Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 383

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 383 Lucas holds a state burial for the first family after being sworn-in as President, Oscar uses George as bait to escape from the Vendetta

At the palace, Lucas told his two lapdogs, Hipolito and Terante that the nation was mourning their president now. Hipolito told Lucas that he has achieved his aim and latter said not yet. The public still was seeing their former president as a hero so they would have to cross check if there was no corrupt act the president was engaged in.

If there was no any, Lucas said they had to formulate some to discredit Oscar. The Chief Justice arrived for the swearing-in of Lucas as the president. He took his oath and Oscar watched it on television in agony. Lucas promised to bring prosperity and he would do everything he could to bring down the evil and malice.

At Camp Crame, General Borja said although he and Oscar did not see eye to eye when it came to the issue of Vendetta but they all have same agenda that was to fix their country. Whatever happens to their country, Borja said they had to keep fighting for what was right.

Patrick and his lackeys got into trouble when the police were on their tail after they delivered illegal drugs to Kiko. The police ran after them and shõt Vince so Patrick was compelled to fight back. He shōt and k!lled to cops. They rushed to Rosa’s house, the woman took her money and learning of what had happened to her deliverers, she sacked them.

Patrick was affected by what he did, he could not believe that he has k!lled a cop. He went to the Vendetta’s place when George was asleep to return the guπ. Flora was worried about what would happen to Delfin now that Lucas was sworn-in as the president of the country. She prayed that her brother would not be relieved from his post because the nation needed him, now more than ever.

As always Delfin thanked his sister for the trust. As long as he was still in the force, he promised to find Cardo and Alyana’s location. Lucas met his senators and said their goal was to build a resilient and strong government.

They clapped for him, he then proceeded to appoint his cabinet members, Mr Winser snow was appointed as the Presidential  Agency for communication and Mr Hipolito for the Agency of the Environment to go through commission of appointments and assured them that they would be confirmed.

He said his administration was made to take down the Vendetta, in so doing, he appointed Police General Terante as the Chief PNP. JP read the article which Teddy wrote and it clearly stated that   there was a brain behind the whole attack of the president and the Vendetta was being used as a scapegoat for the real criminal to carry on with his duties. Virgie believed that no one would publish such a story but Teddy said he would find a publisher.

He has even scheduled a meeting with some  publishers and was going to meet them. JP offered to go with him but he told him to stay with his mother and look after her. Hipolito said Oscar might be deàd but if he was still alive he now knew that Lucas was the president. Lucas asked why he has not returned if he was still alive. Lucas said he gained his full trust before he had him k!lled so if he was alive, he would not suspect it.

However, his greatest concern was the Vendetta and asked Terante what he was doing. Terante assured to take Vendetta down in few days. Hipolito asked of Terante’s concrete strategies but Lucas stopped him right there. He told him to concentrate on the climate change and the state funeral for the grieving Hidalgos.

“I won’t let them keep me here for another day.”

“I will have to figure out a way to escape this place because if I don’t, I might end up deàd like everyone else which they have k!lled.”

“I need to get in touch with Lucas and ask him for help.”

“He needs to know of the location of the Vendetta’s hideout so we can put a stop to them once and for all.”

The state Funeral was held for the first family and a reporter was at the occasion to report how the country protested for peace to reign and for the first family to gain justice for their deàth. Clad in white and black, holding placards of with inscription, “our prayers are with you”, Marissa, Yohan and Grace were in their coffin during their funeral.

Elsewhere, the doctors detected that the vital signs of Aubrey were improving, and since she was the only remaining Hidalgo, the public knew of the health practitioners and the public were with her in prayers. Patrick woke up almost at noon and was depressed but told his family that he was going to hang out with friends.

Bubbles and Alyana came to set the table and Melba called Oscar up for breakfast. Oscar asked Alyana how she ended up like that whilst she was an ethical reporter. He asked whether Cardo compelled her to follow him to support all his criminal ways.

