Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 361

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 361 Cardo renews his vows with Alyana, Oscar declares Vendetta as a threat to the nation

Becky set up a table with the Flower Power Girls and called the Vendetta to join them to eat. Guzman and his colleagues returned to camp Crame with their report to General Borja on their surveillance work. They confirmed that Andy, Peng, Becky and the Flower Power Girls were protecting the Vendetta.

Since those people knew them, General Borja came with a different plan to infiltrate the building to find out if the Vendetta was hiding there in Andy’s neighbourhood. When Counselor Gina thought the mayor has become her ally, a tragic incident happened and the Vice Mayor was informed that the mayor was shot.

Yolly and the family were elated when they were able to sell off all the dishes of Grandma Flora. Paco believed Margie was their lucky charm for being the first to patronise their food. Girona and Soriano were chasing a suspect in Dindi’s jurisdiction, unfortunately the suspect escaped the police officers.

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Margie was so scared after the mayor passed away. In the middle of the night, she took a stroll on the street while she was on phone with the vice mayor. She told him how scared she was and did not know why the bad guys were targeting the city hall officials.

She was scared the vice would be the next target and asked him if she could come to his house to spend the night there. The vice mayor refused and assured her that he would be okay.

Jerome and Rigor who were still searching for the suspect saw Margie and advised her to go home for her own safety. Jerome explained that there were bad guys in the area.

From nowhere, the suspect attacked Margie but Girona and Soriano were still there and they tried to rescue Margie. The suspect held Margie at guπ point and wanted the two officers to put their guπs down. He wanted to use Margie as bait to escape his arrest. Unbeknownst to him, the commotion attracted the De Leons to come out from their house and Paco who was at the suspect back hit him with a wooden object to help Margie to escape.

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He helped Girona to get hold of the suspect. After the arrest, Jerome was surprised to learn that Grandma Flora has moved to that area. He informed the De Leons that someone shot the mayor and the poor man d!ed upon arrival at the hospital.

The police received a tip off that the murderer was in that vicinity and they came there to search for the person. Captain Dindi and others who were there were shocked by events. The Captain assured the De Leons of full protection to keep the area safe.

Cardo and Alyana reflected on their marriage which their happy moment was almost marred by Joaquin’s revenge against Cardo. Alyana said she got so scared at that time and thought they would not make it alive.

Cardo, on the other hand, was hopeful and never got scared because there were lots of people praying for them, including Alyana. God being so good, he heard their prayers and their lives were preserved.

The attorney of the Cabrera told Brandon how complicated his case was. The evidence against him was consistent but Brandon told her not to worry, they had the law on their side. As Alyana was speaking with Doray, Elizabeth and Nita, they heard music outside and they went out. Cardo serenaded Alyana and he popped the big question.

“Alyana Arevalo Dalisay will you marry me?”

Cardo knelt and put the ring on her finger. Alyana was so surprised, Doray and Elizabeth were so happy for them and we’re glad the estranged couple made up. Caloy and his family wished the couple happiness for coming back together and prayed nothing would tear them apart.

The De Leons were worried about their safety in their new neighbourhood but Flora took consolation in the words of Dindi. Alyana and Cardo had their wedding to renew their vows. Teddy bid goodbye to his wife in order to go to work. Virgie told him that she would go to Flora’s place to ask an update about Alyana but Teddy was against her act.

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He said his wife was acting like Marco with baseless accusations. He believed Flora would have contacted him if she had an update on Alyana. Before he could leave, Catherine and Menchu paid a surprise visit to the Arevalos to make it straight by asking the whereabouts of their daughter since her son was quite convinced that they knew where Alyana was.

Teddy also became real to Catherine for knowing clearly her son has temperament issues and violent yet she condoned her son’s ridiculous behaviour. He was incredibly surprised that the woman would come and question him when he was the one whose daughter has been missing for weeks while her son was there with her.

“Cardo we have already both been through so much,” Alyana delivered a speech to her husband in the church.

“More than anyone, I can see we’ve faced lots of challenges in our lives: both together and apart.”

“I once thought we wouldn’t be able to condone our great l0ve.”

“I thought I will lose you for good but thank you!”

“Thank you for all that you’re for all the people around you and for me.”

“I am honestly looking forward to start a new life together with our new family.”

“I am glad that you came back for me.”

“And thank you for your l0ve!”

“I promise that I will take care of you.”

“I will never leave your side Cardo, never again!”

“You’re my world!”

“Alyana,” Cardo called “thank you for opening your heart and l0ving me and having patient with me.”

“Thank you for waiting despite the uncertainties.”

“I know that I have made lots of mistakes…”

“I neglected you, I left you all alone!”

“Yet you’re still here and you’ve accepted  me whole heartedly.”

“Right now I want to tell the whole world just how lucky I am to be your husband.”

“And I can’t bear to lose you!”

“You mean the whole world to me!”

“You’re the only woman I will ever l0ve!”

“So thank you for giving me second chance to make it right!”

“You let me come into your life and heart again.”

“Now I promise you for the second time..”

“No matter what!”

“I will never leave your side!”

“I will take care of you, I will cherish you, guide you through all of the challenges.”

“I will l0ve you with all of my life Alyana.”

“You mean everything to me!”

The couple hugged and the crowd clapped for them. The officiator of the marriage led the couple to renew their vows and were pronounced them as husband and wife once again. Cardo had the privilege to k!ss his bride.

Virgie confronted her husband for talking to the Vice president’s wife, Catherine. Teddy told his wife that she already knew he did not sugar coat the truth, he says it as it was irrespective of the person involved. Virgie explained that Catherine was only worried and Teddy acted like Marco was just a kπut headed. Teddy said that was the case with Marco.

Catherine was upset with what Teddy said but Menchu said she should not have gone there in the first place. She believed the Arevalos were telling the truth and Marco was just making things up to think everyone was ganging up on him. Menchu feared that when Alyana returns, she would end things with Marco but Catherine said she would not allow her.

JP had a video chat with his parents to inform them he would return the next day from Japan. Teddy wanted to tell the boy to postpone his trip at the moment but Virgie did not want that. She felt his return would gladdened their heart since Alyana had already gone missing. As Lucas met with Homer and his minions, President Hidalgo also made his speech ready to address the media in order to expose the Vendetta despite Marissa’s warning.

For the past few days, Romulo has seen that Diana was keeping distance and worried so he joined her to ask her about it. Diana said the deàth of Celerio has brought them in a bad light and was scared she would not able to get the justice she deserved for her son’s deàth.

Romulo cheered her up to remain strong despite the government seeing them as enemies. He believed there were people who believed in their course. Oscar had a press conference and made it clear to the beloved citizens that Vendetta members were no heroes, they were k!lling people and it was time for them to end their terrorism.

As Cardo and his wife were in their mini motor car, receiving greetings, Javier who saw the couple declared to get Alyana by hook or crook but for the moment, he would allow Cardo to have his way with the city girl.


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