the lies Lucas was spewing against Lorenzo.

Lucas revealed to the press that Bro Lorenzo offered to help him and Hipolito to secure the position they were vying for in an exchange for a position in government with some of his followers and even offered him over 200,000 pesos to sign the deal. Lucas said he refused the offer.

As Lucas was saving his skin and that of Hipolito to win back the trust of the masses, Hipolito sipped in merriment and plotted against Lucas. Hipolito said he now needed Lucas so he would play along and dance to the Vice President’s tunes till the time for the presidential elections which he would be the first person to stand on the way of Lucas.

Blossom cursed the vice President for all his lies against Bro Lorenzo. The media asked why the pastor was abducted if what he was saying was legit. Lucas condemned the kidnapping and wished Bro Lorenzo’s safety return. Unpleased by the words of Lucas, Victoria shed tears with her children while watching the TV.

Oscar was equally not happy with the press conference of his vice and wondered why he would now clear his name. He began to doubt his Vice. After his malicious act, Lucas visited the palace to explain himself to the president and Oscar prayed for Bro Lorenzo to be found for him to clear off the entire mess.

Elsewhere, Brother Lorenzo was being tortured, beaten and intimidated by his abductors. He face was swollen with blood oozing from it. Hipolito met with the vice President to congratulate him for saving the day. He said after monitoring the feedback, majority believed in his word.

“That is why we took Alano,” Brandon interjected.

“So where is he?” Hipolito queried.

“He is in a place that he could never be found,” Brandon smirked.

Lucas then revealed the reason they got the Ray of Divine Light leader abducted, just for the pastor to clear off their names and also blame the Vendetta for his kidnap in order for him to keep telling the public lies to make them not vote for Hipolito.

Due to the fact that Hipolito and the Vice President were in the same party, he dragged the latter’s name along. They told Brandon to keep torturing Alano till he give in to their demands. Brandon kept tormenting Bro Lorenzo to retract his statement against Lucas but the pastor refused even if that meant that he would be in his early grave.

Brandon then threatened to k!ll his family as well. Becky came to tell Cardo and his comrades how Sister Victoria was ready to do anything to save the reputation of her husband so they would go to a campaign assembling organised by Lucas which was coming on that evening.

The Vendetta went along with Becky together with the Flower Power Girls just to find a lead to help find where the captors had kept Bro Lorenzo. As Lucas was delivering his speech to solicit vote, Sister Victoria stormed the place to scream out that Lucas was a liar and everything he said against Bro Lorenzo for him to look like a fraud was a lie.

Oscar switched off his television and told William how audacious Victoria was, meant that all his vice president was saying were mere lies.

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The Vendetta group as well as their affiliates assembled after the campaign incidence. Andy was able to gain the date for the next assembling of the party. George arrived with a better news.

He overheard the Vice President scheming on phone with his son concerning Bro Lorenzo Alano. That, the commander said explained why the congressman did not attend the night event. The group made Andy and the Flower Power Girls go home while they tailed the vice President in order to find where the pastor had been kept as hostage.

George was able to get into the Party headquarters at the blind sight of the heavy security to obtain information needed for the Vendetta. As the Vice President had a meeting at the headquarters with some executives of the party with some suggesting they dropped Hipolito, Oscar’s party were also seeing that as an advantage to make them win the elections.

Oscar advised his executives not to take pleasure in the downfall of the Vice President’s party since Lucas was part of his administration and any mess he would be involved in would dent his governance as well. He urged his executives to work together to build the country.

Elsewhere, Lucas also told his executives that they would still support Renato and claimed everything that was going on was a mere lies purported to discredit Hipolito. Besides, Hipolito had been a good party member and deserved their support.

Elsewhere, Marco set a special dinner to straighten his crook relationship with Alyana but was left heartbroken when Alyana demanded for a space due to his character. He began sulking and failed to eat so Menchu tried to calm his temper.

Alyana also told her parent about her separation from Marco and she was willing to resign and look for a job elsewhere to think through to make a good decision that would benefit both her and Marco. Virgie did not look cheerful with her daughter’s decision.

“Alyana doesn’t want me anymore,” Marco cried to Menchu.

“Because she doesn’t l0ve me anymore!”

“She doesn’t l0ve me anymore!”

Marco had an outburst and destroyed things. Menchu advised him to stay away from Alyana at the moment. There were far more important things and he had to be there for his family especially with the recent scandal involving his father.

George informed the group about the upcoming birthday party of Brandon so Cardo thought of better ways to find answers to their questions as infiltration of the group at the party might send them into trouble.

At camp Crame, Borja questioned Hipolito on the bribe he was offering to Bro Lorenzo but he denied. His female attorney also stood on the fact that Borja did not have evidence. Since his plans with Lucas was for Bro Lorenzo to come out to blame the Vendetta for everything, Hipolito was strengthened and kept on with his lies.

While leaving the police station, Victoria ambushed him to demand for her husband but Hipolito pulled off a show. General Borja stepped in to calm Sister Victoria and asked they pray for him and his team to find Lorenzo. Elsewhere, Captain Gina dropped from the ninth position to the twelfth position after a recent survey.

Cardo enlisted the help of Becky and her girls. He explained the situation of the group to her. They could not barged in to the party, Becky said she earlier turned down a show gig to that event. She now decided to accept the offer again just to help Vendetta.

Marco went to see his father to inform him about the status of his relationship with Alyana. Lucas deemed it as best for Marco to end things with Alyana. However, Marco believed Alyana’s decision had something to do with the recent allegations involving Lucas and Brandon.

Hipolito and his vile men schemed on the coming elections. Since Hipolito did not want the public to lose their trust in him with his ambitions of becoming the president someday, Homer and his group vowed to help him in anyway to obtain that position and also for the group not to go back to their root, the mountain.

General Borja and his subordinates were invited to the palace. Oscar directed him to channel all the findings of his investigation on Alano to him. General Borja promised to do anything to find Bro Lorenzo Alano. He said so far their investigation revealed Homer as the culprit and Homer also had a connection with Hipolito.

He further explained that Hipolito used to be a member of the Bloody Sun and Homer and his group also were a fraction from the Bloody Sun group which was working with Hipolito to execute his vile plans. However, the CIDG was now finding solid proof and evidence against Hipolito to incriminate him for the act.


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