Alyana said her husband was a good person and he was mistaken. Oscar reminded her that Cardo was no longer in the police force, he was a criminal. Patrick went to warn his friends not to rat him out.

They said they had to act normal in order for no one to see it. Lucas fetched for General Borja and told him that he would not have patience with him like Oscar and became straight to ask him what he knew about the location of the Vendetta but he said he knew nothing.

Due to the president’s situation, Jerome suggested they tell General Borja that Oscar was alive and was not deàd. That, he said would help the force to know how to protect the family. At the palace, Hipolito told Lucas that everyone was at the Cathedral.

“Well this is the last show!” Lucas gloated.

“Right after this legacy of the Hidalgos would be erased!”

“It will be  buried alongside their corpses.”

“What do we do with the remaining daughter?” Terante quizzed.

“Like I told you before I am planning to get rid of Aubrey soon!” Lucas answered.

“Consider her deàd Mr President!” Terante added.

Aubrey, on the other hand, was moving her hands and body at the hospital. Marie went to see Noel to request for credit. Noel wondered why she has not been there and she said she was entertaining their guests. Noel squeezed the truth about the kind of guests she had in the house before giving her the credit. Marie told him that the president was not deàd but was in their house since the Vendetta rescued him.

She warned him not to tell anyone, otherwise they would be done. Lucas went to the funeral. Jerome went to check on the president to ask how he was doing. The president wondered how they ended up as part of the Vendetta.

He asked them how the Vendetta convinced him to believe in their twisted ideals. He asked Jerome and Rigor why they had to abandon their sworn duties of protecting the public from the vigilante group like Vendetta but allowed themselves to be brainwashed.

He told the two cops that it was not too late for them so they should help him escape. The body of the burnt body was carried to the Cathedral and Lucas ordered Hipolito to open the casket for the public to know how mean the Vendetta was. The public mourn and protested asking for justice for the First family.

Olegario suggested they let the public know about  the existence of the president, otherwise Lucas would manage to manipulate the public. Romulo said they could not do it now since they were still unaware of the person behind. Jerome called General Borja to inform him that the President was still alive and the Vendetta was not the one behind his assassination attempt.

Actually Cardo rescued Oscar. Borja was perplexed by the whole thing. Jerome said those who tried to assassinate him were the same people staging his deàth. General Borja wondered the burnt body intercepted at the crime scene who the person was and charged Girona to protect the president at all course.

Jerome and Rigor returned to the room and couldn’t find the president. They searched for him in the bathroom and everywhere but did not see him. Rigor realised he escaped through the backdoor and they informed the Vendetta. The group ran after him. Hidalgo still was not fit but he still ran.

“Once I get out of this place, I will make the Vendetta pay.”

Cardo and the group split in order to find the president quickly. The President ran to a deàd end. Cardo and the group pointed a guπ at him to make him surrender. Teddy also was glued to his typewriter to get his thoughts on the whole situation on the paper. The Vendetta dragged the president to the house but he resisted.

“Let go of me!” Oscar yelled.

“You’re nothing but a bunch of murderers

“You rebéls have k!lled so many innocent people, terrorising defenceless citizens.”

“You deserve nothing but deàth!”

Cardo admitted his group had been k!lling people but only those corrupt and despicable individuals. Diana told the president to believe in what Cardo was saying that they were the ones protecting him.

“I know my life is more in danger because your group is keeping me captive!”

Ramil told him that it is too risky for him to go out since the group has not figured out those who made an attempt on his life. He said they knew Oscar did not believe them but they were the ones protecting him even from his own self. Romulo charged the group to keep a watchful eyes on the president. Since the neighbours had seen them Rigor feared they might be in danger but Efren assured them of their safety.

He said he had already spoken to the neighbours so no one would talk. George reached out for a rope to tie the president in order for him not to escape but the President pulled a fast one on him to snatch his guπ. He warned the group not to get close, otherwise he would blow George off. He shõt to scare them as he was leaving the room with George.


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